Race for Riches – Horse Racing in Hong Kong

   Not many people visit Hong Kong without going to the races. It is where locals and visitors come together to enjoy one of the biggest sporting spectacles in the territory and to indulge in a bit of gambling. Horse racing was introduced to the territory by the British in 1841 and has been providing nonstop action since then. The Jockey Club, one of the oldest membership clubs in Asia was founded soon afterwards and has been in charge of staging the city’s horse racing for over a hundred years.

   The club owns and operates the Happy Valley racetrack, the first such facility in the territory and the Sha Tin race track which was opened in 1971. The territory’s citizens of the time became fans of this new sport from its inception and betting found favour with the Chinese community who were avid gamblers. Now Hong Kong boasts the highest racing turnover in the world.

    The racing season is from September to early July and meets are held on Wednesday evenings and weekends. Take a horse racing tour to experience the electric atmosphere during the day at Tim Sha and in the evenings at Happy Valley; the stands are filled to seemingly bursting capacity, the crowd goes wild cheering on their favourites and betting is at fever pitch because of the potential extraordinary rewards.

   Giant screens in the stands ensure that race-goers do not miss out on any part of the action. Betting in the territory has been streamlined with a completely computerized system linking 100 betting branches in all parts of Hong Kong so that bets can be placed from anywhere without even visiting the race tracks. As the Hong Kong race season is one of the most important events in the race calendar, some of the world’s best jockeys and horses are stationed in the territory. The well heeled from around the world join everyone else to reap the benefits of huge rewards and to experience the excitement of a wonderful sporting event.

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The Avenue of Stars in Hong Kong – A walk among the stars!

The Avenue of Stars is supported by the Hong Kong Tourism Board, the Tourism Commission and a few other government funded organisations. The foundation was built to acknowledge distinguished Hong Kong film professionals for their dedicated impact on local and global cinema. It became public property when the chairman of the New World Group handed the site to the government of Hong Kong. It is visited and enjoyed by many locals and tourists alike and has since developed into a major attraction.
As you enter the Avenue of Stars you will see the glittery walkway of the venue, emulating a walk on a galaxy. Many street performers and aspiring artists perform here and make this venue the perfect place for showcasing young talent. Many photographic exhibitions, concerts and musical performances are held at the site as well, attracting a few thousands of people each year. Home to a statue of Bruce Lee, the Avenue of Stars is a celebration of the many Hong Kong artists who have made waves globally. A few that are household names internationally are Chow Yun-fat, Michelle Yeoh and the famous martial arts expert and comedian, Jackie Chan.

Hong Kong is often referred to as Asia’s World City and is a vibrant metropolis with a population of 7 million people. Here with its inseparable Chinese roots and influence brought about by the remnants of the British colony, the phrase “East meets West” comes to one’s mind almost instantly. As you gaze around the city lights of Mongkok, you cannot but feel a flutter of excitement with all that is on offer; and where better place to reside but amidst the hustle and bustle of the lively city itself.
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Dialogue in the Dark: An Insightful Experience

“Sight is what we see with our eyes, insight is what we gain without seeing” quoted by the Dialogue in the Dark foundation is profound in its meaning for that is exactly what the concept strives to promote. We know of the existence of persons suffering from complete or partial blindness but our sensitivity to their plight and our understanding of their life is often minimal. In this light, Dialogue in the Dark, established by Andreas Heinecke, strives to bridge this gap in understanding and empathy and leaves participants with memories they won’t forget.

The Exhibition is in essence completed in darkness where the participants are assigned to a visually impaired person to be guided through a number of rooms including a busy street, a market, a boat and a cafe. The objective of the exhibition is primarily to raise awareness and develop one’s ability to empathize with another. Therefore it is no surprise that the experience is described as unimaginable and unforgettable and every single participant is said to have been able to recall the experience as late as five years later. Participants are said to experience enhanced hearing and touch and more than anything, they are able to empathize with those who are unable to employ their visual faculties and experience the world as they do, everyday.

The fact that Hong Kong, a city full of life and colour is able to offer such a one of a kind experience is commendable and it is a must for any traveller in the city.

Hong Kong is also a versatile city capable of catering to every traveller’s needs. For an avid shopper, the Times Square Mega Shopping Mall and the Ladies Market are the places to go whereas if you would like to be a little adventurous, theme parks such as Disneyland and Ocean Park are for you. The Ngong Ping 360 Skyrail, Big Buddha and Po Lin Monastery, the Clock Tower in Tsim Sha Tsui and Hong Kong Wetland Park are only some of the other many attractions in the city. Therefore, when searching for accommodation, it is important to opt for a Hong Kong boutique hotel with convenient access to many of these attractions. The Cosmo Hotel, which is also a 4 star hotel Hong Kong is an ideal choice thanks to its location providing access by bus or train to many of the diverse attractions Hong Kong has to offer.

Lei Yue Mun Fort (Museum of Coastal Defense) – display of a bygone era

Lei Yue Mun Fort is the Museum of Coastal defense in Hong Kong which is situated in the boundaries of the previous coastal defense fortress. The fort in Hong Kong Island was built in the year 1887 and now is a very famous tourist destination which brings the past military memories into life. This defense fort was constructed to defend the attackers approaching from east direction to the Victoria Harbor. The museum takes a wide area of about 34 200m2. The museum displays a permanent museum titled as ‘600 years of Coastal Defense’ which tells the saga of the coastline defense in Hong Kong from the period of Ming Dynasty. It has fought through the first and second opium wars and the great battle of Hong Kong until today.
The museum is separated into three major areas which are namely the redoubt, historical trail and the reception area. The museum management has made the museum get the ancient look by adding up much architectural value as well. The hundred year old Lei Yue Mun Fort has an extensive outdoor arena and a uniquely designed interior which gives a typical historical ambiance the moment you step in. The Redoubt area of the museum was completely switch to a gallery which permanently houses artifacts of the coastal defense history from the Qing and Ming dynasties, the British colonized era, Japanese raid and the era after the continuity of Chinese dominion over Hong Kong. The Redoubt which was formed in 1887 was earlier used as the main armed structure in the fort.

The central battery and the western battery are some historical military displays which gun barrels are dating back to 1870. The torpedo station and Lei Yue Mun Pass Battery are the other important weapons on display at the museum. People visiting the coastal defense museum in Hong Kong always enjoy a stay over in a Wan Chai Hotel Hong Kong where you can have an absolutely rare holiday experience with the hospitality of the people. Cosmopolitan Hotel Hong Kong is an amazing choice of location for your Hong Kong stay if you all wish for a Hong Kong Hotel.

Rudana Museum

The distinctive Rudana Museum in Bali was conceptualized and created with a unique paradigm. Incorporating a sacred philosophy according to which all buildings of the museum carry symbols of human devotion to God, this exceptional attraction has on display over 400 pieces of sculpture and fine art by talented Indonesian artists.  Works of traditional Balinese masters can be found on the third floor of the building. Bali resorts are reputed for their exceptional locations and Anantara Bali Uluwatu Resort & Spa is no exception. One of the finest Uluwatu hotels it ensures a pleasurable stay for all types of travellers.

Must- Visit top 10 Attractions in Indonesia

Indonesia is a land with many breathtaking attractions. It is a hard task to talk about only top 10 attractions in Indonesia as there is an array of magnificent attractions spanning across the country. However, some of the top attractions in Indonesia are Lake Toba; a volcanic lake, Tanjung Putting National Park, Baliem Valley, Mount Bromo, Bunaken; snorkeling spot, Torajaland; home for the Trojans, Gili Islands; an archipelago, Komodo National Park, Borobudur; a Buddhist temple, and Bali which offers a whole wealth of attractions. When you are in Indonesia, try to visit at least few of these places to explore this exotic Asian country. Luxury hotel resorts are in abundance if you are looking for one for accommodation. Anantara Hotels, Resorts and Spas is a renowned luxury hotels network that will not disappoint you wherever you go.

Celebrate Christmas in Style at the Annual Hong Kong WinterFest

Tipped to be one of Asia’s most popular Yuletide festivals Hong Kong WinterFest is set to take the island nation and the visiting revelers by storm once more this December. Attracting thousands of visitors from across the world this Christmas festival with an Asian twist is the chief highlight of Hong Kong’s winter celebrations. Due to take place from the 1st of December 2012 to 1st January, 2013 this year’s festival is set to catapult last year’s impressive lineup with a host of intriguing additions.
Transforming the bustling metropolis that is Hong Kong to a winter wonderland Statue Square in the heart of the city is decked from head to toe in Christmas decorations as the designated Santa’s Town of the celebrations. The chief attraction in Santa’s Town is of course the larger than life Christmas tree at its heart serving as the focal point of the wonderland created for the festival. The 2012 WinterFest’s giant Christmas tree was sponsored by Tiffany & Co. which added a touch of glamour to the venue which also included a stunning carousel. Visitors sent personalized postcards by Tiffany & Co from the locale while enjoying Christmas carols beneath the tree. Sino Group added a European flavour to the festivities with their ice wonderland and ice skating surface where revelers were seen skating in to the wee hours of the morning to the rhythm of Yuletide classics.
Hong Kong’s food districts also join in the merriment with specialty treats and seasonal goodies at every turn while restaurants in the city also include special Christmas menus and freshly prepared sweetmeats for visitors. Shopping malls also throw in massive discounts and X-mas sales during WinterFest which culminates with a truly unforgettable New Year’s countdown party in view of Victoria Harbour which is specially adorned with illuminators for the annual celebrations.
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Hong Kong Harbour

Bordered by Asia’s world city; Hong Kong and the city of Kowloon on the other, the Hong Kong Harbour is the crowning jewel of these great cities and adds a beautiful softness to the tall grey sky scrapers by the dark shimmering waters and great open space beyond of the South China Sea. Close to 20,000 ships sail across these waters as well as hundreds of thousands of little fisher boats and ferries and is truly the lifeline of the people around it. This energetic harbour earned its immense popularity during the era of colonial rule when it was called Victoria Harbour to become one of the most important and busiest ports of Asia today.

Hundreds of tourists visit the shores of one of the most magnificent harbours of the world every day to witness its stunning panoramic beauty of turquoise waters and steel grey towers reaching for the pale blue heavens above, mingled with a strange energy of the knowledge that a multibillion dollar contract is just being signed in one of those tall buildings in your picture. A cruise on the Hong Kong harbour is a must when visiting Hong Kong. It is not only the best view of the city but also a cruise covers some of the iconic buildings of Hong Kong along the shoreline such as the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Headquarters, The Peak, Tsing Ma Bridge (the world’s longest road and rail suspension bridge), the world’s busiest container terminal and the Shau Kei Wan Typhoon Shelter where during the morning hours the local fishermen moor their fishing boats.

What distinguishes the Hong Kong Harbour from any other busy harbour of the world with even a match of its stunning scenic view is the Symphony of Lights, a collection of choreographed computer-controlled neon lights creating intricate designs to suit elaborate soundtracks to form a most dramatic show of the modern era. With the natural splendour of thousands of bright yellow dots of internal lighting mingled with the World’s largest permanent light and sound show as per the Guinness World Records, the Symphony of Lights is a sight to behold. 44 buildings along the waterfront come alive to dramatic story lines at the stroke of 8 with the aid of laser beams and searchlights to create this most magnificent synchronised performance and the best view is definitely from a boat on the dark waters of the harbour.

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Family Fun on a Thrilling Desert Safari in Dubai

Surrounded by stunning desert landscapes, Dubai is one of the best locations in the world to enjoy a desert safari. These tours let you discover the enchanting desert and its stark beauty first hand, as you drive past and over stunning sand dunes. Desert safaris are generally undertaken by way of 4-wheel-drive vehicles and can also include such activities as camel riding, sand boarding and dune bashing. 
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Watersports in Goa – Thrills on the Indian Ocean!

An ideal coastal escape for those heading to India, Goa is known for its picturesque beaches and energetic nightlife. It is equally famous for its thrilling water sports which offer plenty of excitement for young and old alike. Combining sailing and surfing, windsurfing is a popular activity here especially in the area known as Dona Paula bay. Scuba diving gives you the chance to explore the fascinating underwater world that lies beneath the waves, while angling offers more relaxed fun on the water. Jet skiing, dinghy sailing and parasailing are among the other popular watersports here. Those in search of a beach resort in Goa from which to experience the very best the region has to offer can stay at Alila Goa. This exquisite Goa resort offers a secluded sanctuary that has a spa as well.