Spend an Adventurous Vacation in Sri Lanka

Regarded as an adventure traveller’s dream destination, Sri Lanka is an island full of possibilities for thrill-seekers. Here are some of the top adventures and excursions to enjoy on the island.

Safari Tours in National Parks

Wildlife fanatics and safari enthusiasts alike will find more than a handful of extensive national parks in Sri Lanka to get up-close and personal with creatures large and small. From the Yala National Park with its leopard and deer population to the elephant spotting hotspots known as the Udawalawe National Park and the Minneriya National Park, travellers can enjoy both daytime and night-time safari excursions into the wild.

White Water Rafting in Kitulgala

Those in search of frothy rapids and a rugged landscape in which to go white water rafting will find no finer alternative to Kitulgala’s gushing rivers. Countless local tour operators offer white water rafting packages for tourists and local day-trippers looking to get their feet wet in the heart of Sri Lanka’s rafting capital.

Kayaking in Dambulla

Tourists based at properties belonging to Cinnamon Hotels & Resorts or any other popular hotel chain should also take the opportunity to enjoy a kayaking excursion on Dambulla Lake. Allowing visitors to discover the flora and fauna of the area at their own pace, kayaking is a relaxing activity that lets one feel at one with nature.

Hiking in Ella or the Knuckles Mountain Range

Hiking in Ella
Hiking in Ella | Image via wiki media commons

Ranked among the best places to stay in Sri Lanka, Ella is also ideal for hiking and trekking activities. The naturally mountainous reaches of this hill station not only provides challenging hiking opportunities for nature lovers but also less arduous trails for beginners. The Knuckles Mountain Range is another fantastic playground for those who wish to enjoy a trekking excursion surrounded by waterfalls and other natural wonders.

Best Adventure Activities in the Maldives That Challenge the Daredevil in You

Adventurers heading to the Maldives may be surprised to find the sheer variety of thrilling activities on offer. Here’s a rundown of some of the country’s top activities for active visitors.

Catamaran Sailing

Although there are a great many sailing adventures accessible to visitors based at Cinnamon Velifushi Maldives or any similar Maldives beach hotels, none are quite as exciting as catamaran sailing. Offering one the chance to sail across the azure blue waters of the archipelago on board a vessel that is not as easy to navigate as a modern-day yacht can prove to be the experience of a lifetime for those who dare.  


Those who wish to take to the skies and catch a glimpse of paradise from a unique vantage point should sign up for a parasailing tour of the coast. Available through a plethora of local tour operators and resorts, the thrill of being suspended above the waves is a feeling that is difficult to describe and replicate outside a beach paradise such as the Maldives.

Scuba Diving

Diving | Image via wiki media commons

Often listed among the best scuba diving hubs on the planet, no trip to the Maldives would be complete without travelling through the underwater caves, channels and shipwrecks that litter the seafloor of the archipelago. From HP Reef to Banana Reef and Manta Point, the large number of excellent dive sites makes this water sports activity a true adventure. The best time to visit the Maldives for a diving holiday is from December to March.


The idyllic lagoons of the Maldives are perfect for kitesurfing excursions for both seasoned surfers and novices.

Must-Know Cool Facts About Broome Australia – Interesting things to know

If it’s a super laid-back vibe you are looking for this holiday, Broome is the place to visit on your travels. Here are some cool facts to know about this cool destination before you visit.

No letterboxes

The house in Broome does not have any letterboxes. In fact, residents pick up their mail at the post office. Quite strange, but this is only in Broome!

Pearl meat

Did you ever imagine that pearl meat could be a delicious delicacy? Well, Broome has made it happen and you cannot leave without a taste!

Outdoor movies

Outdoor movies are all the vogue here in Broome and Sun Pictures is the oldest place for this where you can enjoy a movie on deck chairs in the outdoors.

Image via Oaks Broome Hotel

Broome time

This is a term the locals use to describe the slow place of the city here. So, settle into your accommodation in Broome at a hotel the likes of Oaks Broome Hotel and slip into Broome Time.

Hiking the Highest Mountains in Langkawi – How to Explore Langkawi’s Soaring Mountains

Made up of 104 stunning islands laden with sandy beaches, Langkawi is also a hiker’s paradise thanks to its towering mountains laden with trails. Here’s how to hike the tallest peaks in Langkawi.

Hiking in Langkawi 101

Img via Pixabay

Hikers and trekkers heading to Langkawi should be aware that there are two big mountains with excellent hiking trails at their disposal. Named Gunung Raya and Gunung Machinchang or Mat Cincang, both mountains are best explored with a local guide. This is due to the fact that tourists based at Pelangi Beach Resort & Spa or any venue that ranks itself as the best resort in Langkawi should not miss out on learning about the local flora and fauna during the hiking experience.

What to Pay Attention To

Regardless of the nature of the hiking activities that one signs up for during a getaway in Langkawi, it is important to notice the wild monkeys that always seem to be popping up out of nowhere on the trail as well as the magnificent Great Hornbills that will sit atop treetops. Funny looking insects and bugs are also known to inhabit Langakwi’s hiking trails; they prove to be harmless but fascinating distractions.

What to Pack and Use on a Hiking Tour

The extreme humidity of Langkawi’s mountains should not be overestimated. This is why staying hydrated and bringing your own water is crucial. Apply plenty of mosquito repellent on your body to keep the pesky creatures away.

Gunung Raya

Those who wish to climb to the top of this 840-metre-high mountain must devote at least four hours to the endeavour as the total distance is no less than 8 kilometres.

Gunung Machinchang

Made up of a series of summits, the “sky trail” is the best way to hike up to this mountain where one also finds the Seven Wells Falls.

Bali – Jungle Swing Experience in Bali

When it comes to visiting places with a good view of lush greenery, one would normally think of hiking and being rewarded with a mountain view. But Bali offers a bit of a different experience with its collection of thrilling swings at the edge of cliffs.

Bali Swings

There is an amazing collection of swings here but mind you, it isn’t anything like the ones at children’s parks. These are thrilling and offer grand views of lush rice fields and forests.

Wanagiri Hidden Hills Swing

This place was literally built for those Instagram addicts looking for the best places to snap the perfect picture. This swing ride offers views of two beautiful lakes – Lake Tambingan and Lake Buyan.

Uma Pakel Swing

This swing is located in Ubud and overlooks the famous Tegalalang rice fields. The swing is not the only thing here, you also have the chance to take pictures in a giant bird’s nest.

Tegalalang Rice Terrace Swing

Tegalalang Rice Terrace Swing |Image via Unsplash

Set up in between 2 palm trees is this amazing swing that looks down on beautiful rice fields. The experience is more thrilling than ever. If you are looking for one of the best things to do in Tabanan, simply inquire at the front desk of your local hotel like Nirjhara for the nearest swings.

Why Muay Thai Training Should Be at the Top of Your Travel Bucket List – Why Every Traveller Should Train in Muay Thai Fighting During a Getaway in Thailand

Learning how to fight like a Muay Thai boxer is the type of skill one can pick up during a Thai getaway. As a traditional sport, it is also one of the most unique skills one can perfect on holiday.

Kru Tony Moore, Muay Thai, CC BY-SA 3.0

Perfect for Martial Arts Fans

Active travellers and those with a passion for martial arts and other fighting techniques will find no better use for their time in Thailand than learning the basics of Muay Thai. Those who holiday in Bangkok often catch Muay Thai matches daily at venues across the city and become intrigued about this unique fighting method invented by locals.

It Keeps You Fit

While it may not be the main reason why most tourists choose to sign up for Muay Thai classes during a holiday in Anantara Mai Khao Phuket Villas or any one of the other Phuket resorts, the fighting technique is ideal for fitness fanatics. Using both your upper and lower body strength, Muay Thai boxing is a great way to work up a sweat and burn those extra calories.

It’s a Lethal Weapon

Female travellers and others who are in search of self-defence lessons will also find Muay Thai fits their requirements as learning how to fend off an attacker using Muay Thai techniques is one of the happy by-products of picking up the sport.

It’s Fun

In addition to being good for one’s health and self-defence, Muay Thai is also highly enjoyable, especially when compared to yoga or aerobics classes.

5 Informative Facts That You Must Know About the Maldives

The Maldives is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world, particularly among honeymooners. The island nation boasts a rich history, delicious cuisine, and a range of exciting activities.

The Maldives Is Located Close to the Equator

The Maldives is located quite close to the equator. And this means that sun rays will shine almost directly on you while you’re relaxing at your Maldives resort. So, make sure to bring plenty of sunscreen to protect your skin!

The Maldives Was Initially a Buddhist Nation

The Maldives was only converted to Islam in 1153 A.D. and today it stands as a proud Muslim nation. So, make sure that you leave any other religious texts, pork products, and alcoholic beverages at home when you’re about to head towards Kurumba Maldives or any other resort in the country for a splendid tropical vacation.

The Maldives Boasts Over 1000 Islands

maldives islands
maldives islands | Image via Pixabay

The Maldives is formed out of 1,192 coral islands that are grouped in 26 atolls. These are peppered over the Indian Ocean over an area of roughly 90,000 square kilometres.

The Maldives’ Sand Is Smooth as Can Be

Usually, the beaches are made of sands that are made from quartz. However, the Maldives’ beaches contain sands that are extremely fine as they are coralline in origin. Coralline beaches are quite rare and represent less than five percent of the world’s beaches.

Cruising the Huangpu River

Dubbed the ‘mother river of Shanghai’, the Huangpu River is a 113-km body of water dividing Shanghai into 2 sections: Pudong (east bank) and Puxi (west bank). It is a great point to view Shanghai’s past and future.

Image credit- Unsplash,
Emmanuel Appiah,CC0

The river

A tributary of the Yangtze River, the Huangpu River flows through 10 districts in Shanghai. Its use is multifold, including shipping, fishing, and providing drinking water. If you are mulling over where to stay in Shanghai, consider booking hotels such as Citadines Jinxiu Shanghai located within an easy distance from the river.

The sights

On a Huangpu River cruise, you will witness Shanghai’s colonial past and trailblazing future. Many cruises depart from the Shiliupu Wharf as this is considered the most popular route for cruises. The west bank features the famous Shanghai Bund with its colonial buildings. The east bank is dotted with skyscrapers, including Jin Mao Tower, Shanghai World Financial Centre, Shanghai Tower, and Oriental Pearl Tower. Consider a night cruise, as the city’s iconic landmarks are jazzed up with neon lights.

Cruise details

Various cruise companies offer different types of cruises, including meals. Cruise durations can be 30 minutes, 1 hour, or 3 hours. Be sure to check for updated information about departure times.

Best time to go

The ideal time to embark on a cruise is between March-May and September-November, as the weather is fair and temperatures moderate.

Unforgettable Scuba Diving in Bali

While Bali offers plenty of fun on the beach, don’t forget there’s much to discover beneath the waves too! Here’s more on scuba diving in this enchanting destination.

Image credit- Unsplash,Perets,CC0

Dive Centres

Beginners or those looking to get an additional certification will find plenty of dive centres on the island; choose one that offers PADI and / or SSI training and certification. Ideally, be based by the coast with options including a hotel near Ngurah Rai Airport for travel enthusiasts like HARRIS Hotel Kuta Tuban Bali.

Best Time to Go

Scuba diving in Bali can be experienced year-round though generally, May to September, the dry season, is considered the best time; you can still enjoy this activity at other times when it doesn’t rain, while destinations like Pemuteran and Menjangan Island are popular places to visit the whole year through.

What to Expect

There’s plenty to encounter on your underwater adventures be it thriving coral reefs, fascinating marine species or even intriguing shipwrecks. Apart from a myriad of colourful tropical fish, you may also come across larger denizens of the deep including manta rays, sea turtles, various species of sharks and the elusive mola-mola or sunfish.

Diving Hotspots

There are diverse dive sites in Bali, each with something different to offer. On the east coast are popular spots at Tulamben and Amed where you will find shipwrecks, some dating to World War Two. Menjangan Island and Pemuteran on the north coast are also well-known for diving as are Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan.

Encounter Dolphins at Kiluan Bay in Lampung

A memorable experience awaits those going dolphin watching at Kiluan Bay in Lampung, Indonesia, where you can watch these marine mammals swimming wild and free.

Image credit- Unsplash,Pablo Heimplatz,CC0

Planning a Trip

Kiluan Bay is in the Lampung Province on the island of Sumatra’s southern tip. For accommodation in Lampung, hotel options catering to budget travellers including families can be found at properties like POP! Hotel Tanjung Karang Lampung in Bandar. The bay is around 80 km away and is a three to four-hour drive.

The Excursion

There are boat operators at Kiluan Bay offering dolphin watching excursions on various types of boats with varying capacities ranging from four to eight passengers. Dolphins are best spotted in the mornings between 6:00am and 10:00am, though you may see them again in the evenings from 4:00pm to 5:00pm.

A Marvellous Sight

This bay is on the migration route of dolphins which makes it an ideal spot to observe pods of these playful denizens of the ocean only after around a 20-minute journey off the coast. Spinner dolphins and common bottlenose dolphins are the two species widely spotted swimming wild and free amidst the waves.

Other Experiences

Kiluan Bay is best visited from April to September and the peak time for dolphin watching is usually from June to July. There are plenty more things to do here as well including snorkelling or fishing in the bay and if you’re lucky, spotting turtles. Within easy reach is Gayau Lagoon, a natural pool that’s worth visiting too.