5 scuba diving tips – Perfect your skills

Scuba diving is one of the best ocean bound activities to engage in when you’re in Sri Lanka. Here are 5 things to keep in mind for a smooth diving experience.

Scuba Diving | Photo via Pixabay by joakant ,  CC0 Public Domain

Scuba Diving | Photo via Pixabay by joakant , CC0 Public Domain

Getting down
If you’re finding it a bit hard to stay under water with your diving equipment, fix your gaze towards the ocean bed, and slowly breathe out while imagining that your body is getting heavier. If you feel “floaty”, you are doing it right.

Always recheck your pressure gauge reading
This is often explained by diving schools or activity providers especially in the Passikuda, Unawatuna or Mirissa beach hotels such as the Esprit d’ici Hotel Mirissa. Anyway, if you miss it all you have to do is take three breaths off your regulator with your gear on while looking at your gauge. If the needle does not point away from the full position, then the air is on and if it bounces back up, the air is not on.

Trust your instincts
When in the water you are on your own. Therefore, if you feel uncomfortable diving deeper, don’t do it. Simply stick to your comfort zone and relax your mind.

Slow down
Diving into the pristine ocean can be exciting, however don’t rush or you’ll scare the fish away, so slow down and enjoy the view.

Keep a log
Keep a record of all your diving experiences to plan your next trip diligently. This is also a perfect way to re-visit your underwater adventures when you are old and grey.

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Attractive Mirissa Beach and its adventures – Tailor make your own seaside vacation



This beachside town was put on the map by the local marine life, in recent years locals and tourists have been making their way to the south in the hope of seeing blue whales in their natural environment. A two hour drive from Colombo, by way of the Southern Expressway, will take you down to the white sandy beaches of Mirissa Hotels are dotted all along the coast but where you choose to stay can be the difference between a good vacation and a great one. So why not treat yourself? The CASA Colombo Collection Mirissa is the very essence of luxury and it is located right on the beachfront. You can wake up to the sound of the sea, enjoy the freshest seafood and enjoy sweeping views of the Indian Ocean without ever having to leave your hotel room.

If you do decide to venture out, take a stroll along the beach at dawn to see fishermen coming in with the catch of the day. Watch as the local fishing community comes alive and buyers from all over the south arrive to take their pick. Other early morning activities include the famed whale watching boat rides. Several local companies offer whale watching so take a moment to look up a reliable one that not only charges a reasonable price but also provides life jackets and is considerate of the delicate marine ecosystems. Spinner, spotted, bottle-nose and striped dolphins are often seen in the waters surrounding Mirissa and if you are lucky you may even see a blue whale. If a boat ride has weakened your sea legs, unwind at a local spa or explore the town and its quaint little souvenir shops. However if you want to take a closer look at life in the tropical waters or enjoy some spirited water sports take a ten minute drive to Weligama where you will find surf and diving schools.

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Surfing in Mirissa – One of the best places for surfing

With a sheltered beautiful beach in the South of Sri Lanka, Mirissa is located away from the bustles of the city; Mirissa is where life is slow paced. It is where, with amazing sunsets, you can rest and relax on the sandy beach on a tropical holiday. Mirissa is known as one of the major surf points in Sri Lanka. Mirissa beach offers waves for nice turns. The beach is clean and clear and a great start off point for a run into the waters. The blue waters offer a good ride for beginners and experienced surfers. Mirissa beach is an unpopulated beach. The deep blue waters of captivating Mirissa is also home to magnificent Blue Whales, Sperm Whales, Orcas and many species of Dolphins. The CASA Colombo Collection Mirissa is the most luxurious hotel out of all the luxury Mirissa Hotels. This hotel is grand and lavish, but also the simplicity and serenity of the hotel is quite refreshing. The Casa Collection Mirissa hotel is an award-wining 6 star boutique hotel. They offer world-class cuisines and elegantly and tastefully decorated suites, offering views of the sparkling blue ocean ,the lush wilderness and the golden sun-kissed beaches,

Mirissa is a point break location with intermediate level waves. Local surfers can be considered to be average to good. Best waves can be experienced early morning and late afternoon. Morning periods are considered to be the best. Mirissa is an exposed reef break that has reasonably consistent surf, although summer tends to be mostly flat. Offshore winds blow from the north. Groundswells more frequent than winds wells and the ideal swell angle is from the southwest. While the main focus in Mirissa is on beach life and surfing, many interesting places to visit are close by. Tea- and rubber plantations, the market town of Matara and the Yala National Park with its exciting wildlife are just some examples to choose from. Compared to Hikkaduwa surfing is still fun without real line ups and consistent waves. Best times for surfing in Mirissa is from October to March.

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Visit the kingdom of the giants at Mirissa

Down the Southern Coast of the island one can find a small coastal town , Mirissa, a popular destination for whale watching in Sri Lanka. One can catch a glimpse of the beautiful whales , large groups of dolphins when travelling in the seas off Mirissa.

There are many tour organizers who take visitors into the sea on whale watching cruises. One of the pioneers in this regard would be Jetwing Travels. They have perfect packages centered around the whale watching and Dolphin watching experience. They do airport pick ups to providing accommodation as well as taking visitors on whale watching cruises that are experiences of a life time as they enable visitors to dine on the deck and are unforgettable experiences.

The whale watching season in Sri Lanka is from November to April while the peak is from December to March. The ideal time to go on a tour would be the early hours. Some of the most beautiful blue whales, Bryde’s whales, Sperm whale , Killer whale and Pilot whales. There are different types of Dolphins found in these waters , such as the Spinner Dolphins, bottle nose Dolphins , Risso’s Dolphin , Stripped Dolphin.

The Sri Lankan coast guards are on constant alert during the peak seasons to ensure the safety of the tourists and locals.

Mirissa is not too far from Galle and Hikkaduwa , which are other busy towns in the Southern belt of the country. Galle boasts of the world famous Galle fort , a declared UNESCO World Heritage site as well as Hikkaduwa popular for its corals and the sandy beaches.

Whale watching in Sri Lanka is a not to be missed experience for those visiting Sri Lanka.

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