Why Sri Lanka is Ideal for Adventurous Travellers

Sri Lanka is the perfect vacation location for adventure-seeking travellers. There is plenty to do and most of it does not involve putting your life in mortal danger. Here are a few of the most adventurous experiences in Sri Lanka.

Wildlife Safaris

Sri Lanka has three major wildlife reserve, famous of which is Yala which is home to the largest density of Sri Lankan leopards in the world. There are also sloth bears, elephants, crocodiles and sambhurs not to mention the very many species of birds.

That’s only on land, at sea, there are all year round sites for dolphin and whale watching.

Picturesque Train Rides

The three major long-distance train lines; Colombo – Jaffna, Colombo – Kandy – Ella and The Southern Coastal Line are some of the most picturesque train rides in the world. Hang out of the open doors for the best views and some breath-taking photography.

Udarata Manike.jpg

Chandimal Pathirage from Gampaha, Sri Lanka, Udarata ManikeCC BY 2.0

The Surf Party

The South and East of the country are not only packed with pristine beaches each more magical than the next, there are some great places to surf and really take on the waves. Surf all day and party all night for these beaches come equipped with a wild nightlife.

Two Men Carrying Surfboards Near Seashore


An Adrenaline Pumping Climb

Scale the beautiful blue-tinged mountains on a hike through the wilds or climb for the history and architectural wonder as it is in the case of Sigiriya and its rock fortress or Adam’s Peak; a holy site for all four major religions in the country.

There is plenty of adventure to be had and sometimes in the case of high-flying long-distance bus rides, you don’t have to go looking for it. Plan the perfect adventure in Sri Lanka with tour operators like Tangerine Tours.

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The Most Thrilling Wildlife Safaris in Sri Lanka – The Exotic Call of the Wild

Sri Lanka is a dream destination for those who love wildlife and this island nation is home to sanctuaries where one can see truly exotic species living wild and free.

Wild life| img by: Nature Odyssey

Leopard Safaris

Yala is undoubtedly the premier spot for leopard safaris in Sri Lanka. Such safaris are organised by local adventure specialists the likes of Nature Odyssey and give one a chance to see this majestic and endemic predator along with a host of other animals; these include elephants, sloth bears and crocodiles.

Whale Safaris

When it comes to safaris in Sri Lanka, wildlife tours don’t have to be only on land! The waters off the coast of areas such as Kalpitiya, Trincomalee and Mirissa are where one can spot sperm whales, blue whales and killer whales, not forgetting countless dolphins too.

Elephant Safaris

Many of the national parks in Sri Lanka are great for elephant safaris, though the most popular is arguably the Minneriya National Park and for good reason; from late June to September the park is where one can witness “The Gathering” when hundreds of elephants can be seen in and around the reservoir.

Birdwatching Safaris

While spotting birds may not be your idea of “thrilling”, it certainly can be; just ask those who have enjoyed birdwatching at the Kumana National Park! This bird sanctuary hosts thousands of migrating birds, especially from April to July. Spoonbills, herons, pelicans, egrets and little cormorants are just some of the species that can be spotted here.\




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Koneswaram Kovil, Trincomalee – Between the Heavens and the Ocean!

The temple of Koneswaram has been renovated over the years and brought to the status it is today. The Hindu temple crawls over the edge of a cliff which is called Swami Rock and is the reason that Trincomalee got its name.

The Temple of a Thousand Pillars

It is estimated that the original Koneswaram temple which was known as the Temple of a Thousand Pillars was constructed circa 400 B.C. The legend has it that it was the mythical King of Lanka, Ravana had it built so his mother could offer her prayers to Shiva as her illness kept her from travelling to Mount Kailash in India. The original temple was also said to feature a thousand pillars each plated in gold, but it was destroyed and pushed into the sea by Portuguese invaders.

Getting There

The ruins of the former temple were found at the bottom of the ocean by divers including stone obelisks and idols which were restored into the new temple. You can see them and the solitary pillar from the original temple. Koneswaram is at the southernmost tip of the crescent that makes up Back Bay. It is only about 20 minutes’ drive from most resorts in Trincomalee.

There’s plenty to see on the way as you must drive through Fort Frederick. The last leg of the journey must be made on foot. You can see remnants of ancient history relative to the temple. If you are staying at Trinco Blu by Cinnamon, leaving the resort around 8 or 9 in the morning would give you ample time to explore before the sun gets too unbearable.

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The Story of Sigiriya – The Palace in the Sky

In Sri Lankan history, King Kashyapa I is known famously as the king who murdered his father and built a rock fortress in fear of retaliation from his brother. This story is just as fascinating as the attraction itself!

Staying in Sigiriya

Before reading on for more, do make sure you book a Dambulla resort or hotel in Sigiriya Sri Lanka that’s within easy reach of the rock fortress. Staying at properties the likes of The Paradise Resort & Spa make it convenient to plan a morning climb to the summit of Sigiriya.

The Tragedy of Sigiriya

Now back to the story! Kashyapa was the elder son of King Dhatusena, the warrior king who repelled Indian invaders and established peace in the kingdom of Anuradhapura. As he was not born of the royal consort as his brother Mogallana, Kashyapa was not the heir to the throne despite being the eldest.

Betrayed by Family

The king’s nephew General Migara instigated Kashyapa to usurp the throne. There was resentment between Dhatusena and the general, though the real reason is not known. This led to Kashyapa ordering his father killed in a murderous rage. And it was Migara that had King Dhatusena plastered into the wall of his irrigation tank.

The Aftermath

Kashyapa’s brother fled in terror and Kashyapa was devastated by his father’s death. He heard from Migara that Mogallana was amassing an army in India and that might have been what triggered Kashyapa to move his capital to Sigiriya; however, alternate stories say he was just trying to complete a project started by his father.

The End of a Legend

Mogallana did come back to claim his rightful place and had Kashyapa remained in his impenetrable fortress, he would not have lost the battle. But heeding Migara’s words, he came down to the plains to fight his brother. The story goes that something spooked Kashyapa’s royal elephant causing it to turn away from the front and Migara seeing this told the gathered soldiers that their king had fled. Kashyapa on seeing his army scatter fell upon his sword and died.

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The ancient rock fortress – Fun facts about Sigiriya to get you going!

Sigiriya is a must visit for those visiting Sri Lanka, as it is an ancient marvel. The extensive network of gardens and reservoirs, together with the rich history make this site a truly memorable visit to everyone.

Image by: kozala via pixabay | CC0

The formation

It’s believed by archaeologists that during the prehistoric times the rock was uninhabited. The rock was formed from the magma of an extinct volcano and provided different shelters, such as caves.

The entrance

The entrance to this ancient palace is flanked by the stone paws of a lion, which inspired the name ‘Lion Rock’. Previously, the entrance to the castle was through the mouth of a lion, however, the head collapsed, leaving only the paws.

The gardens

As you leave your hotel in Sigiriya, Sri Lanka, the likes of The Paradise Resort & Spa to explore the ancient marvel, make sure you spend time at the gardens. These gardens are some of the oldest in the world, and an example of amazing urban planning.

The frescoes

One of the best-known features of Sigiriya are the frescoes you’ll find. These colourful murals depict damsels holding flowers, but only a few remain today. These murals are the subject of a lot of adoration, which can be seen until today.

The history

King Kasyapa chose Sigiriya as his royal residence, as he was afraid of potential attacks from his brother, the rightful heir to the throne.


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Bird Watching in Sri Lanka – A Bird Watcher’s Paradise!

Due to its tropical location, abundant rain forests, and mangroves, Sri Lanka is home to over 452 recorded species of Birds. Read on to know more about bird watching in the paradise isle of Sri Lanka.


Sri Lanka is a country that boasts a tropical climate, the island has an abundant supply of fruits and grains, and the ecological conditions are perfect all of these factors make the country an idyllic home to a variety of birds making the island an ideal destination for avid bird watchers and nature lovers.

Best Places for bird watching

Sri Lanka’s largest forest – Sinharaja, Yala national park, and the Horton plains forest reserve are some of the places that are frequented by birdwatchers apart from these, all most all the wildlife reserves are ideal for spotting new kinds of birds.

Getting to these places and accommodation options

You can reach the forest reserves through public transport or by booking your very own transport which can be a taxi or a tuk-tuk. When you reach the destination, you can opt for guided tours or you can explore and spot birds yourself. There are also specific accommodation options that many bird watchers love the likes of Birds Park Polgahawela. The property is located in the midst lush greenery that includes trees and vines which in turn attracts a large number of birds. Staying at this property is also considered as one of the exciting things to do in Kurunegala.

Source image

Image Credit: Birds Park Polgahawela

Things to remember

Make sure that you enjoy the boons of mother nature without harming it. Do not disturb the birds while you track their activities and watch them. Also, do not litter at the jungle grounds and dispose of plastic items in a responsible way.

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A Thrilling Safari at Wilpattu National Park, Sri Lanka – A Ride to the Wild Side!

From stealthy leopards and grinning crocodiles to majestic eagles and iconic elephants, the Wilpattu National Park in Sri Lanka offers an unforgettable safari into the wild.

Wilpattu National Park| Img by: Hasitha Tudugalle via FlickrCC BY 2.0


Getting There

Wilpattu is located around 188 km away from Colombo and the main Hunuwilgama Entrance can be easily accessed from Anuradhapura or Puttalam. The best times for a safari are generally from 6am to 10am and from 3pm to 6pm. Excursions organised by wildlife tour specialists like Nature Odyssey are an ideal option since they offer transport, accommodation and guided jeep safaris.


On your adventure tours in Sri Lanka at Wilpattu National Park, you have the chance to see leopards, sloth bears and elephants which are amongst the biggest draws at the park. Spotted deer, water buffalos and wild pigs may also be spotted here.


Wilpattu is made up of “villus” or natural lakes which attract a large variety of bird species. The whistling teal, white ibis and garganey are a few of the wetland bird species that can be spotted, while the Sri Lankan junglefowl, painted stork and eagles also call this park home.


The mugger crocodile is one of the most prominent reptile species in Wilpattu and makes for a great photo opportunity too! The common cobra, Indian python, soft-shelled turtle and monitor lizard are also found at the park.



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Wildlife in Sri Lanka – A venture into the wilderness

Despite being a relatively small country, the wildlife in Sri Lanka is one of the finest. You’ll be surprised at the number of habitats, herds of elephants, different species of birds, leopards and schools of dolphins are a few to name. The biodiversity on the island is one that will not cease to amaze you.

National Park | Image Credit - Ji-Elle, CC BY-SA 3.0 Via Wikimedia Commons

National Park | Image Credit – Ji-Elle, CC BY-SA 3.0 Via Wikimedia Commons

Yala National Park

Yala forms a total area of 1269 sq. km, 260 km southeast of Colombo. This huge area of grassland, lagoons and the light forest is home to plenty of wildlife. adventure tours in Sri Lanka include Yala National Park as a must visit, since it boasts animals from leopards, elephants, crocodiles, monkeys, etc.

Sinharaja Forest Reserve

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Sinhajara is a vast area of tropical rain forest bounded by rivers on three sides, another biodiversity hot spot found in the Island. You can opt for a tour package such as the likes of Silvertree Travel to coordinate and plan.

Pigeon Island National Park

A marine national park in Sri Lanka has located 312 km from Colombo. The sanctuary spans 471.4 hectares in total. On entering the Island, the first thing you’ll witness would be Blue Rock pigeons, an endangered species, nesting and breeding. The island possesses 100 species of exquisite corals, making it a breeding ground for over 300 species of fish.

Uda Walawe National park

This park centres the Uda Walawe reservoir and is ideal for elephant watching. Besides elephants, you’ll spot deer, buffalos, jackals, crocodiles, etc as the lack of dense vegetation makes way for easy spotting.

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Top water sports in Bentota – Splash around with your friends!

Holidaying in Bentota inevitably succumbs you to taking part in some of the best water sports in Sri Lanka. Some of the top ones that we would recommend are:

Scuba Diving and Snorkeling

Diving into the warm Indian ocean and swimming with the fish while taking a peak at all the sea creatures and corals is a fun activity to enjoy with the family. Stay at a resort in Bentota that is near areas that have this activity so that it is easier and faster to travel.

Wind Surfing

Weather its your own gear or something hired, wind surfing is quite a popular water sport on the beaches of Bentota. Hotels like AVANI Bentota Resorts and Spa help you sign up for such activities. Just speak to their front office concierge for more info.

Banana Boat Rides

One of the most fun and thrilling water activities you can do in Bentota is the banana boat ride! As per its name, the banana boat is shaped like a banana and accommodates a group of people while being pulled by a jet-ski. If you are tipped over, you are bound to fly off and end up in the lake so hold on tight!

Jet & Water skiing

From beginners to pros, everyone can take part in this super exciting water sport! Bentota has professional instructors who can assist you if you need help. Whizz around in the jet ski with your friends and make memories that will be cherished forever!

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Here’s a curiously delightful venue which drifts across the Beira Lake in Colombo – A floating event pod!

How about spending a memorable evening in an unrivalled above-the-lake event space featuring a meticulous interior and exterior design? Do read on to know more interesting facts.

Beira Lake

Away from the lavish lifestyles of the bustling capital city is the “8° on the Lake”, the floating restaurant of Beira Lake which comes across as a fascinating venue for your evening functions. Docked at the Cinnamon Lakeside’s pier, it captures the hearts and minds of everyone especially at the coming of the dusk. This will be the best spot in Colombo to celebrate your private parties and special celebrations.

The large windows and the transparent dome allow you to catch a glimpse of the breathtaking Beira Lake and beautiful night sky adorned with stars. The wood panelled floors of the upper deck make it an incredible space for a great dance floor. It’s better to spend time during an evening because the heat during the day can ruin your fun.

Those who are holidaying at a luxury hotel in Colombo the likes of Cinnamon Lakeside Colombo, should definitely go a dinner cruise along the picturesque Beira Lake to indulge in an exceptional experience in the bustling capital city of Sri Lanka.

Entice your taste buds!
While enjoying a nice time with your friends, you’ll be able to savour a wide array of Western and South Asian cuisine. Sip your favourite cocktail while feasting your eyes on the stunning vistas of the lake. What’s more attractive?



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