Exploring Darling Harbour Sydney – For a Relaxing Sydney Time!

Darling Harbour is one of the places that you must visit if you are ever in Sydney. It is the perfect cocktail of entertainment and leisure. It is where most of the conventions and exhibitions that are held in Sydney will be located at. There are some great restaurants, cafés and hotels like PARKROYAL Darling Harbour Sydney where you can chill with the whole family or take a stroll by the waterfront.

Darling Harbour, Sydney, Australia, Dawn, Skyline

Image by: pattyjansen via pixabay| CC0

How to Get There

Getting to Darling Harbour is quite easy. You can take the ferry and get off at King Street Wharf which is closest to the Sydney Aquarium. You can also alight from Pyrmont Bay Wharf which will bring you close to the Sydney Convention Centre and Harbourside.The other way to travel would be through train getting off at Town Hall station to exit to Bathurst Street which is only a short walk bring you out to the Darling Quarter.
If you’d prefer to take the light rail, it makes a stop at several of the Darling Harbour stations on its way from Central Station in the CBD and Inner West’s Lilyfield.
There is a bus from the CBD where most of the hotels in Sydney are located. It would be a hassle-free way to get to Darling Harbour. As you can see there is no shortage of ways to get there.

Relax in the Garden

The Chinese Garden of Friendship which was created by Sydney’s sister city Guangzhou is one of those relaxing spots you can spend time exploring and chilling with your friends or family.

Go Shopping

The International Convention centre is perfect for shopping if that is your jam. It also offers spectacular views of the city skyline at night.

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A complete guide to the Cu Chi Tunnels – Exploring history through a tunnel journey

If you are planning your holiday at the Ho Chi Minh City or planning your post-conference tour during your official visit, allocating one day for a tour to the Cu Chi Tunnels will be truly worth it! With numerous trenches and bomb shelters, the structure of these tunnels is complicated but quite interesting.

Cu Chi Tunnels | Image Credit : Jean-Marie Hullot, Cu Chi tunnels 001, CC BY 3.0

A bit from history

The construction of this tunnel which stretches all the way to the Cambodian borders started in 1948 during which there was a war against the French. Although the purpose of this was to have a smooth communicational method with the villages, during the American war, this was the home for Viet Cong guerrillas.

Tunnels that are open for you

Only two sets of Cu Chi Tunnels are open to the general public now- the Ben Dinh and Ben Duoc sections. If you have time, choose the entrance from the Ben Duoc section because from there you will be able to explore more of the countryside.

Getting to the tunnels

If you are from one of the Saigon Serviced Apartment– right after your business meeting, getting to the Cu Chi Tunnels is just a matter of sharing a taxi ride with your business partner. From properties, the likes of Citadines Regency Saigon, traveling to the tunnels will take around 1.5 hours but with a relaxing ride, you won’t feel too tired.

What can you do at the tunnels?

Other than exploring the whole area there are a lot more things you can do at the tunnels. Some of them include seeing the exhibits, shooting guns and of course having some good times with food and drinks.

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Reasons to visit Sri Lanka for a vacation – The ideal paradise isle

Sri Lanka isn’t cited as the best place to visit by numerous different travel companies for no reason! Sri Lanka is your dream holiday destination, catering to every one of your likes. Here are a few reasons as to why you must visit the pearl of the Indian Ocean.

When to visit?

The busiest months are considered from December to March, this is because the sea has calmed down. It tends to get a little crowded and more expensive around this time, but in turn, you’re exposed to the liveliest atmosphere! Make sure your Sri Lanka travel package is planned during a time when you’ll feel most comfortable.

The climate

Sri Lanka is gifted with tropical climates, and the weather never really gets extreme unless it is the monsoon season. The sea maintains a temperature of 27 degrees Celsius all year round, making it ideal for swimming, diving and even snorkelling.

Why you must visit Sri Lanka

Whether you prefer the ocean or the mountains, Sri Lanka has it all! Although Sri Lanka is a fast-developing destination, it isn’t so influenced by western countries. When planning your trip with Silvertree Travel, you’ll have to choose from colourful festivals, ancient artefacts, temples, lush green hills and dense forests make this country one worth visiting!




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The Story of Sigiriya – The Palace in the Sky

In Sri Lankan history, King Kashyapa I is known famously as the king who murdered his father and built a rock fortress in fear of retaliation from his brother. This story is just as fascinating as the attraction itself!

Staying in Sigiriya

Before reading on for more, do make sure you book a Dambulla resort or hotel in Sigiriya Sri Lanka that’s within easy reach of the rock fortress. Staying at properties the likes of The Paradise Resort & Spa make it convenient to plan a morning climb to the summit of Sigiriya.

The Tragedy of Sigiriya

Now back to the story! Kashyapa was the elder son of King Dhatusena, the warrior king who repelled Indian invaders and established peace in the kingdom of Anuradhapura. As he was not born of the royal consort as his brother Mogallana, Kashyapa was not the heir to the throne despite being the eldest.

Betrayed by Family

The king’s nephew General Migara instigated Kashyapa to usurp the throne. There was resentment between Dhatusena and the general, though the real reason is not known. This led to Kashyapa ordering his father killed in a murderous rage. And it was Migara that had King Dhatusena plastered into the wall of his irrigation tank.

The Aftermath

Kashyapa’s brother fled in terror and Kashyapa was devastated by his father’s death. He heard from Migara that Mogallana was amassing an army in India and that might have been what triggered Kashyapa to move his capital to Sigiriya; however, alternate stories say he was just trying to complete a project started by his father.

The End of a Legend

Mogallana did come back to claim his rightful place and had Kashyapa remained in his impenetrable fortress, he would not have lost the battle. But heeding Migara’s words, he came down to the plains to fight his brother. The story goes that something spooked Kashyapa’s royal elephant causing it to turn away from the front and Migara seeing this told the gathered soldiers that their king had fled. Kashyapa on seeing his army scatter fell upon his sword and died.

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Macau Travel Tips – brush up on some quick hacks

Macau’s reputation has earned itself the nickname “The Vegas of China”! Did the destination pique your interest? Once colonised by the Portuguese, this city has turned out to be a wonderful option if you are more of a city traveller. Here are a few tips to keep in mind if plan to visit Macau.

Senado Square

Senado Square | Image Credit : Kounosu, Senado Square in Macau01, CC BY-SA 3.0

Travelling to and from the city

Travelling to and from Macau has been made easy since the 23rd of October in 2018 when the HZMB was introduced. This is one major bridge that connects Hong Kong to Zhuhai and Macau. One can either opt to travel by private vehicles or take the 24-hour Shuttle service. Furthermore, if you want a more scenic route a ferry ride would be ideal too.

Where to stay

It would be wise to choose your stay according to the attractions you wish to see on your visit. The Ruins of St Paul’s and Senado Square are situated towards the older side of the city. Nevertheless, there is no shortage of Macau serviced apartments and other options. Places like Ascott Macau have special deals to make things easy.

Currency to use

Macau does have its own currency which is called Macanese Patacas (MOP). Although this is used, the Hong Kong dollar too will be accepted more frequently. The exchange rate between the two currencies stands at a ratio of 1:1.


This is one of the main attraction of the city of Macau. The best part of it all is that you can sign up for free! It is important that you remember to bring along your passport though as it is necessary for registration. Sign up and test your luck!

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Sri Lanka for Wildlife lovers – Exploring the wilderness of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a country with a rich bio-diversity and many landscapes. Here is a list of the best national parks, spread across the island, giving you a taste of the different environments.

Image credit-Pixabay,romanbader,CC0


Yala National Park

Yala National Park is located 260km from Colombo. It will approximately take you 3 hours to reach Yala. There are three sanctuaries and five smaller national parks. Yala is very popular among tourists as well as local nature lovers. The location of the park, climate and the leopard population are some of the key factors that attract many travellers to the park.


Udawalawe National Park is 5 hours away from Colombo. The park is in the South East part of Sri Lanka, belonging to the Uva Province. You can arrange a camping trip to Udawalawe and spend the night. Bonfires and the quiet forest will be a highlight of your vacation. A Sinharaja eco lodge in Sri Lanka the likes of Rainforest EcoLodge would be a good accommodation choice.


This is one of the more scenic wildlife parks on the island. The park is located 5 hours away from Colombo and is closer to the town of Anuradhapura. October is the best month to visit Wilpattu.


Kumana is different from the rest of the national parks. It is popular for being the home for thousands of bird species. There are many endangered species and migrant birds in the park. The wading bird and waterfowls are some of the most popular immigrant birds here. Don’t visit the park during May because that’s when the birds settle into their nests.

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Sule Pagoda – The golden place of worship

Myanmar is a land quite unlike any other, waiting to surprise you. The landscape is scattered with golden wonders, simple pleasures and plenty of tradition. The Sule Pagoda carries with a strong religious significance, here’s a little more information!

Myanmar Pagoda | Img by: LuisValiente via pixabay

The Golden Pagoda

The pagoda, or tower, is 44 metres high and is a glowing gold in colour. The unusual design of the pagoda is an octagon. The pagoda enshrines a hair relic of the Buddha, which is why it’s highly cherished by the Burmese people, as they bring offerings continuously.

Named after the Sule Nat

Named after Sularata, the spirit who lived at the spot of the pagoda. Nat spirits have long been worshipped in Burma, even before the introduction of Buddhism.

Other structures

There are several shrines around the pagoda, housing images of the Buddha. The circular structure around the pagoda has small shops where services such as palm reading, and astrology are offered. There are four entrances to this pagoda. Depictions of mythological birds sit in several places inside of the Sule grounds.

How to get there

Easy to reach from any hotel in Yangon, this landmark is located roughly 30 minutes from Chatrium Hotel Royal Lake Yangon. Halfway between the central railway station and the Yangon river is where you’ll find the Sule Pagoda, in the centre of Yangon. Open daily from 6 AM until 10 PM, you can hire a guide for more information and a deeper understanding of the religious site.

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Kalutara Thudugala Ella Falls – Mesmerising nature

It is not just the astounding sandy beaches that are appealing about Kalutara, other natural attractions such as the Thudugalle Ella Falls too charm tourists visiting the district. Here are a few things to know:


The course to the waterfall commences from Katukurunda junction off Mathugama road to Thudugala junction. The Thudugalle Estate is the place this flourishing waterfall calls home. The attraction is roughly 20km away from many Kalutara hotels such as the well-known Mermaid Hotel & Club.

The longstanding edifice

The estate was previously owned by the British who subjugated Sri Lanka many years ago. A bungalow from that age can still be seen on the trail towards the waterfall. Most of the building lay there crumpled on the ground. Yet, the sight is still enthralling.

For the nature enthusiasts

On the way to the waterfall, the nature lover will be able to discover many plants such as Ketala plants and giant pus creepers. There are numerous types of lovely birds that sing sweet songs as if to welcome you to their home, the Yellow Magta and Dicaeum Erythornynchos are 2 common species seen here.

The waterfall

What is most quaint about this waterfall is that there is an underpass that runs beneath the falls, this tunnel ends at the top of the falls. It is a common bathing spot as well.

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Adventure Sports in Oman – Chicken Soup for the Adventurous Soul!

Be it thrills above or below the waves or exciting excursions amidst stunning natural landscapes, Oman offers fantastic adventure sports for those in search of an action-packed holiday.

Scuba diving

There is nothing like heading into the mysterious ocean depths to get your heart racing with excitement. Cockleshell Bay, Coral Garden and Mermaid Cove are among the diving hotspots in Oman. What’s more, resorts like Al Baleed Resort Salalah by Anantara even offer PADI Open Water Courses for first timers.

Stand-Up Paddleboarding

While it may not be fast-paced, stand-up paddleboarding or SUP does offer an adventure-filled way to do some exploring as you paddle your board across the waters. Easy to find at a Salalah beach resort, this activity is best enjoyed from October till May.


For land-based fun, you could always enjoy some canyoning as you scramble, climb, swim and sometimes even abseil through rugged terrains. Snake Gorge and Majlis Al Jinn Cave are among the places in Oman you can try this activity.

Safari in the Desert

While technically not a “sport”, a desert safari is nevertheless one of the most thrilling activities in Oman, especially at sites like Wahiba Sands, Bawshar Sands and the Empty Quarter. On this adventure, you can look forward to seeing everything from wildlife to traditional Bedouin lifestyles.

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Most Thrilling Wildlife Safaris in Sri Lanka – Incredible wildlife encounters

Despite its small size, Sri Lanka boasts of stunning environs which change from misty mountains, rustic coasts to dense jungles. Within these the most exotic wildlife creatures exist!

Image by Anton Croos, Sri Lanka Elephants, CC BY-SA 4.0

Yala National Park

For those who want to spot a leopard, there will be no better place than this! Don’t get excited as you get closer to view a leopard on a tree or stalking its next prey! Sloth bears, elephants, and many other creatures can be experienced up close. If you wish to go on a thrilling safari in Yala, consider planning your trip with one of the local travel agents such as Holidays by Design to spend an amazing day in the wild.

Minneriya National Park

A park that is always covered in most popular Sri Lanka wildlife tours, Minneriya is best known for its large population of migratory elephants. The park is also home to diverse species of birds, reptiles, amphibians, and even fish. The surroundings too are quite beautiful with dense shrubberies and vast grassy plains.

Wilpattu National Park

Situated in the dry zone of Sri Lanka, the Wilpattu National Park has gained extra popularity for its topographical feature called ‘Villu’. You can always trust the park to spot herds of spotted deer, lazy crocodiles and beautiful peacocks in full plumage and a jungle fowl on a scout for food.

Bundala National Park

This park is well-known as a wildlife hotspot for aquatic bird life! The most impressive aspect of the park is its terrain made up of sand dunes, scrub jungle, salt pans, lagoons and long stretches of coastline.

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