Why Oman is a Beach Holiday Destination – Coast is Calling!

Contrary to what you might expect, Oman is so much more than a sparse and sprawling desert. With over 3000 kilometres of coast, it’s an incredible destination for your next beach holiday! Read on to uncover its best beaches!

Silvio Taverna, Salalah Beach, CC BY-SA 2.0

Salalah Beaches

Head towards the South of Oman for the dreamiest beaches. With stunning white sand, serene waters, and gorgeous cliffs, which hug the tide as it comes in, Salalah is a definite favourite on the beach circuit. Salalah Beach resort options are endless and include the likes of Al Baleed Resort Salalah by Anantara which provides the perfect escape for a date with the sea!

Yiti Beach

If you’re looking for something closer to Muscat, Yiti beach is a wonderful choice. Famous for its tranquillity and stunning landscape. It’s a treat for those city dwellers who want a change of scenery and are craving a dip in the sea! it’s a great choice for swimming, or even camping with friends and family, so come prepared for some fun in the sun.

Al Sifah Beach

This beach is about an hour’s drive from Muscat, towards the eastern coast of Oman. Al Sifah beach is also a very popular choice amongst the locals for its natural beauty and gorgeous stretch of beach. It’s particularly famous for the stunning views of Sifah Mountain and its interesting rock formations, which make it a unique stretch of beach, worth visiting!

Parigi Waterfall in Bekasi

As an attraction most tourists are unaware of, the Parigi Waterfall in Bekasi City is perhaps the area’s best-kept secret in spite of it being compared to a smaller incarnation of Niagara Falls.

Image credit- flickr,CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Visiting the Waterfall

Despite its location in the city, the Parigi Waterfall remains a hidden attraction in Indonesia’s Bekasi region. Those based at HARRIS Hotel & Conventions Bekasi or any other Bekasi hotel, however, can book a tour of this charming cascade that’s wide in shape and is thus compared to the iconic Niagara Falls.

Best Time to Visit

It is important to time the tour of the Parigi Waterfall as the locale is best explored during sunny conditions as the water discharge of the cascade can be too dangerous for visitors during the wet season. Photography enthusiasts will find the venue a stunning backdrop for their social media posts and holiday photos as the massive rocks and the wide waterfall is a visually arresting sight.

No Swimming

Although there is a natural pond at the base of the fall, it is not suitable for swimming or bathing due to the murky nature of the water.

Reaching the Falls

Backpackers and travel enthusiasts who are based at the heart of Bandung City will find that the journey to the Parigi Waterfall takes nearly three hours to complete as it is located 138km away from the city. Others may wish to stay over at Bekasi or the nearby Cikiwul Village and visit the falls at their own leisure. Located on the Purbaleunyi Highway, one must venture down Raya Pantura Street to reach the waterfall.

Tegal Wangi Beach in Bali

Named after the temple of the same name nearby, this hidden beach in Jimbaran is one of the best reasons to holiday in Bali. Here’s everything you need to know about this seaside haven.

Image credit-Unsplash,Giuliano Di Paolo,CC0

Scenic Location

Easily accessible for those based at FOX Hotel Jimbaran Beach Bali or any other Jimbaran hotels in the area, Tegal Wangi Beach can be reached via a paved road that is easy to spot from the main road. The walk from the winding road to the beach is less than 100 metres while those who drive down to the park can always park at the car park devoted to the Pura Tegal Wangi temple.

Major Highlights

Tipped to be a seaside paradise ideal for couples and solo travellers, Tegal Wangi Beach is spectacular at low tide and especially during the hour of sunset. This is why most locals and seasoned visitors head to the beach between 6 pm and 7 pm.


Surrounded by shrubs, the area is a popular venue for local wedding photoshoots due to the stunning backdrop the beach transforms into when captured on film. In addition to the photographers and newlyweds taking snaps in their wedding attire, one is unlikely to come across hordes of tourists in this relatively lesser-known beach hub in Jimbaran.

What to Expect

While the beach is ideal for swimming activities, only those with solid swimming skills should attempt to get into the water during low tide as strong undercurrents are a factor one must contend with in areas other than the small rocky pools.

Tangkuban Perahu in Bandung

Located approximately 25 kilometres from the Bandung city centre is a volcano that’s dubbed the Overturned Boat by locals due to its strange shape. The active volcano is a fascinating geological site in the area.

Image credit- Unsplash,Yazid Hasan,CC0

Reaching the Volcano

Those who are based at FOX Harris Hotel City Center Bandung or any of the best hotels in Bandung will find that driving to Mount Tangkuban Perahu is the easiest way to reach the venue on weekdays. The entire journey will take no more than an hour and a half as the volcano is located approximately 25 kilometres away from the heart of the city.

Tour Options

Rental cars and organised tours to the volcano are available through local tour operators while those who wish to use public transport methods can head to the Bandung’s Minibus Terminal to find minibuses heading to the volcano.

At a Glance

Tangkuban Perahu holds the distinct honour of being the only crater in Indonesia where visitors can drive right up to the rim of the crater. The strange shape and structure of the volcano set it apart from other famous lava spewers in Indonesia and Southeast Asia as the mountain truly does resemble a boat that’s been overturned.

Geological Impact

Although the beauty of Tangkuban Perahu cannot be denied, the volcano has had both positive and negative impacts on the Parahyangan Highlands also known as the Land of God. The volcanic activity in the area is directly linked to the fertility of the soil in the hills, which has made the area rich in nutrients and ideal for crop cultivation.

Beyond Angkor Wat, discover the beauty of Siem Reap – Explore the city

The ancient essence of Angkor Wat has not changed to this day despite the urban developments that have taken place throughout the years. The city of Siem Reap emanates the same beauty of culture and history. Let’s take a look at a few things in detail.

Places to visit

There are a couple of places that you ought to visit on your journey in Siem Reap. Check out the Angkor National Museum, the floating village and even embark on a refreshing hike through the paddy fields. Don’t forget to visit the temples located in the city as well.

User: Jensre at wikivoyage shared, Siem Reap Museum, CC BY-SA 3.0

Explore the culinary delights

If you are a keen foodie, then begin by exploring the street food here in Siem Reap. If you want a bit of a high-end option, any luxury hotel in Siem Reap offers fine dining with international cuisine available. Cafes and restaurants also line the streets as you walk past.


Ever heard of the Cambodian Circus? Well, if you do happen to visit, check out this amazing young talent in Siem Reap. Khmer boxing and Aspara dancing shows are also a highlight in this city. You can inquire with local hotels such as Anantara Angkor Resort on where to be for the experience.


This city has many places to stay from hostels to luxury hotels and even budget hotels for the traveller who is concerned about their wallet. Make your booking in advance to be entitled to great discounts and deals on food and accommodation.

Exploring Oman in 7 days – Enjoy your holiday to the fullest

If you’ve got time on your hands and are planning on a 7-day trip to Oman, then you’ve got to plan it all out before you actually arrive there to make sure you make the best of it. Here’s a brief guide on how to explore this part of the middle east within this time frame.

Day 1

Let’s start with the capital city of Oman, Muscat. Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque is an attraction that you absolutely cannot miss. The interior and exterior of this religious space are simply stunning. Leave the morning to explore the mosque as the evening is perfect for a walk by the Muttrah Corniche, you can explore the Muttrah Souk as well.

Georg Karl Ell, Oman Muscat Muttrah Souq 03, CC BY-SA 4.0

Day 2

On your second day here, why not explore what nature has to offer at the Wadi Shab. The blue pools of water and waterfalls certainly make this hike a rewarding experience. But the canyon is certainly the highlight of the adventure.

Day 3

Delve into a bit of history in Muscat with a visit to Old Muscat. This is a wonderful yet sleepy place that is home to the ceremonial palace of Sultan Qaboos. You could visit Shatti Al Qurum Beach for the evening and enjoy the warm sea breeze.

Day 4

For the next few days do try to hop a flight to Salalah. Opt for a stay at a Salalah beach resort the likes of Al Baleed Resort Salalah by Anantara and enjoy a bit of luxury and fun in the sun while indulging in water sports.

Rock Climbing in Krabi Thailand – For an exciting adventure like no other

If you are interested in learning something new on your holiday to the rip-roaring island of Krabi, well, you’ve certainly picked the right destination to get started! The islands got rocks that are perfect for the novice climbers out there and you can sign up for lessons too.

Sign up for a lesson

If you are planning your vacation with a travel agent, then you can discuss with your agent about the best rock-climbing package for you. However, if you’ve planned your trip on your own, you might need to inquire with your local hotel, the likes of Avani Ao Nang Cliff Krabi Resort for more information on how to get started.

Phranang Cave Beach

The beach here is absolutely amazing with a wide shoreline, crystal blue waters and limestone cliffs on either side. Try your skills at rock climbing and enjoy the mesmerising views as a reward for sweating it out.

Maksym Kozlenko, Phra Nang Cave Beach, CC BY-SA 4.0

A guide for every step

Arriving at the beach and taking a look at the cliffs could hit your nerves quite hard if this is our first time. But never fear, your guide on the excursion will carefully advise you on how to conquer what seems impossible at first.

Deepwater solo climbing

Of all the Ao Nang things to do, this is one of the most thrilling. You will be taken by boat to an island where the rock cliffs are in the water. Next, you will climb the rock formation without a harness, reach the top and take the plunge into the water from there. Exhilarating indeed!

A Guide to Exploring Australia’s Premier Wine Region: Hunter Valley – ‘Grape’ Times Await!

Whether or not you enjoy a glass of wine, Hunter Valley is a wonderful retreat, with something for everyone. With its verdant vineyards and rustic charm, read this guide to uncover the best of Australia’s favourite “Wine Region”.

Gorgeous Stays

Weekend escapes deserve idyllic stays and the Valley’s teeming with options to suit every traveller! Make the most of Hunter Valley accommodation deals and take your pick, from beautiful B&Bs to cosy but luxurious resorts such as Oaks Cypress Lakes Resort.

Exciting Mornings

Imagine having a bird’s eye view of the sun’s warm morning glow, slowly light up the lush landscape? Book a morning hot air balloon ride to enjoy this experience first-hand. You can even opt to have a bubbly breakfast, as you soak in the morning sun. It’s the perfect excursion to book for a group of friends or even as a romantic date in the clouds.

Image via Oaks Cypress Lakes Resort

Wine Tastings

With so many winemakers in the regions, book a tasting and tour and you’ll come out of your holiday feeling like a real sommelier! The tours are comprehensive and will give you a great opportunity to learn a lot more about what goes on behind the scenes. That’s not all, you’ll be able to enjoy the local wine and all the accompaniments that would pair well with it.

Enchanting Gardens

The Hunter Valley Gardens are beautifully maintained and are a great choice for those travelling with family. Apart from the serenity this little haven offers, there are lots of special nooks and surprises for all those who visit. From special rides for kids to even Indian, Chinese and Oriental gardens – prepare yourself for a real treat!

Best Adventure Activities to do in Cairns That Will Surely Increase Your Adrenaline – Test your bravery!

Wondering what could be the best place for adventure activities in Australia? Don’t have second thoughts because Cairns is the perfect place to address all your adventurous passions.

Whitewater rafting

If you are planning to spend your summer in Cairns, this will be the perfect water adventure for you. Enjoy the scenery and celebrate your moments.

Bungy jumping

Heard about Aj Hackett Cairns? Yes, it’s one of the most popular Bungy towers in the world. Once you do your first jump, this is going to be addictive!

MartinRe at the English Wikipedia, BungyViewCairns, CC BY-SA 3.0


The best place for this adventure is the Great Barrier Reef. Forget all your fears for a while and get ready to be rewarded with mind-blowing views of the Australian east coast.

Crocodile spotting

If you need a different kind of adventure, just go crocodile spotting. All you have to do is to say yes to a Daintree River cruise. In addition to the crocodiles, spot snakes, pythons, and birds too.

Holidaying in Cairns

If you are looking for hotel accommodation in Cairns, make sure you opt for a good one such as Oaks Cairns Hotel.

Trekking in the Knuckles Mountain Range

Known for its stunning natural beauty, the Knuckles Mountain Range is amongst the key places for trekking in Sri Lanka and here’s a guide on this scenic attraction.

Image credit- Unsplash,Dylan Shaw,CC0

Where is It?

Named for its resemblance to knuckles, this mountain range can be found in the Matale and Kandy districts; Kandy is a great place to stay and is around a 90-minute drive from this site; properties like Mountbatten Bungalow make an ideal base for your excursions and you can easily enjoy a day trip and back.

What to Expect

The Knuckles Mountain Range features thriving flora and fauna and amongst the best things to do in Kandy is to plan a trekking adventure here; you will come across enchanting cloud forests sometimes shrouded in mist, idyllic waterfalls, crystal clear streams, traditional villages and various wildlife and birdlife too.

Diverse Trails

There are over 30 trails for trekking in Knuckles Mountain Range, best explored with a guide. These include the Dothalugala nature trail to the summit of a mountain and the Mini World’s End trail, both offering spectacular views. There’s also the Duwili Ella trail to a waterfall in the forest and Nitro Caves trail to an intriguing cave.

Keep in Mind

Have a guide who can also help to get any needed permits. Wear light clothing and hiking boots; have a raincoat and bring swimwear if you plan to have a dip at a waterfall. Take enough water and remember you can fill bottles at streams. Also, have anti-leech socks and spray to deal with these pesky creatures!