Unleash Your Inner Adventurer: Thrilling Activities in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka isn’t just about pristine beaches and ancient temples. This teardrop-shaped island nation offers a treasure trove of experiences for adrenaline junkies. So, ditch the guidebook and get your heart racing with these thrilling activities.

White-Water Rafting on Kelani River

Kelani Ganga White water Rafting | Image by Pol van den Scheetekens via Wikimedia Commons

Navigate the churning rapids of the Kelani River near Kitulgala. Experience the exhilarating mix of power and precision as you paddle through narrow gorges and cascading waterfalls. Make use of the best adventure holidays in Sri Lanka with the fast flowing waters.

Surfing the Southern Coast

Catch some waves on Sri Lanka’s renowned southern coast. Hiriketiya and Weligama offer consistent swells perfect for both beginners and experienced surfers. Rent a board, take a lesson, and carve your way through the turquoise waters.

Ziplining Through the Rainforest Canopy

Soar through the lush rainforests of Sinharaja or Ella. Glide on ziplines high above the treetops, experiencing breathtaking views and the thrill of flying through the jungle.

Rock Climbing in Sigiriya

Challenge yourself with a climb up Pidurangala Rock, offering panoramic views of the iconic Sigiriya Lion Rock fortress. Experienced climbers can tackle the more challenging routes on Sigiriya itself, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Learn more about this impressive landmark with a visit to Walkers Tours.

White-Water Kayaking in Koggala

Paddle your way through the scenic Koggala Lake and surrounding mangroves. Encounter diverse birdlife and witness the beauty of the Sri Lankan landscape from a unique perspective.

Best Hiking Trails in Sri Lanka to Go on an Adventure

Sri Lanka is blessed with a stunning landscape and geography like no other. The hiking trails across the island treat you to the best views while being able to enjoy an exciting hike with your fellow wayfarers. Here are some of the best hiking trails you can try conquering next time.

Adam’s Peak

Adams Peak Sri Pada footpath to climb | Image by Nisal Senanayaka via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 4.0

Undoubtedly the best spiritual hike you can take in Sri Lanka, this famous hiking trail leads to a sacred temple cherished by all religions. The hike is about 5200 steps on a steep hill, and you will find staircases at some points to make it easier. On your way, you will find many food joints where you can rest, too. The view from the top is breathtaking, and the sunrise is the most breathtaking sight. You can worship in the temple area and enjoy some cold breeze before you descend. You can plan most of your hikes and trips with Walkers Tours, for a hassle-free experience in hiking in Sri Lanka.

Horton Plains

One of the easier hikes that are around 9.5 kilometers in distance, the Horton Plains hike is ideal for nature lovers. You will witness the most enchanting waterfalls, misty mountains, lush greenery, and a range of flora and fauna during this hike. The trail ends at the World’s End, where you can get a magnificent view of the lowlands, cloudy skies, and the mountain range.

Lipton’s Seat

A different kind of hiking ideal for all tea enthusiasts, Lipton’s Seat is located in Haputale, where you can hike across the rich tea plantations and greenery to reward yourself with a unique viewpoint. You will get to observe the natural spoils as well as tea pluckers and factories on your way to the top of the mountain.

A 3-Week Travel Itinerary in Sri Lanka

While shorter stays warrant rushing to the tropically warm hospitality and exquisite seascapes of the Lankan coast, a longer vacation lets you luxuriate in its vibrant landscapes and experiences. Here’s how to spend 3 exhilaratingly fulsome weeks in Sri Lanka.

Soak in the City

If you fancy vintage tuk-tuk tours around a modern heritage cityscape with retro-chic avenues for shopping and dining, kaleidoscopic markets hosting old-world architecture, and seaside promenades fronted with glitzy hotels, stop at Colombo before venturing into the lush Lankan wilds.

A Sensational Safari

Next, at least a night spent near Yala or Wilapattu National Park is essential for a legendary safari enveloped in untouched natural beauty where beguiling wildlife abounds, including leopards, sloth bears, sambar deer, elephants, and water buffalo.

Hiking and History

Hiking trip to Ella Rock, Sri Lanka | Image by Egle Sidaraviciute via unsplash

For top-of-the-world panoramas and relics from kingdoms astoundingly ahead of their time, the Sigiriya rock fortress and its surrounds are an idyllic enigma for history, architecture, and nature enthusiasts. If you’re seeking a reputed destination management company to curate your Sri Lanka tours, venture no further than the likes of Walkers Tours.

Immerse in the Highlands

From the regal Hill Capital with its famed Royal Botanical Gardens to the tea estates, cottages, and strawberry farms of Nuwara Eliya and the iconic elevated train journey to Ella with its hilltop enclaves, irresistible treks, and picturesque waterfall adventures, the uplands of Sri Lanka are worth at least 6 days!

Bountiful Beach Unwinding

Whether it’s the surf-perfect swells of Bentota, the jungle-clad Whale Watching Capital of Mirissa, or the deliciously laidback atmosphere of Arugam Bay, visit as many lavish Lankan coastal hideaways as you can!

Top Reasons to Visit Sri Lanka

While the island of Sri Lanka may be relatively small, within this land one will find a diverse range of attractions and things to do. Here are some of the reasons why you should visit.

Exciting Adventures
Thrill-seekers have much to enjoy when it comes to an adventure tour; Sri Lanka is an ideal place for trekking in the Knuckles Mountain Range, white water rafting along the Kelani River in Kitulgala and hiking to the summit of Adam’s Peak which has around 5,500steps!

Gorgeous Beaches

Praveenshashika, Secret beach – Mirissa Sri Lanka, CC BY-SA 4.0

There are some truly sublime beaches around the island which can easily be explored with tour specialists like Walkers Tours. South coast highlights include the Unawatuna, Hikkaduwa and Bentota beaches, while on the east coast you get Pasikuda and Arugam Bay, the latter being a surfing hotspot too.

Rich Heritage
The island has a rich heritage which can be experienced at many historical attractions in Sri Lanka including the iconic Sigiriya rock fortress and the archaeological sites in Polonnaruwa and Anuradhapura. Other cultural sites include the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic in Kandy and the colonial Dutch Fort in Galle.

Diverse Wildlife
There are many national parks in the country which provide encounters with a range of animal and bird species. Wildlife safaris in Sri Lanka give you a chance to spot leopards inYala andWilpattu, elephants in Minneriya and Udawalawe, birdlife in the Sinharaja Forest Reserve and even blue whales in Mirissa!



Thrilling Safaris at Yala National Park, Sri Lanka

Ever had the thrill of seeing regal leopards and majestic elephants roam free in their natural habitats? Such wildlife encounters and a whole lot more awaits at the Yala National Park!

Plan Your Safari
Located in the southeast part of the country, this park can be accessed via the gates at locations such as Palatupana and Katagamuwa. For a safari tour, Sri Lanka is best explored via 4WD vehicles and Yala is no exception. A little after 6:00am and again after 4:00pm are generally the best times for spotting wildlife.

Kings of Yala
The apex predator at the park is the Sri Lankan leopard; safaris here are very popular since it has the world’s highest density of leopards in the wild. Such wildlife drives can be organised by local travel specialists the likes of Walkers Tours as part of unforgettable excursions to spot these stealthy felines.

Other Wildlife
On your adventures in Yala, you mayobserve many other creatures too including elephants who may be gentle giants, but shouldn’t be disturbed! Keep watch to also spot sloth bears, water buffalos, spotted deer, toque macaques and mugger crocodiles. Part of the park encompasses the coast where sea turtles are known to visit too.

Diverse Birdlife
Equally impressive are the diverse bird species at Yala; one of the best places for birdwatching in Sri Lanka, the park has recorded around 215 bird species. These includeendemic varieties such as the Sri Lanka wood pigeon, Sri Lanka grey hornbill and Sri Lankan junglefowl which is also the nation’s national bird.



Yala National Park Sri Lanka

If you’re planning to tour Sri Lanka, you should definitely make plans to view the island’s amazing wildlife. In recent times, Sri Lanka has been cited as a premier destination for safari-goers outside of Africa. This is in large part due to the numerous national parks doted around the island, and among these ones clearly stands out – Yala National Park.

The Location

Yala is situated in the South-Eastern edge of Sri Lanka, bordered by the waters of the Indian Ocean to the south. The park stretches for over 130,000 hectares and consists of a variety of biomes, from dense scrub forests to lagoons surrounded by fertile grassland. Due to Sri Lanka’s highly developed road network, reaching the park mis relatively easy by car – it’s a 300km drive from Colombo via the Southern Express Highway.

Leopard Watching at Yala

If there’s one thing Yala is known for above all else, it’s for its leopards. In fact, Yala boasts one of the highest concentrations of leopard anywhere in the world! Due to a large number of vehicles that pass through Yala near every day, these big cats have become habituated to safari jeeps and do not shy way from them. As such many safari operators – like Walkers Tours – make a point to seek out these elusive big cats, providing you with some excellent photo opportunities.

The Elephant Herds of Yala

Leopards aren’t the only stars of Yala, as the park is home to several herds of majestic Sri Lankan elephant. There exists a natural corridor that connects Yala to Uda Walwe National Park, and the elephants regularly use it to travel back and forth between the two protected areas. If you’re aching to get a good look at these gentle pachyderms, the dry season which lasts from May to August is the best time to visit.

The Other Denizens

While the big cats and elephants are the park’s main attractions, they are by no means its only residents. Yala is, in fact, a bird lover’s paradise – it is home to over 130 species of birds, including the rare black-necked stork and raptors like the crested serpent eagle. If you visit the banks of the park’s many lagoons and tanks, you’re bound to spot basking mugger crocodiles and the odd monitor lizard. Ungulates like chital and sambar – favourite prey of the leopard – are also a common site.



Top reasons to visit Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is indeed a great destination for any type of traveller, from any part of the world. Although it’s just a small island, the heritage, scenic beauty and the hospitality of its people are just unmatchable with any other country in the world.

It’s a paradise for surfers

If adventure is the main purpose of your tour in Sri Lanka, why miss a great surfing session on the Sri Lankan seas that have the best waves and reef breaks that are ideal for this!?

Sri Lankan local cuisine is mind-blowing

Arrange your tour with popular travel partners like Walkers Tours and explore the local lives of the Sri Lankans within a day or two. Try some of their local food items that are simple and of course the most delicious!

It’s so rich in wildlife biodiversity


Img via Walkers Tours

Sri Lanka is one of the best biodiversity hotspots in the world. Considering the number of national parks, elephant and bird sanctuaries that it has, it’s no wonder that this country is the best for any nature lover.

Its culture is just so magical

The proud heritage that this country holds is beyond our average imagination. Enjoy the festivals and rituals that Sri Lankans celebrate quite so regularly, and you will feel this uniqueness.


Wildlife in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is an island with a priceless variety, so as its wildlife- ranging from authentic birds, mammals like elephants and even colourful marine life. The safari parks and sanctuaries there have been designed in such a way that they give the best experiences to their visitors, and this is why you should allocate some time to admire the wildlife in Sri Lanka- once you visit it.

Image by: Pexels via pixabay | CC0

The Birdlife

During your tour in Sri Lanka, travel to Kumana, Yala, Horton Plains or even the Sinharaja Rainforest with Walkers Tours and enjoy the best of birdlife in the country. Discover the behaviours of the migrant species as well as the endemic ones.

The Mammals

As the country is blessed with a diverse climate, vegetation and altitude, there are different species of mammals extensively distributed in Sri Lanka. If you visit any national park here, you will be blessed to see mammals moving in herds in the wild so make sure you capture these rare moments as memories.

The Marine Life

During your tour in Sri Lanka visiting the beaches will obviously be one of your top priorities. Make sure you allocate some time to admire the whales, dolphins, whale sharks and marine turtles- which can be explored via excursions arranged as per your requirements.

The top attractions

While all the above-mentioned experiences are worth enjoying, there are also some super special sceneries that you won’t need to miss. The leopard at Yala National Park, herds of Elephants roaming at Uda Walawe National Park and the monkey population at Polonnaruwa are just some of them.


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Elephants in Sri Lanka

An iconic animal, elephants in Sri Lanka are very much a part of the island’s identity. However, conservation efforts are vital if these gentle giants are to survive.

Image credit- Pixabay,photoliver,CC0

Endemic Species
The largest subspecies of the Asian elephant, the Sri Lankan Elephant (Elephas maximus maximus) is endemic to the island. While the country was once home to around 20,000 elephants, currently there are only about 5,000 some of which can be seen on a safari tour in Sri Lanka.

Elephant Safaris
National parks including those at Minneriya, Yala, Udawalawe and Kaudulla are ideal for elephant safaris organised by tour specialists such as Walkers Tours. One of the key elephant hotspots is Minneriya where between June and September you can witness “The Gathering” that features hundreds of elephants in and around the park’s reservoir.

Human-Elephant Conflict
Sadly, due to the expansion of human habitation and the loss of natural habitats, the human-elephant conflict has claimed many lives, mostly elephants. Farmers and villagers look to protect their crops and lands, while elephants are driven to find food and water; this deadly cycle continues every year. Throw illegal poaching into the mix and you will see why elephant conservation is vital.

Conservation Efforts
Amongst the efforts being made to conserve this endangered animal is the introduction of tougher penalties for those harming or poaching wild elephants. Other initiatives include using electrical fences or infrared alarm systems to keep out elephants from human habitations without harming them and the proposed setting up of Managed Elephant Reserves (MER). Hopefully, such efforts will help in conserving these majestic animals.

Auburn Silver is a travel writer who has a passion for fashion and a deep interest in admiring new and exotic attractions around the world. Google+


Spotting Dolphins in Sri Lanka

Playful and swift, dolphins are amongst the most fascinating creatures that call the ocean home and can be found off the coasts of Sri Lanka.


Spinner Dolphins
Also referred to as the long snouted dolphin, spinner dolphins are relatively small in size. This species can be seen in areas like Kalpitiya as part of dolphin watching excursions offered by tour specialists like Walkers Tours. One of the features of spinner dolphins is that they are known for their acrobatics, and sometimes leap in the air!

Bottlenose Dolphin
One of the most well known species, bottlenose dolphins can easily be seen on a dolphin watching tour Sri Lanka has to offer in areas like Mirissa. This species has a diet that’s mainly forage fish and is generally known to be part of pods that can be 10 to 30 in number.

Risso’s Dolphin
One of the largest species of dolphins, Risso’s dolphins can also be spotted off the island’s coastlines. While this species has a sizable anterior body, it can sometimes grow to lengths of around 14 feet! You can look to spot them while on excursions out to sea in Trincomalee on the country’s east coast.

Striped Dolphin
Commonly found in tropical and temperate waters, the striped dolphin is relatively smaller in size and generally feeds on squid and pelagic fish. One of the characteristics of this species is its body colour, which is different from other dolphins and makes it easier to spot as well.