Things to do in Saudi Arabia – The Arabian Land filled with history

Heir to its rich history, Saudi Arabia extends through most of the northern and central Arabian Peninsula. Religion, tribalism and untold wealth are the three elements that have fuelled the country’s history. Here are a few places you can visit when in Saudi Arabia.

Masmak Fortress

Masmak Fortress | Image Credit : Sammy Six, Masmak Fortress (6329473680), CC BY 2.0

Masmak Fortress

This large structure was built around 1865 and looks like it’s right out of a movie. If you’re interested in going through highlights showcasing Saudi Arabia from the years 1912 to 1937, the diverse galleries found in this site exhibit maps and photographs.

Al Shafee Mosque

One of the finest mosques in Jeddah, the historic Al Shafee mosque is named after one of the four great imams of Sunni Islam. The mosque is made according to the Ottoman style, as seen by the impressive minaret. The building also dates back to the 16 century but has been beautifully restored and maintained.


20 minutes from Ascott Corniche Al Khobar is where you’ll find this world-class cultural centre. The one of a kind building resembles a space station and is home to a number of things such as; a cinema, exhibition galleries, a library, a museum and a theatre. When you’re at one of the many Al Khobar apartments, take time off to visit this iconic building.

National Museum

One of the finest museums found in the Middle East, this state-of-the-art museum is situated in Riyadh. Inside of this building, you’ll find eight informative galleries different aspects of Saudi Arabia, such as culture, art and history.

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Nam Tok Phlio National Park – A mini guide

If you are planning on heading to the Tok Phlio National Park in Thailand, take a few minutes to read this guide first.

Namtokphlio National Park | Img by: KAlexey via Wikimedia CommonsCC BY-SA 3.0

How to get there

From Chanthaburi city it’s about 15km, relies upon which course you remove from the city to the interstate; cycling from Tha Mai you will arrive on the edges of C city maintaining a strategic distance from the traffic, and about 27km, downplaying kms spent on Sukhumvit #3 by utilizing 3147, 3146, over the C River and 3348 which takes you to under 2km from the way to the recreation centre – can’t miss that one it has a colossal sign over the street where it meets #3.


There are a few doorways to this national park which spreads 135 sq km, the principal passageway is on expressway Sukhumvit #3 that runs south past Chanthaburi to Trat. Many a Chanthaburi restaurant and resort the likes of Chatrium Golf Resort Soidao can be found nearby.

Walking In

Travelling south the principal sign you’re nearing the recreation centre (on #3) is an enormous Chinese sanctuary, and somewhat further on the side road to one side; 2km from here there’s a vehicle leave territory, at that point a few shops and the recreation centre doors. In case you’re cycling I’ve discovered the recreation centre security watchmen are very glad to take care of the bicycle, under spread by the watchman post.

Entrance tickets

Costs are standard for Thailand’s National Parks, 200b for outsiders and 40b for Thais and each time you have to show a Thai drivers permit to be permitted in at a less expensive rate.




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Snorkeling in Sri Lanka – a breathtaking view under the sea!

When on vacation, you often find yourself searching for fun things to do. Sri Lanka often referred to as the pearl of the Indian Ocean, has world-class snorkeling and scuba-diving tours that will keep you enchanted right throughout your trip.

Snorkeling | Image Credit - tata_aka_T, CC BY 2.0 Via Wikimedia Commons

Snorkeling | Image Credit – tata_aka_T, CC BY 2.0 Via Wikimedia Commons

Why Snorkeling
Snorkeling is one of the best ways to view under-water life without damaging them. The shallow seas of Sri Lanka allow you to do this without a hassle. View colourful coral reefs and shoals of fish by snorkeling in the warm waters of the Indian ocean while holidaying in Sri Lanka.

For snorkeling and scuba diving in Sri Lanka, the best locations are Hikkaduwa, Weligama, and Kirinda. If you are heading towards the west, you could check out ‘Bar Reef’, which is Sri Lanka’s largest coral reef, located just off Puttalam. The best way to check out all these locations is if you go through a good tour company such as Walkers Tours, that specialize in customized tour packages for their clients

Get Ready to Snorkel
Obviously, to go snorkeling you need to have the proper gear. You can rent some from shops that are located alongside the Sri Lankan beaches or you could even bring your own. All under-water activities are normally conducted by well trained and experienced UDI and PADI instructors to ensure the utmost safety and enjoyment of all travelers, so you have nothing to worry about!

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A Trip to Sea World Gold Coast – Summer Time Fun!

If you are travelling to the Gold Coast for the summer with your little ones in tow, then make a quick detour to visit Sea World for a fun and educational experience.

oadmaster (David R. Tribble) This image was made by Loadmaster (David R. Tribble) Email the author: David R. Tribble Also see my personal gallery at Google PhotosSeaworld-Orlando-Shamu-1510CC BY-SA 3.0

Save Time

Save up on time by making sure to buy tickets online well in advance to avoid long queues. With so many things to see and do, you will need to be strategic with time. However, try to arrive at entertainment shows early on to get prime seats at the stand.

Beat the Heat

The afternoon heat can get quite intense, so be smart and beat the heat by taking the kids to water-related entertainment options such as ”Battle Boats” where they can water cannon everyone in sight.

Find Accommodation Nearby

Given the fact, that a whole day would be spent at the theme park it would be prudent to find accommodation nearby as your little ones will be knackered after all the excitement. You can easily find a Brisbane city hotel including the likes of Oaks Charlotte Towers with minimal hassle.

Educate the Kids

The park is guaranteed to influence the minds of the young and no matter what animal you observe during your visit, the subtle message of conservation is imparted in a fun and caring way. Opt for the penguin encounter to learn about shrinking polar caps and more.


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Scuba Diving: An Adventure to Explore Ocean – Facts that will Pique Your Curiosity!


Scuba diving is a diving technique that involves self-contained underwater breathing apparatus (thus the name ‘scuba’). This specialized diving gear provides the diver with the ability to spend more time underwater that surface divers which means that there is more time to explore the deep blue! And that’s the reason why divers simply love what they do!

How scuba diving came to be

In early times divers used the closed-circuit scuba that allowed the diver’s breath to be recycled and sent back to be inhaled, however, there was a risk of oxygen intoxication that came with increasing depth. It was all thanks to Henry Fleuss the diving engineer who perfected the rebreather equipment in 1878 that the discovery of many treasures under the sea has been made possible today.

Types of scuba equipment

There are 2 types of scuba apparatus that are available for divers to use. The open-circuit apparatus provides oxygen to the diver and allows the user to exhale the air into the water. This is an economical piece of equipment and easy to use. The rebreather apparatus is where the diver’s exhaled breath is recycled and sent back for inhalation. This equipment is quieter and resourceful.

Deep-sea animals to look out for

What makes a diver passionate about what they do is encountering various queer ocean creatures that only a diver would have the luxury of seeing! Species like whale sharks, manta rays and Caribbean reef sharks are some of the monstrous yet magnificent aquatic beings that you might get a glimpse of. Furthermore, the red spotted blenny, leafy sea dragon and pygmy seahorse are some of the tiny but fascinating creatures one could ever see.

Diving hotspots

If you’ve perhaps planned a holiday to the Maldives, five-star resorts such as the well-known Anantara Dhigu Maldives Resort are ready to provide the gear you need as Maldives is a famous diving hotspot. All you have to do is take the plunge! Indonesia, Australia and Hawaii have some of the most fabulous diving spots in the world too!

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Best things to do in Kataragama, Sri Lanka – The Home of Sanctity…

From historical sites, cultural attractions and an interesting local community, Kataragama contains quite a few things for visitors to experience and take in.

Visit Kataragama Temple

Image Credit-anonymous, Kiri VeheraCC BY-SA 3.0

Visiting Kataragama Temple is a must when visiting the town. The temple is dedicated to the Kataragama deity, whom all Sri Lankans of different religions seeks blessings from. For those who wish to make a stay out of the trip, accommodation in Kataragama can be easily found at hotels such as Mandara Rosen Kataragama.

Wildlife Safari in Yala National Park

Located just 25 kilometres from Kataragama lies the famous Yala National Park, where nature lovers can embark upon an exciting wildlife safari and possibly catch a glimpse of the elusive Sri Lankan Leopard.

Sample Buffalo Curd

Head over to the picturesque town of Tissamaharama and sample Buffalo Curd. A cooling and nutritious delicacy which is a staple dessert served on the island accompanied by either Bee’s Honey or Jaggery.

Watch the Kataragama Festival

Timing your visit to coincide with the Kataragama Festival, which commences 10 days prior to the full moon which falls on the month of July, will be a good idea as visitors can watch a colourful and fascinating parade complete with dances. acrobatics and a procession of elephants.

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Visit the Viva Blue House in Wan Chai – An icon in Hong Kong Island

Located in Nullah Lane, this Wan Chai building is a primary attraction in Hong Kong Island. If you are some interested in architect and are in this part of the world, do visit the building.

Blue House, Wan Chai | Image Credit - Gloriashek91, CC BY-SA 3.0 Via Wikimedia Commons

Blue House, Wan Chai | Image Credit – Gloriashek91, CC BY-SA 3.0 Via Wikimedia Commons


A three floored building with Spanish style balconies made of cast iron, the house will remind one of New Orleans. Standing as one of the remnants of tong lau, this house stands out among the other structures on the street and is one of the most photographed attractions in Wan Chai.


Built in the early 1920s, the Blue House has a Yellow House and Orange House right beside it. Known as the Viva Blue House, on the whole, the main attraction of the three is still the Blue House.


Any hotel accommodation in Hong Kong the likes of Cosmo Hotel Wan Chai Hong Kong would be able to point you in the right direction to the Blue House, and if it’s not within walking distance you can always hail a taxi or a tuk-tuk.

What to expect

The Orange House has about 20 flats inside it and is a residential building. The Blue and Yellow Houses are more like an open museum of sorts.

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Different Types of Surfboards and Their Use – Four Kinds that Might Surprise You

Surfing is a popular sport throughout the world, but many would easily overlook the intricacies of the concept. This is particularly true where the variety of surfboards is concerned.


This is a peculiar kind of shortboard that is shaped to resemble the basic outline of a fish. The back-end has a V-shaped cut out that makes the board resemble the mouth of a fish. Despite the short-length, these boards can be quite wide.


These are larger versions of shortboards that are designed to tackle extreme surfing conditions. They are designed to be easy to paddle and to enable surfers to enter fast-waves quickly.


Stand-Up Paddle-Boards are one of the latest trends and also one of the easiest to grasp since these are large stable boards where an individual can navigate easily with the use of a paddle. This concept is becoming extremely popular, and soon every Seminyak beach resort the likes of Anantara Seminyak Bali Resort should offer SUP experiences.

The Foilboard

This is definitely one of the most bizarre kinds of surfboards you will ever discover. These are designed with the same physics as hydrofoil craft, with a component that extends into the water and will lift the rider and the board above the surface of the water at high speeds.

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A Beginners guide to night fishing in Maldives – For the best catches

Night fishing is for the people who love fishing, as it involves long hours of sitting patiently in a boat on water, at night.

Be there early

Get to your spot before sunset, this way, you would not have to navigate your boat in the dark.

Be Prepared

Night fishing in Maldives means there is literally no light on the deck, so make sure you organise your fishing items and tools neatly, to avoid dangerous tripping and slips.

The Bait

The right bait is the main event here, so ask around if you are planning on fishing on your holiday in Maldives. If you are travelling with an agent like The Maldives Travels, you can customise your holiday package according to your fishing needs too.

Clear Water Rules

If you are selecting a clear water spot for your night fishing activity, make sure to go for a slow-moving lure, like a plastic worm maybe.


Finally, any avid fisherman knows that patience is the must have virtue when it comes to fishing of any type, day or night.

Settle on your spot, throw in your bait and wait for the catch. Meanwhile, you can enjoy the silence and vibes only a night fishing experience can give one person.

Top Things To Do In Sri Lanka – A Guide To The Best Of The Island

Srilanka Ella Landscape

Srilanka Ella Landscape | Img Credit : amanjahemal via  Pixabay (CC0 Creative Commons)


Are you a first-time visitor to the beautiful, culturally and historically rich island of Sri Lanka? Here are some of the top things you should do when you’re here.


Sri Lanka is blessed with an array of jaw-dropping landscapes that are begging to be hiked on and explored. Don your hiking boots and set forth on any of the trails of Sri Pada, World’s End, Mini World’s End, Knuckles Mountain Range and much more.


Lay all day on the golden sands or enjoy a refreshing dip in the cool waters of the Indian Ocean, with an island cocktail in one hand. The southern and eastern beaches are the most popular for beach lovers. In Sri Lanka, resorts around the beach can be found in abundance, with accommodation options from Theme Resorts & Spas.


Being a Buddhist country, there are a number of temples you can visit, from the iconic Sri Dalada Maligawa to other temples in the country.


Did you know Sri Lanka is possibly the only country in the world where you can see the largest land animal and the largest sea mammal?! Visit Minneriya National Park for a chance to see elegant elephants or embark on a whale watching safari to see the ginormous blue whale.











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