Diving In The Maldives

There is no doubt that Maldives contains some of the finest diving spots in the world and scuba diving is a highly popular activity on the island. The warm waters off the island’s coast are home to an amazing variety of aquatic life and provide a rich and rewarding experience. While one is guaranteed to come across numerous colourful creatures while diving, different diving spots host different marine fauna. So when choosing one’s diving spot it is always best to keep in mind the types of fish one wishes to see.

Although small colourful fish are fascinating in their own way most people wish to see the large fish such as the whale shark. The Ari Atoll is a terrific place to not only spot whale sharks but also other shark species such as the hammerhead shark, the grey reef shark and the white tip shark. It is also home to a sizeable manta ray population. It is also possible to see sharks at the Vaavu Atoll but they are not as common a sight as they are in the Ari Atoll. However, Fotteyo Kandu, considered by many to be the country’s best diving spot, is a part of this atoll. It contains quick currents, a variety of fish such as barracuda and tuna, and a series of exciting underwater caves that can be explored.

Some of the first diving scuba diving spots were discovered in the North Male Atoll and they remain popular to this day. Known for their awe inspiring underwater topography, the most popular spots are Kuda Haa and Banana Reef. While there is no particular diving season, the active period runs from November to May. The period between April and June maybe the warmest in the calendar, but they are also best time to observe whale sharks and manta rays.

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