Surfing at Seminyak Beach

Those who like to visit Seminyak beach and simply unwind may be missing an element of the experience that is priceless. Taking the time to catch a few waves will go a long way towards helping you have the best experience possible.

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Where is Seminyak?

This stunning destination can be found right in the middle of South Bali. It is well worth a visit as it is prepared to meet and the needs and amenities of travellers globally.

Finding the right accommodation

If you are looking for a Seminyak hotel, there are plenty to choose from such as HARRIS Hotel Seminyak Bali that will be able to offer you comfort and closeness to the ocean.

Pick the right time to surf

Surfing is a seasonal activity. This means that when people are travelling, they will need to keep in mind the season by which the surf patterns abide to catch the best wave. Seminyak Beach is a treat because the area tends to offer waves all year round.

Eating and drinking in Seminyak

Food is never going too far from reach when you are relaxing in Seminyak, with this tourist town being filled with sunset bars & eateries.

Surfing in Mirissa

With a sheltered beautiful beach in the South of Sri Lanka, Mirissa is located away from the bustles of the city; Mirissa is where life is slow paced. It is where, with amazing sunsets, you can rest and relax on the sandy beach on a tropical holiday. Mirissa is known as one of the major surf points in Sri Lanka. Mirissa beach offers waves for nice turns. The beach is clean and clear and a great start off point for a run into the waters. The blue waters offer a good ride for beginners and experienced surfers. Mirissa beach is an unpopulated beach. The deep blue waters of captivating Mirissa is also home to magnificent Blue Whales, Sperm Whales, Orcas and many species of Dolphins. The CASA Colombo Collection Mirissa is the most luxurious hotel out of all the luxury Mirissa Hotels. This hotel is grand and lavish, but also the simplicity and serenity of the hotel is quite refreshing. The Casa Collection Mirissa hotel is an award-wining 6 star boutique hotel. They offer world-class cuisines and elegantly and tastefully decorated suites, offering views of the sparkling blue ocean ,the lush wilderness and the golden sun-kissed beaches,

Mirissa is a point break location with intermediate level waves. Local surfers can be considered to be average to good. Best waves can be experienced early morning and late afternoon. Morning periods are considered to be the best. Mirissa is an exposed reef break that has reasonably consistent surf, although summer tends to be mostly flat. Offshore winds blow from the north. Groundswells more frequent than winds wells and the ideal swell angle is from the southwest. While the main focus in Mirissa is on beach life and surfing, many interesting places to visit are close by. Tea- and rubber plantations, the market town of Matara and the Yala National Park with its exciting wildlife are just some examples to choose from. Compared to Hikkaduwa surfing is still fun without real line ups and consistent waves. Best times for surfing in Mirissa is from October to March.

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Surfing in Bali

Ride some of the finest breaks in Bali, a true surfer’s paradise nestled within the South China Sea. Make sure you check into one of the fine Bali luxury villas gracing the beautiful coastline. Consider the Alila Villas Uluwatu, as it is home to some of the most ideal Bali boutique villas on the island. If you are a fan of the sand, sun, and the surf, especially, the months of May through September feature prime surfing conditions that lures surfers from around the world, looking to escape the chills of winter. Head over to Uluwatu is considered the island’s number one surf spot, occupying a colourful region on the southern section of Bali. Some of the best breaks are Temples, The Peak, Racetrack, and Outside Corner, considered to be one of the finest breaks in the world by some. Padang Padang comes alive with a big swell, and it is one of the most famous destinations in the world, which means it can get a bit crowded at the best of times. So head on down to Bali for one of the finest surfing trails the world over!

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Riding the Waves and Surfing in Maldives!

Set amidst cool blue waters and pristine beaches, the Maldives offers the perfect playground for water sports such as surfing. Those in search of a Maldives island resort from which to set off on excursions to the country’s best surf spots can stay at Kuramathi Island. Offering elegant Maldives villas, this luxurious resort also provides plenty of water sport activities including windsurfing and kayaking. Those interested in more action packed surfing should look to visit between February and November which is generally considered the surf season, with June to August being the months when one can expect relatively bigger swells. The North Male Atoll is one of the best places for surfing and such hotspots as Chickens at Villingilimathi Huraa, Cokes in Thulusdhoo, Gurus near Male and Honky’s in Thamburudhoo provide plenty of thrills for surfers. Not to be missed is a trip to the South Male Atoll where such sites as Kate’s, Twin Peaks and Riptides are also popular among surfing enthusiasts.