Discovering the Culture of Botswana

While Botswana may be well known for its wildlife reserves and safaris, don’t forget this southern African nation has a rich heritage and culture too that are equally enthralling.

A Great Place to Start

For those planning a holiday here, a great place to learn about the local culture is the National Museum and Art Gallery close to Avani Gaborone Resort & Casino. Those staying at such hotels in Gaborone, Botswana can easily visit this museum which features exhibits on history, arts and crafts, culture, wildlife, nature, paintings and more.

Diverse Local Tribes

The people of Botswana are made up of various tribes, though the majority are from the Tswana ethnic group; in fact, the country is named after the Tswana people. The Basarwa, Babirwa, Bayei and Kalanga are amongst the many other tribal groups in the country, each with a unique set of customs and traditions.

Image by Herbert Bieser from Pixabay

Indigenous Music

Those on cultural tours in Botswana should also look to hear indigenous music which has its own identity. Passed along over generations, this form of traditional music incorporates rhythmic clapping and singing; also popular is folk music which features traditional lyrics and stringed instruments for a memorable auditory experience.

Traditional Dance

Very much a part of the local culture is the various traditions of dance to be found here too. These often expressive dances can vary from tribe to tribe and are performed at festivals and religious ceremonies or even for storytelling. Examples include the distinctive rain dance of the San people in Botswana.

Celebrate the trio of bronze giants

Anyone who visits Botswana does not forget to visit the trio of massive bronze figures. This monument reveals many facts about the history of Botswana too.

The Three Dikgosi

This monument is also known as the Three Dikgosi. These 3 statues represent Sebele I, Bathoen I and Khama III who were considered three tribal leaders who took measures to talk on behalf of the people of Botswana once.

Shosholoza3 DikgosiCC BY-SA 3.0

Their story

They travelled from Botswana to Britain in 1885 when the country was about to be threatened due to the exploitative British South Africa Company. The case was brought to the Queen and the situation was handled.

Recognition and celebration

According to the historical facts, their actions brought both good and bad to Botswana. But still, this monument was built and 2005 for the locals to pay their due respect. The statues have been done in regal bronze and they are 18 ft tall.

Visiting this monument

If you are holidaying in one of the hotels in Gaborone Botswana the likes of Avani Gaborone Resort & Casino, you will surely visit Botswana Square. Once you visit this place, you’ll find these three statues standing proudly there.