The best of Melbourne – The city you simply must experience

When planning your trip to the great city of Melbourne, you need to prepare yourself to spend a lot of time out and about. Here are a few tips to help you plan your days here.

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Bidgee, Melbourne CBD 2008, CC BY 3.0

Queen Victoria Market
Loud and packed, this open-air market was opened in 1878, but is surprisingly still with the times! It’s popular among locals and tourists alike and is definitely a must-visit when you drop by at Melbourne. The market is closed Mondays and Wednesdays, and during summer and winter, be sure to visit the Night Markets that are held every Wednesday. Just 5 minutes from Avani Central Melbourne Residences is where you’ll find this infamous market!

Great Ocean Road
If you’re looking to reconnect with the ocean, then a drive down Ocean Road is ideal for you. As one of the most popular tourist destinations in Victoria – enjoy undisturbed views of nature and the sea. It’s a four-hour ride without any stops, so make sure you’re geared up for the long ride!

Explore Melbourne’s cafes!
Melbourne is famous for coffee, so energize yourself with coffee when you’re here! If you’re based at any of the Broadbeach hotels, you won’t be disappointed as there are plenty of cafes around this area!

World-class shopping
The city of Melbourne is truly a shopper’s paradise, another reason to visit! The biggest shopping centre, Chadstone Shopping Centre is located 20 minutes from the city centre. A free shuttle bus service runs hourly from the city centre to Chadstone, so you don’t have to worry about getting there!


Getting up close with elephants – Witness these majestic beasts

Everyone that witnesses an elephant is truly fascinated by these majestic beings and their intelligent behaviour. As one of the few remaining megaherbivores on the planet, elephants hold great national value as a major tourist attraction. There are numerous places to see elephants in the country, listed below are a few.

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Mstyslav Chernov, Bathing elephants. Udawalawe National Park. Sri Lanka, CC BY-SA 3.0

Declared a national park in 1972 and spanning 30,800 hectares, Udawalawe is home to roughly 500 elephants and other animals. A former teak plantation, they graze in scattered herds in the grasslands amongst the remaining teak trees. There’s an elephant orphanage nearby, where you’ll find injured or abandoned elephants being cared for, after which they’re released into the park.

Designated a wildlife sanctuary in 1938 to protect the Minneriya tank and wildlife of the surrounding area, you’ll find between 150 to 200 elephants roaming the park from July to August. In the dry season, an event is known as the ‘elephant gathering’ occurs and is a great opportunity for wildlife enthusiasts to observe the social behaviour of the elephants in the wild. Just a 30-minute drive from Habarana Village by Cinnamon, a rather well-known Sri Lanka Resort, Minneriya is ideal for those looking to get a glimpse of these beasts in their natural habitat.

Located in the central hills, this elephant orphanage was established in 1975 by the Department of Wildlife Conservation. Abandoned and disabled wild elephants get care and protection at this special place that spreads across 24 acres. You can observe elephants bathing, as they play and splash around.

Rock Climbing in Tioman – Scaling Dragon Horns in Paradise

Often regarded as a beach paradise for the masses Malaysia’s Tioman Island is also an activity hub that is not just reserved for water sports lovers. Rock climbers in particular will find the rugged rock faces of the island an enticing opportunity to engage in their favorite activity while vacationing in a Tioman island resort. Rock climbers heading to Tioman Island know that the principle mountainous area in the island is Gunung Nenek Semukut which is accessible for those based in the Berjaya Tioman Resort and other hospitality hubs in the area.

Famously dubbed the Dragon Horns engaging in rock climbing activities in Gunung Nenek Semukut is an awe inspiring experience but visitors should be aware that scaling this mammoth rock face is strictly for professional or seasoned rock climbers with experience in making such a challenging climb. The first attempt at climbing the seemingly insurmountable mountain saw Scotty Nelson and Nick Tomlin brave the challenge back in the year 2000. The mountain which is also known as the “Twin Peaks” or the “Twin Towers” the Dragon Horns are reputed to be the lengthiest rock climbing surface in Southeast Asia and the Malaysian Peninsula’s only big climbing wall. Those who wish to experience more accessible rock climbing encounters while in Tioman can head to Kg. Nipah which offers bouldering and slab wall climbing opportunities aplenty. Located near a beach the area is easy to navigate for fans of sports climbing and sandstone climbing challenges. The 30m climb can be achieved with nearly a dozen bolts. The area boasts 20 routes for sports climbers while throwing in a few 2-3 pitches trails as well.
Climbing instructors are available in villages and other areas of the island and those who wish to scale limestone cliffs will be spoiled for choice when it comes to the variety of rock climbing surfaces littering Tioman Island.

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7 Awesome things to do in Colombo – Brighten Up in Colombo

Colombo, the illustrious and historically important commercial capital of Sri Lanka has a myriad of attractions for every tourist and resident. The Sri Lankan hospitality is much spoken of and respected, tour the streets and you will see how many people dine out; host guests for lunch, tea, and dinner even on weekdays and how upbeat the whole city is in spite of the sultry weather and the terrible traffic jams. Colombo hotels exemplify the level of luxury and warmth the Sri Lankans are accustomed to and offer a plethora of services that capture the interest of the locals who wish to unwind and the foreigners who want to bask in comfort.
Spas and ayurvedic treatment in Colombo are great revivers after extensive sunbathing and shopping. Spa Ceylon which is adjacent to Cinnamon Grand Colombo or Siddhalepa Ayurveda Spa is two hot picks with excellent massages and wellness routines. A visit to the monumental Independence Square, a jog around the area and a short stop at the resplendent Independence Arcade Shopping Precinct is a good combination of relaxing activities in a greener and more beautiful part of the city. Awaken the spiritual part of you by visiting the Gangaramaya Temple or the ancient Valukaramaya Temple, both of which are dedicated to Buddhist devotion. The brass carvings and memorabilia in the former and the murals in the latter bear testimony to the rich Buddhist heritage of the country.
Catch some action at SSC or Keththarama where cricket matches are hosted; the thought of watching the enthusiastic Sri Lankans cheer their home team to victory should be as compelling as the wonderful stroke play and bowling themselves. Does a quiet sunny afternoon on the beach interrupted only by the rumbling of a train or a loud and vibrant night on the same beach sound intriguing? Then Mount Lavinia is the place to be; mouth-watering seafood, BBQs, Chinese food, DJ music, dancing out on the sand and stepping out to wet your toes with ocean waves are all on the cards in this part of the world.
If you are in a hurry but still want to see as much of Colombo as possible, hop aboard a City Tour bus as it cruises through the streets to show you some of the finest buildings, parks, and venues of the city. The Vihara Maha Devi Park and the long stretch of art and paintings on the road bordering it are two others to be penned down in the To Do list. The gardens come alive with kids, parents, ice cream, and candy floss vendors in the evenings but is a quiet refuge in the mornings and afternoons for a stroll or to a read a book. The art and paintings on display along the street are colourful and reasonably priced; the artists themselves can be found there often and bespoke creations can be done, rolled up and taken wherever you wish.

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Snorkelling Tips – Access Nature

Snorkelling Tips

Snorkelling Tips




The Maldives is an island paradise situated in the Indian Ocean, a sweet escape from your nine-to-five life. Its tropical nature, white sands and clear blue waters provide for the perfect atmosphere for some relaxation and rejuvenation.
In the midst of the calm and serene setting, fun and adventure is not far-fetched if you’re staying at a water bungalow in Maldives. Island resorts and hotels, such as Anantara Veli Maldives Resort, offer a variety of activities to engage in the beautiful surroundings.
One of the many outdoor resort activities available is snorkelling. Without the burden of having to lug around heavy scuba equipment, one can explore the turquoise lagoons in a safer and easier manner through snorkelling, engaging with the vast underwater world amongst the extraordinary marine life it has to offer.
As always, practice makes perfect even when it comes to snorkelling and the most vital pointer to keep in mind is to stay relaxed and to avoid over analysis. Your mask should at all times fit your face perfectly and the best way to figure this out is to hold the mask against your face and inhale through the nose. If the mask fits and stays in place without having to hold it, you are good to go because if air seeps through always remember the water will too.
Pick a pair of fins that give you a snug fit but make sure they aren’t too tight for this may lead to cramps. Another important pointer is the art of defogging as snorkelling is not fun if you don’t get to see anything clearly. Some prefer gel products for their lenses whilst others use a drop of baby shampoo washed with some ocean water. Crushed leaves have also been used to do the trick, so really it’s what works best for you.
Lastly, always practice your breathing before you dip into the water. Wear your mask on and inhale through the tube and remember not to bite it, keeping your teeth and jaws rested at all times.

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Diving Adventure in Hikkaduwa- Explore Corals and Marine Life

South of Sri Lanka is famous for its astonishing beaches and rocky islets. Hikkaduwa is renowned as one of the best spots for diving. Since 1998 Hikkaduwa rocky islets were declared as sanctuaries, and later it was declared as a national park. “Coral Gardens” can be mentioned as one of the main attractions in Hikkaduwa. Mostly for turtles, bird sanctuaries and water sports. There are also a considerable amount of diving points available that can be enjoyed during specific seasons. If you want to explore Hikkaduwa and its surroundings and have a tremendous diving adventure, it would be best to book your stay at Hikka Tranz by Cinnamon. It can be mentioned as a highly recommended hotel among other Hikkaduwa hotels with easy reach to many diving points.

Diving | Blue Deep Diving

Diving | Blue Deep Diving

Because of the effect of Tsunami in 2004, many coastal areas around the country were affected. Thousands of people lost their lives along with severe property damage. The Community Tsunami Museum gives an accurate account of what happened during the disaster. It will be an enormous respect to pay a visit to the museum during your stay in Hikkaduwa. Diving adventures can be mentioned as the best option to discover the beauty of underwater sceneries and fish species in Hikkaduwa. Diving lets you enjoy great freedom of exploring the ocean without destroying it.
There are heavenly incredible diving sites where you can explore beautiful corals and many more. Divers can also head to wrecks if they prefer. Such wrecks include The Conch and the Earl of Shaftesbury which is in an area filled with beautiful corals, 15m in depth and 15 minutes of travel. Sinigamagala Rock, Kirala Gala, Black Coral Point, Yak Muthugala, Kadwaragala and The Rock of Hikkaduwa are some of the out of this world diving points featuring magnificent corals and colourful fish. The best diving periods are from November to April. Diving in Hikkaduwa will make your stay unforgettable. Apart from that Hikkaduwa is famous for its nightlife with tremendous beach parties. It’s ideal to explore nightlife with some fine food after a great diving adventure.

Rest and Relax.Mount Lavinia Hotel

With benefits such as letting 2 children stay free and excursions to a sea turtle hatchery on offer, this is an ideal choice amongst Sri Lanka hotel deals for those planning a family holiday. This super deal at Mount Lavinia Hotel features great rates and also includes free high tea, 20% off on a couples massage and nanny service on request.

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Sailing in Negombo – Embark on a “proa” to explore the Indian Ocean!

Known as one of the vibrant cities in the West coast, sunny beaches in Negombo are perfect to engage in water sports. There are many conveniently located Negombo hotels which let you make the best of your beach getaway to this coastal city. Jetwing Beach is a great option available to the travellers looking for comfortable Sri Lanka beach hotels to have a good time. One of the popular outdoor activities you can engage in if you are staying at a beach-fronted hotel in Negombo is sailing.The experience is unique to Negombo as you will not be able to find these locally assembled fishing boats known as “proa” in anywhere else in the island. If you head down to the Negombo beach early morning, the spectacular sight of the proa boats reaching the land after night fishing would leave you speechless and make you yearn to try out. These impressive vessels, mostly handled by the experienced local fishermen would certainly offer you an adventurous sailing experience in the Indian Ocean.


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Boat Rides in Negombo- A journey in rich swamps!

Negombo is an action-packed beach getaway in Sri Lanka. Offering an array of exciting activities, this urban fishing city is popular among most of the adventure travellers visiting the island. If you are looking for accommodation at a Sri Lanka spa resort for a relaxing stay, Jetwing Lagoon is one such highly recommended Negombo resort you could try out. One of the best ways to spend a day in Negombo is by setting off on a thrilling boat ride. Fed by number of rivers and a canal, Negombo lagoon is the best place to go on a boat ride. The lagoon has an expansive mangrove swamp and a gentle boat ride or a catamaran ride would let you spot some of the rare flora and fauna species in the area including water birds such as herons, terns, cormorants and shorebirds. .

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Mt. Emeishan Hiking Exploration – Head out on a heart-thumping journey!

If you are a passionate hiker, Mount Emeishan in China would certainly be in your hiking destinations list. Located in the Sichuan Province, Mount Emeishan is frequently visited by many adventurous travellers. Prior to your arrival it is always best to make a reservation at a Sichuan hotel of your choice.  Anantara Emei Resort & Spa, China is one of the top-rated Emeishan hotels recommended by many as a home away from home. Located within close proximity to many tourist attractions, the place is perfect to reside at if you are planning to go on a hiking expedition at Mount Emeishan. It is a sacred Buddhist mountain which is home to many monasteries and temples. Also known as a national park, the passionate mountain climbers would at least take three days to explore the mountain in full. Climbing Mount Emeishan is a tedious task as certain areas have steeply trails. However once you reach the summit, the picturesque views of the Sichuan Province from top is definitely a rewarding experience for your heart-thumping and thigh-shattering effort.


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