Visiting Maya Bay Krabi – Cliffs, Coasts and More!

If you’ve watched “The Beach”, you already know how beautiful Maya Bay is! No trip to Krabi is complete without checking out one of the world’s most famous coves. So read on to find out more before you go!


Krabi is teeming with plenty of great choices whether you’re travelling solo, with your better half or with your entire family in tow. Secluded and peaceful Ao Nang beach hotels such as the likes of Avani Ao Nang Cliff Krabi Resort are a great choice for a comfortable and relaxing stay.

About Maya Bay

Maya Bay is located in the Thai province of Krabi, and its shores are graced by the waters of the Andaman Sea. This cove is one of two of the main islands in Phi Phi and is a part of Hat Noppharat Thara-Mu Ko Phi Phi National Park.

Michael_Spencer from Perth, WA, Australia, Maya Bay (4296451463), CC BY 2.0

Best Time to Go

Keep in mind the monsoon showers which are to be expected in the tropics! So, the sunniest and driest spell runs from November to April. Given that this time is considered the peak season, one can expect to share the shores and waters with plenty of other tourists!

Things to Do

Maya Bay is first and foremost highly picturesque, which means you can find yourself in awe just taking in the beautiful sights. Apart from relaxing on the sandy beach, the calm waters are a great place to wade in, snorkel and dive if you’re up for some adventure!

A Solo Female Travel Guide to Angkor

Amongst the most stunning attractions in Cambodia, Angkor is well worth exploring and here are some insights for solo female travellers planning to visit this site.

What to Expect

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Angkor Archaeological Park encompasses a massive area and features what remains of the ancient Khmer Empire’s capital. A key attraction here is the 12th century Angkor Wat temple, while there are many other places of interest to visit including the Bayon Temple and Ta Prohm.


When looking for a nearby place to stay, be it a budget or boutique hotel, Siem Reap is the town you should be based in. Consider properties like Anantara Angkor Resort which is not only 15 minutes away from Angkor Wat but is also safe for travellers. You can easily reach and explore Angkor by tuk-tuk or Vespa, while some properties offer helicopter tours too.

Image via Anantara Angkor Resort

Exploring Angkor

Because the complex is so vast, it’s best to get off to an early start and have a map too. You can easily explore various sites on foot, though another eco-friendly way to do so is to rent a bicycle and use some pedal power! Some companies offer bicycle tours, while personalised excursions are also available to visit lesser-known ruins as well.

Keep in Mind

Angkor Wat opens at 5:00am and by visiting at dawn, you can catch a spellbinding sunrise that will be well worth photographing too. You get several ticket types depending on the number of days you plan to visit though you will need more than a day to properly explore the complex. Additionally, since these are religious sites, wear attire that covers bare shoulders, legs and midriffs.

Pattaya Floating Market – Riverside Retail!

Ever wondered what it’s like to shop on water? Pattaya Floating market is the perfect place to experience some riverside shopping unlike ever before. Read on to find out more about this fascinating Thai market!

Photo by form PxHere

What is Pattaya?

Pattaya is a vibrant coastal town which has been a popular tourist destination for many decades. Holidaymakers can take their pick from numerous Pattaya resorts such as the Avani Pattaya Resort for a relaxing and unforgettable holiday in the sun!

The Floating Market

For an epic time, make your way to the Pattaya Floating Market. This beautiful market is the perfect place to pick up some mementoes and souvenirs from your holiday in Thailand. You can also hop on a colourful canoe and take a ride down the stream!

Local Delicacies

Make sure you bring your appetite when you come to this floating market! From meat skewers to full-fledged buffets, you can delight in the most sumptuous and delicious local food and feast like a king or a queen!

Things To Do

Apart from shopping and eating, there are plenty of things to see and do in this market! If you want to unwind, opt for a relaxing massage or else you can get your heart racing by checking out the zip-lining experience!

Skydive Experience in Gold Coast for Adventure Travellers


The ultimate experience for thrill-seekers in Queensland, Australia, is on offer at Gold Coast Skydive. On this exhilarating skydive, you will take to the air and take the jump in tandem with an experienced instructor.

Get started and attend to safety

After completing the preliminaries, you will become acquainted with your instructor and go through the safety briefing. You will be given the necessary knowledge and instructions, as well as the procedures to be followed. A Coolangatta resort to consider from which you could easily undertake the Gold Coast Skydive would be Oaks Gold Coast Calypso Plaza Suites.

Take to the air

At the Gold Coast Airport, you will board the aircraft and take to the skies. The climb to a 12,000 ft. altitude should take about 15 minutes. During the ascent, you will have the opportunity to admire the breathtaking sight of the Gold Coast’s beautiful coastline and verdant hinterland which will be a striking experience too.

Taking the jump

As you glance over the airplane’s edge, you will see the ground far below and hear the revving sound of the plane’s engine; your heart will beat fast as you take the jump! Initially, you will fall at a speed of as much as 220 km/h which will undoubtedly be an amazing adrenaline-inducing sensation.

The parachute descent

At around 5,000 ft., the parachute will be opened by your instructor. When this happens, your descent will slow dramatically so that you will soar gracefully in the air. On your way down to the inviting Kirra Beach, you will once again be able to experience stunning vistas of the Gold Coast, this time from a different perspective.




Things to Do in Mary Valley, Sunshine Coast


The appealing Mary Valley in the Sunshine Coast hinterland will be a delightful locality for visitors who appreciate nature and the countryside. There can hardly be a better place for a relaxed leisure trip with family or friends.

Traverse Along Mary Valley Scenic Drive

You will find that the Mary Valley Scenic Drive would be an excellent way to commence your exploration of this picturesque area. As you make your way along this drive, you will notice many appealing sights such as cattle grazing, pineapple plantations, rainforests, macadamia farms, undulating hills and so on; don’t forget to take your camera!

Enjoy Fig Tree Walk

Another pleasant experience in the locality would be strolling down the Fig Tree Walk. As you make your way down this walk, you will notice sights such as a splendid Moreton Bay fig tree and creatures like skinks and Wompoo pigeons as well as other birds. One of the Caloundra resorts to consider from which you could plan an excursion to Fig Tree walk would be Oaks Sunshine Coast Oasis Resort.

Visit the Dagun Growers Market

Visitors will find that the Dagun Growers Market which is held on Saturday afternoons would be a wonderful place for the food lover. Here, you will encounter an array of stalls offering locally grown organic foodstuffs, handmade items and freshly prepared treats. You can buy fruits and vegetables and enjoy pizza and wine as well.

Explore the Amamoor State Forest

Nature and wildlife lovers will be enthralled at the Amamoor State Forest which is considered a paradise for bird lovers. A highlight here would be the Platypus Walk where you may have the opportunity to spot these shy creatures. You may also choose to experience the pleasant Rainforest Walk that’s equally captivating.

The youngest Aussie state capital

Lush botanical gardens, alfresco dining, and amazing sunsets are enough to make any place your favourite destination. Darwin, although is on the edge of Australian Outback is a melting pot of cultures and cuisines with so many things to do. If you’re someone who enjoys the great outdoors, Darwin is the place to be.

Sunset Dinner Cruise
Sunsets and great fresh seafood dinner; what’s not to love? If you’re near Stokes Hill Wharf, you need to go on a sunset dinner cruise. Bring your cameras and a very big appetite because not only do you get some amazing food on this cruise, you can capture some beautiful images of the city while you sail along with the sunset. Each cruise lasts around 2 hours and 30 mins.

Darwin Wharf Precinct AKA Stokes Hill Wharf
This is a working wharf with many restaurants, shops and fun activities. The Darwin Wharf is also a major tourist attraction because it’s only 5mins away from downtown. If you’re staying at one of the many serviced apartments in Darwin such as the likes of Oaks Darwin Elan Hotel come by here and enjoy a nice alfresco seafood meal with your family and friends.

Defence of Darwin Experience
This experience is a part of the Darwin Military Museum and commemorates the Darwin bombing of 1942. You can witness first-hand experiences and many presentations depicting the destruction and horrific aftermath of WWII. If you’re a history buff, please visit this exhibit and the neighbouring Darwin Military Museum.

Tiwi Islands
If you want a fun day out in the sun with your family, plan a day trip to Tiwi Islands. The island, also known as the island of smiles, is located 2hours and 30mins north of Darwin by ferry. As the island is inhabited by Aboriginal groups, the best way to visit is through an organized tour under an indigenous guide.

Experience Brisbane

Are you bored and tired of the same old tours and holiday itineraries? You’re in luck as this blog outlines some of the most unique and quintessentially Brisbane things you can do that are out of the box but will make you feel like a local.

Have a cup of java
It is as simple as a cup of coffee. What makes this cup so exceptional is the unique café that brews it. If you’re staying at one of the River View apartments, Brisbane please drag your partner and cycle down to the Goodwill Bridge. You will arrive at the tiny café on top of the bridge where you will be served a nice cup of joe with a hearty serving of the splendid city skyline.

Spring Hill Reservoir
The Spring Hill Reservoir is a unique place for performances and entertainment. The underground space was earlier used as a reservoir to house the city’s water supply; however, it has remained dormant since it was decommissioned in 1960. The Underground Opera Company opened the space for the public by hosting carols and operas.

Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium
If you want something different on a Friday night, head down to Brisbane City Council’s Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium. There are so many attractions for you and your little ones and it’s only around 15mins away from the city’s popular apartment suites such as the Oaks Brisbane on Felix Suites. You can enjoy 14 amazing shows on the Cosmic Skydome with your kids and enjoy some fun activities too!

Gnocchi Gnocchi Brothers
If you’re having an evening stroll on Paddington’s Given Terrace, please pop by Gnocchi Gnocchi Brothers. This is Australia’s first restaurant dedicated to authentic, handmade Italian gnocchi that will surely transport you to that Italian grandma’s kitchen we’ve seen on Food Network. There are many delectable sauces, appetizers and desserts to choose from plus a private dining space upstairs that looks exactly like Nonna’s kitchen.

Brisbane Riverwalk
This attraction is by far the most unique you’ll come across here in Brisbane. This floating Riverwalk allows you to walk ‘on’ the river instead of the sidewalk. The Riverwalk is 870m long and has dedicated bike and pedestrian lanes, so you can peacefully enjoy your walk or bike ride! Pro tip – there aren’t many shaded areas or benches along the walkway, so you may want to carry an umbrella and plenty of water.


A day trip to Magnetic Island

If you’re in Queensland Australia, Magnetic Island is surely not to be missed. The fascinating history and the lively vibe of this island attract so many visitors who look for a change of scene during their visit to Townsville. Here are some things you should know when you’re getting here.

Getting to Townsville

It is fairly easy to get to Townsville either by driving or by coach. You can also get there by Greyhound or Premier Bus. Once you get there, you can pick up your boat tickets to Magnetic Island. If you get here early, you can book a hotel or Townsville Australia suites such as the likes of Oaks Townsville Gateway Suites and return to Townsville after your activities in Magnetic Island.

Getting to Magnetic Island from Townsville

Get on the earlies ferry possible so that you have the entire day to enjoy. It is wise to board the ferry 20 minutes before departure too. Your tickets will cost you a pretty penny, but it is so worth it! Make sure you book your return ferry tickets and bus passes all at once; it may seem like a chunk of cash, but it is better to purchase all of it at once.


Snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef | Image by Great Barrier Reef Encounter via Wikimedia Commons,CC BY-SA 3.0

Now that you’re here at Magnetic Island, there are plenty of things for you to do. At the top of this list is snorkeling at Nelly Bay and Geoffrey Bay. Aside from the gorgeous viewpoints and invigorating hikes, Magnetic island is one of the best places in Australia to snorkel the Great Barrier Reef.

The Forts Walk

This excursion captures the essence of Magnetic Island all into one; koala bears, World War II history and the beautiful lookouts. You will get a thorough education about the importance of the Magnetic Battery in the 1940s and the significance of the island during the war with sweeping views and adorable koala sightings.

Horseshoe Bay

For a refreshing and much-needed lunch break, drop by Horseshoe Bay. This is the quintessential beach town with amazing food and the friendliest locals. You can have a nice meal, make a few new friends, relax and rest up and if you’re too hot you can even take a dip in the beach. There are safe-to-swim areas in this town with stinger nets.

An Informative Guide to Visiting and Exploring Hervey Bay, Queensland – The perfect holiday getaway

Located only around a 45-min flight away from Brisbane, Hervey Bay is a great holiday destination for family holidaymakers and even solo travellers.

The speciality

Did you know that the largest man-made reef that Australia has is at Hervey Bay? This area is also blessed with an uncommon variety of marine life.

Do not miss out!

Do you know what should never be missed out on when at Hervey Bay? Whale Watching! This spot can also be called the whale watching capital of the world.

Staying at Hervey Bay

Every Hervey Bay hotel the likes of Oaks Hervey Bay Resort and Spa is great for you to stay in. They offer great dining options and rejuvenation opportunities too.

Image via Oaks Hervey Bay Resort and Spa

Things to do

This destination has everything you need to enjoy your holiday moments. Cinemas, cafes, and clubs are all there, and you find different sorts of entertainment events everywhere.

The demographical facts

Did you know that there are almost 55,000 residents in Hervey Bay Area? The population is growing at an incredibly rapid pace- thanks to the infrastructural and lifestyle upgrades that this destination faces.

5 Incredibly Unique Things You Can Do in Brisbane – Top 5 Unique Activities Tourists Can Experience in Brisbane

Home to some of Australia’s top highlights, Brisbane is hardly a daredevil’s playground according to most tourists. But here are 5 unusual activities that may change your mind about the city.

Kayaking After Dark

Exploring the wrecks that lie just off the coast of Moreton Island in the dead of night is not for everyone but it is one of the most engaging travel experiences available in Brisbane. Not only do fish and turtles come out to say hello but kayakers can also enjoy an overnight tour of the island thanks to tour operators such as Australian Sunset Safaris.

Catch a Show

When it comes to Brisbane’s underground music scene, one cannot get more literal than the shows staged by The Underground Opera Company. Hosting theatre and musical production in locations deep beneath the city, the acoustics of these live shows are simply unparalleled. Those based at Oaks Brisbane Festival Suites or any other hotel accommodation in Brisbane CBD will have easy access to these performances.

Diving With Mantas

Head down to the Manta Bommie site in the summertime to enjoy a diving experience with countless manta rays that flock to this part of the coast during this time of year. In addition to the mantas, divers will also spot leopard sharks, bamboo sharks and guitar sharks occupying these waters.

Image via Wikimedia Commons

Walk to Paradise

Forget about boats, you can simply walk to a tropical paradise off the coast of Brisbane named King Island by simply treading over the sandbank which appears just off the Wellington Point bay.

Bar Hopping on a Helicopter

A pub crawl in Brisbane with a difference, those who sign up with Pterodactyl Helicopters can travel in style from one legendary bar to another.