Explore Port Stephens’ Breathtaking Coastline Along with a Whale-watching Trip – Enjoy Amazing Experiences

Port Stephens is where one can discover a mélange of amazing beaches. It’s also where one can enjoy whale and dolphin-watching cruises and even go parasailing over its glistening blue waters.

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Apart from its whale-watching adventures, Port Stephens is also popular for its 26 beaches, with some sheltered in bays to offer splendid swimming, snorkelling, and kayaking opportunities for families. The Stockton sand dunes, easily reachable from Nelson Bay hotels the likes of Oaks Nelson Bay Lure Suites are incredible for horse riding and quad-biking.

Whale Watching

There’s a number of ways to enjoy whale watching in the gorgeous Port Stephens; these range from coastal lookouts to whale-watching cruises. In addition to marvelling at the amazing acrobatics of these majestic mammals, one can also have fun watching the playful antics of over 100 bottlenose dolphins that call this region their own.

Best Time to Go Whale-watching

A great number of humpback and southern right whales migrate annually to and from warm waters. And tourists will be able to spot these gigantic, yet graceful marine creatures should they visit Port Stephens between May and November.

How to Spot Whales

Moonshadow – TQC Cruises and Imagine Cruises offer great whale and dolphin watching facilities. Visiting Tomaree National Park will also provide an easy lookout to spot pods of whales.

Shark Season in the Maldives – Dive on the Wild Side

Scuba diving in the Maldives is like entering into a whole new world, living under the ocean’s waves! With incredible corals, and a plethora of marine wildlife read on to find out more about how you can dive with sharks and live to tell the tale!

Diving Basics

The good news for novice divers is that a PADI license is not required! Resorts such as Anantara Veli Maldives Resort have in-house diving courses and instructors, which make your foray into the world of diving effortless! Follow the course for beginners and go giving in the private reefs to witness the splendours hidden under the waters.

Image via Anantara Veli Maldives Resort

What Can you Expect?

The beautiful fish you see from your gorgeous Maldives’ over water bungalow is the tip of the iceberg! Dive under the waters to be blown away by colourful shoals of fish, friendly sea turtles, and plenty of harmless sharks. The caves and the reefs will leave you in awe of the very diversity and beauty of the natural world.

Shark Spotting

If you’ve ever dreamt of diving amidst sharks, the best time to do this is between January and March. The Southern atolls are a hotbed for schools of reef sharks during this spell. Float amongst them, as they go about their day, completely undisturbed by your presence even though you’re undoubtedly having the adventure of a lifetime!

Sea Forest Adventure Batam

The city of Batam offers travellers everything from the Sea Forest Adventure to various attractions made to entice family and business travellers all year round.

What is Batam?

This city is essentially recognized as the gate of tourism in Indonesia and is accessible by travellers from Singapore via an hour’s journey by ferry or on a plane.

Indulge in the Sea Forest Adventure

As a relatively new attraction in the city, this location was opened in 2017. If you are staying at a Batam hotel such as the HARRIS Hotel Batam Center Batam then you will only be a 30-minute drive away.

Activities on offer

This stunning attraction offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy activities that revolve around nature, adventure and survival science. One popular activity is playing bubble soccer, which takes the sport up a notch.

There’s room for romance

Sea Forest Adventure also provides people visiting to unwind and enjoy a lovely night under a starry sky during their moon-lit camping sessions.

Night Golfing in Jakarta

There is no better way to spend an evening than to gather with friends on the greens of Jakarta under the city lights and enjoy the city centre golf course.

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More than just a sport

For many people, golf transcends sports and falls into the category of meditation. Alternatively, it can also just be a raucous good time that is perfect for relaxing with friends, family and colleagues.

Beyond the nine to five

The reality is that most people tend to play golf early in the morning to avoid being under the sun during the day. However, for those with day jobs, this is a rare opportunity so night golfing is an ideal alternative.

Pick your club

If you are a backpacker and staying at a hotel in Sudirman such as the HARRIS Suites FX Sudirman Jakarta, then you will find yourself in close vicinity to The Senayan National Golf Club.

There’s always a bite to eat

Always close at hand are various eateries that can provide a hearty meal for a hungry golfer!

Exploring the Ba Vi National Park

For those who love the great outdoors and nature, the Ba Vi National Park in Vietnam offers much to discover and here’s a look at what awaits.

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Planning Your Trip

This site is around 50 km from Hanoi; serviced apartment options near the CBD like Somerset Hoa Binh Hanoi make an ideal base for excursions to this attraction, about a 75-minute drive away. The dry season, from November to April, is generally the best time to visit and at the year’s end, many photograph wildflowers here too.

What to Expect

The Ba Vi National Park was once a French hill station and is known for its rich biodiversity, idyllic scenery and cool climate; no surprises it’s a popular place for weekend visits. A rich storehouse of flora including medicinal plants used by the Dao ethnic group, the site also has varied fauna from birdlife to flying squirrels.

The Three Peaks

The park is set amidst Ba Vi Mountain with three peaks of varying heights namely the Dinh Vua, Tan Vien and Ngoc Hoa peaks. They form a crest which at its tallest point is often shrouded in clouds adding to its enchantment. Not to be missed is a hike to the summit to visit the Ho Chi Minh Temple and take in the stunning vistas.

Other Highlights

There are lots of trails for hiking and trekking through forests or up mountain slopes where you will find sacred temples, an ancient pagoda, tranquil streams and hidden waterfalls. An ancient French church, a scenic pine forest, a cactus garden, an orchid garden and the Ngoc Hoa Cave are some of the other sites of interest here.

Travel Adventures in Ao Nang, Thailand – A Holiday of a Lifetime!

Ao Nang is known for its long and gorgeous Andaman coast and the fantastic diving opportunities that await just beyond it. Long-tail boat tours are also another highlight here.

kallerna, Macaca fascicularis Ao Nang 2, CC BY-SA 3.0

Four-island Long-tail Boat Tour

This is one of the most exciting things to do in Ao Nang. It’s where you can explore the best of Krabi in less than 7 hours. Visit the famous “Chicken Island”, named for its odd rock formation, and the lesser-known islands of Koh Tub and Koh Mor on this tour. Exploring the Phra Nang Cave Beach shouldn’t be missed when you’re on the Railay Peninsula.

Climb Ngorn Nak Mountain

While in Ao Nang, the hike up the Ngorn Nak Mountain will treat you to some of the best views around. This is the highest mountain in the Krabi region and is located approximately a 28-minute drive away from Avani Ao Nang Cliff Krabi Resort.

A Day Trip to Krabi Hot Springs

While holidaying at one of the Ao Nang hotels, why not organise a day trip to Krabi Hot Springs. These natural “hot tubs” average 35-40°C and are full of mineral salts that offer a range of health benefits.

Hit the Monkey Trail

From one end of Ao Nang Beach towards Pai Plong Beach, you’ll find a trail with wooden flooring and rails. This is home to a large troupe of monkeys and offers incredible views of Pai Plong Bay.

Surfing at Seminyak Beach

Those who like to visit Seminyak beach and simply unwind may be missing an element of the experience that is priceless. Taking the time to catch a few waves will go a long way towards helping you have the best experience possible.

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Where is Seminyak?

This stunning destination can be found right in the middle of South Bali. It is well worth a visit as it is prepared to meet and the needs and amenities of travellers globally.

Finding the right accommodation

If you are looking for a Seminyak hotel, there are plenty to choose from such as HARRIS Hotel Seminyak Bali that will be able to offer you comfort and closeness to the ocean.

Pick the right time to surf

Surfing is a seasonal activity. This means that when people are travelling, they will need to keep in mind the season by which the surf patterns abide to catch the best wave. Seminyak Beach is a treat because the area tends to offer waves all year round.

Eating and drinking in Seminyak

Food is never going too far from reach when you are relaxing in Seminyak, with this tourist town being filled with sunset bars & eateries.

4 Most Beautiful Beaches in Sydney – Relax or Take a Dip in a World of Aquatic Adventures

Beaches in Sydney are frequented by locals and tourists from near and far. These are the places one can visit if ever they crave downtime with plenty of space to relax.

Bondi Beach

Located just a 15-minute drive away from properties like Oaks Sydney Castlereagh Suites via Moore Park Road is Bondi Beach. It is one of the most popular beaches in Australia and one can find a range of trendy cafés, restaurants, and shops here. The views of Bondi Beach are quite pleasing to the eye.

Image by Gbates94 from Pixabay

Bronte Beach

Bronte Beach is yet another scenic escape that you must visit while holidaying at your apartment hotel in Sydney. It’s an easy coastal walk from Bondi Beach and is quite popular among surfers. Swimmers are usually thrilled at the prospect of taking a dip at the famous rock pool at this beach.

Manly Beach

You’ll be spoilt for choice when you’re on the beautiful Manly Beach. Whether it’s surfing on its waves or snorkelling to explore its colourful depths, there’s something for everyone here.

Balmoral Beach

Balmoral Beach is found on the scenic north shore of Sydney. It boasts enclosed swimming areas, which makes it popular among families.

Scuba Diving in the Maldives – Under the Sea

The Maldives Islands are the perfect holiday destination for several reasons, of which scuba diving is one of the foremost! Read on to learn more about the incredible adventure which awaits you when you go scuba diving here!

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Do You Need To Be A Swimmer?

The short answer is no! Better yet, you don’t even need a PADI Diver’s licence. However, you do need to dive with a registered diving instructor. Most Maldives luxury resorts take away the hassle of organising your dives. Resorts such as Amilla Maldives Resort and Residences have their dive partners to ensure your safety and comfort are taken care of, as you take the plunge!

What You Can Expect

Diving is an exhilarating experience for novice and seasoned divers alike since no two dives are the same. You can expect to be awestruck by the world that is thriving just beneath the surface of the waves. From gorgeous reefs to a host of colourful fish, sea turtles, manta rays, and harmless reef sharks, it is a whole new world under the sea!

Where To Dive

With over 26 atolls and over a thousand islands to choose from, this can be a really difficult decision to make! From Banana Reef in the Northern atoll which has its fair share of coral reefs and caves to the South Male atoll which has around six popular diving spots, which showcase the full range of marine life, there’s plenty of options for those keen on diving in the Maldives.

Top Attractions in Yala for an Unforgettable Vacation

The high density of leopards and popular activities such as safari tours, tented safari camping, fishing, and cultural excursions are some of the key reasons why Yala never fails to impress a vacationist.

Yala National Park

Without a question, Yala National Park is a paradise for wildlife enthusiasts! This is because it allows safari tours, enabling people to discover wildlife species roaming freely in their own habitat. Witnessing creatures such as elusive leopards, elephants and even sloth bears can be a delightful experience to make one’s holiday at a Yala hotel worthwhile.

Bird watching

bird watching
bird watching | Image via Unsplash

Due to Yala’s diverse ecosystems of dry monsoon forests, semi-deciduous forests, grasslands, and even freshwater wetlands, there are more than thousands of birds that belong to 215 species – both endemic and migratory – that can be spotted in this national park throughout the year.


Dating back to the 2nd century, Sithulpawwa is located on top of a hill that requires a small climb. However, what people love about this rock are the architecture, paintings, and inscriptions that reveal a lot about the country’s past.


Found in the midst of Yala National Park, Kebiliththa is one of Sri Lanka’s most sacred places. Located an hour’s drive away from Cinnamon Wild Yala, it is a Buddhist temple that is surrounded by marshes and ancient trees.