Your complete guide to Bangkok – Navigating the Chao Phraya

The Chao Phraya area in Bangkok is one of those places where you can commute through the entire city through the river. These canals that run through the city of Bangkok are like the lifeline of the city, with long and interesting histories. Here are some user-friendly tips when you’re here for your holiday.


Also known as the River of Kings, it is formed by four major rivers combined. This is the main waterway for central Thailand. Many people live on the spacious and luscious banks of the Chao Phraya and for some this has been the main source of living for centuries. The hotels in riverside Bangkok too flaunt precious views of this graceful flow of water.


Some of Bangkok’s most famous attractions are on the banks of the Chao Phraya. You can access the Wat Pho, Grand Palace, Wat Phra Kaew and Wat Arun quite easily through the river. These are the hottest tourist hubs in all of Thailand so be warned; they’re extremely crowded and packed with all sorts of vendors, and scammers alike.

Chao Phraya Express Boat

These boats are the cheapest way to get around the city. You can easily get your tickets either from the pier or once you board the boat. The boats are easily reached from your hotels such as Avani+ Riverside Bangkok Hotel. There are three types of boats, demarcated by the flags they carry.

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Dinner Cruises

These are another way to see the canals but they’re on the pricier side. However, you can enjoy a nice dinner and the view while you flow calmly along the scenic Chao Phraya. If you’re willing to spend around $40 per person for a dinner on the cruise, you can have a splendid evening with your loved ones with good food!

Luxury Travel Guide to Bangkok – For an Unforgettable Holiday

Bangkok is an incredible luxury destination for locals and tourists alike! Whether you’ve been here before or you’re visiting it again, peruse this travel guide to make the most of your holiday!

When to Visit?

While it is a wonderful city to visit at any time of the year, the months of September and October are known to be wetter on account of the monsoon rains. Due to the spells of sunshine and dry weather, the months from December to March are the best time to visit.

Where to Stay?

Whether you’re travelling on a budget or have more discerning taste, there’s a perfect Siam hotel in Bangkok for you! From hostels to more luxurious escapes such as Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel Bangkok has an excellent choice of accommodation.

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What to Expect?

In a nutshell, a flurry of activity! Bangkok is a busy exciting city that is filled to the brim with so much life. While the locals are friendly make a note to be mindful of their religious beliefs and dress conservatively if you are exploring any temples.

Luxurious Activities

If you wish, you can charter a helicopter to see Bangkok from the skies or else take a cruise on the river running through the city. You can also stay in the most incredible suites and treat yourself to a cookery class by a master chef!

Navigating the Chao Phraya River

Known all over the world as the Venice of the East, Bangkok’s stunning waterways disperse like capillaries into the city. When in Bangkok, one shouldn’t miss a breezy tour along the Chao Phraya River.


The Chao Phraya River is amongst the most iconic attractions in Bangkok. It has provided all that is required to drive away its original settlement to prosper into the Bangkok that we see today. From time immemorial, locals used to reside in the banks of the river and created livelihoods from its environment. There’s no surprise that this river is called the ‘bloodline of Thai people’.

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Photograph by D Ramey Logan, Chao Phraya River1 Photo D Ramey LoganCC BY-SA 3.0

What to see

A sightseeing river cruise will take you along the Chao Phraya’s breathtaking scenery! You’ll be able to catch a glimpse of religious monasteries such as the glorious Wat Arun, historical structures, the Grand Palace and many other eye-catching attractions. Cruising along the countryside will enable you to observe the lifestyles of the rural people dwelling on either side of the river.

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DiliffWat Arun from Chao Phraya RiverCC BY-SA 3.0

Dinner cruises

Sounds interesting? Yes, it is. Do not miss the chance to experience a wonderful intimate dining experience in a luxurious dinner boat. Entice your taste buds with a range of famous Thai dishes while enjoying the breathtaking scenery on either side of the river. If you want to experience the best river cruise in Bangkok, book one of the Bangkok cruises offered by cruise providers such as Manohra Cruises for an enthralling sightseeing experience.

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Image Credit: Manohra Cruises

The best time

The best time to embark on a river cruise in Bangkok is during the dry season from November to May. Try to avoid taking a boat cruise during the rainy season since adverse weather conditions can ruin your pleasure of sightseeing!

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Image Credit: Manohra Cruises

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Chao Phraya River in Bangkok

Almost every city in the world has a river flowing through it and the history of the city and the river are often intertwined. So does one of South East Asia’s favourite cities, Bangkok. The Chao Phraya river is considered to be the lifeblood of the city. It has been a busy river even in the early years and it still continues to be one. The scenes around the river have been changing over the year with the condos, the sky scrapers, the hotels and the hotel apartments in Bangkok all lining up the banks. With hotel-style apartments being the latest addition to the Bangkok accommodation options, properties such as Chatrium Residence Sathon Bangkok is located a stone’s throw away from Chao Phraya.

The river was chosen by early settlers due to the fertility soil as well as the abundance of fish. Today the river has evolved into a tourist central with activities. There are countless river cruises with dining options and there is entertainment on the river as well as on the banks of the river. The river is still used for transportation, with locals using it for their daily commute and for commodities to be transported. Some of the tours not only allow you to explore the river and it’s banks but also let you to explore some of the iconic monuments and landmarks of Bangkok such as the reclining Buddha and the Grand Palace.

The river is known as the river of the kings as after the fall of Ayutthaya, King Taskin made this his new capital and later king Rama I followed through finding the Eastern banks of Chao Phraya more favourable. Today it still is the lifeblood of Bangkok with around 50 000 people’s daily commute depending on it. The river and its canals have earned the city the name “The Venice of the East”.

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See a different side of Bangkok city by biking

Bangkok is a place that has made its mark in the hearts of many travel enthusiasts as a busy and well-commercialized city. However, the city actually holds a lot more than just the skyscrapers and the flourishing businesses. The greenery of this versatile place is just there, a reach away, if only you knew how to access it. For this purpose, a bike ride across the quaint roads of Bangkok that lead into greenery bordered lanes would be ideal. For those who wish to take up a bike rental during their holiday, many Bangkok resorts such as the Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort to name one, are likely to provide bicycle rental services.

Riding through the unseen side of Bangkok will take you through to the lush foliage filled rural areas that resemble ‘hutongs’, a type of narrow street or alley. Tiny roads with hairpin bends will keep you guessing what beautiful scenery awaits you around the next corner. You could either do the exploration of the countryside by yourself, or you could also employ the assistance of a guide who will be able to take you along some of the most hidden parts of Bangkok.

Santi Chai Prakan Park is home to one of the most peaceful and breathtaking riversides of the city. In order to get through to the park, you could cycle through Ratchadamneon Klang road and Khao San road. Once you reach the park you will get the distinctive feeling of having left the bustle of the city behind. When you exit the park and carry on into the suburbs of Bangkok, the change is dramatic and instant. Skyscrapers and traffic give way to little houses, shops and rivers with lanes bordered on both sides by huge trees, and beautiful temples whose architecture stands out among the colourful activity of the rural markets. Strike up a conversation with some of the locals and explore the countryside of this unexpectedly diverse city as you cycle your way through some of the most heartwarming sceneries you will ever come across.

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Taling Chan Floating Market

Bangkok is one of the most prosperous cities in Asia, and since the recent boom in business began in the 1980s, what was once a small trading post has been transformed into a sprawling metropolis by the emergence of business activity. Although Bangkok is a popular tourist location for her unique culture carved out of a rich history laden with traditional arts and customs, the rise in tourism is causing this very culture and heritage to seemingly disappear. Fear not however, for there is one place where one can truly enjoy a descent into Thai history and culture, untouched by the hands of globalisation, a place called the Taling Chan Floating Market.

A visit to the Taling Chan Floating Market is very easy, since it is one of the fifty districts that make up Bangkok, and located only a short distance away from popular places of accommodation such as the Chatrium Hotel Riverside Bangkok, a popular Luxury Hotel Bangkok has to offer.

The main reason the Taling Chan Floating Market is appreciated is for its sincerity to Thai culture that makes it stand apart from the bigger floating markets that adorn the cityscape. A foreign tourist can easily traverse the market without having to book a tour or becoming overwhelmed by legions of people.

The food in the Taling Chan Floating Market is iconic Thai seafood, ranging from massive Shrimp to Blue Crabs and large fish, typically prepared on small boats using smaller barbeques. If you’re uncomfortable eating on the floor, many restaurants have little plastic tables and chairs placed for the convenience of the guests, although these would tend to fill up fast when during the hours after 12pm.

So there you have it, the Taling Chan Floating Market, the go-to place should you choose to taste a sincere slice of Bangkok.

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Safari World Zoo and Park

All year round thousands of tourists make their way to Thailand for various reasons. The country blessed with beaches and exciting landscapes and architecture remains a magnet for tourists. There is always varying activities for all groups of tourist who come here. The capital Bangkok remains one of the buzzing and vibrant cities in this region and you can find many a luxury Bangkok City Hotel to suit your accommodation requirements. Among them, one that has been highly recommended is Chatrium Residence Sathon Bangkok that is well located to keep you safe from the hustle and bustle of the city but at the same time conveniently located minutes away from the many attractions such as the Grand Palace.

One of the concerns for families travelling with children is to find enough and more activities to keep them happy and occupied. Bangkok has plenty of activities and attractions for the entire family. One such place is Safari World. Consisting of two parks, one being the Marine Park and the other being the Safari Park opened its doors to the public in 1988. If you’re against the zoo concept but would still like to be up close to the animals this is an excellent place to be. The park is divided into the two sections as mentioned above. The safari park allows visitors to access in their own vehicles or get on board a bus operated by the park. The Marine Park operates on a more traditional zoo model where there are shows as well as food stalls for the entertainment of the visitors.

The open air safari park allows animals to roam freely, however, there are few restrictions. What you can find here are, zebras, camels, antelopes, rhinos, tigers lions among many others.


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Safari World Bangkok

Safari World Bangkok offers an exciting wildlife experience, fun and entertainment to all visitors irrespective of their age and nationality and is a popular choice amongst leisure parks that you will find in many a travel guide. Bangkok attractions such as this one can be enjoyed by the whole family making it such a top choice. While enjoying a stay at well placed properties like Anantara Sathorn Bangkok Hotel, visitors can take a tour to this amazing Open Safari Park and Marine Park near Bangkok.

Safari World Bangkok consists of an open zoo with a Safari Park and a Marine Park. Safari Park is an 8 kilometer long land where animals roam freely in a beautiful African jungle setting. It is home to many species of wild animals like lions, tigers, zebras, camels, antelopes, gazelles, rhinos, ostriches and hundreds of animals from all over the world. Further, a large herd of giraffes roam around the feeding area. Feeding giraffes is another exiting thing as giraffes are always hungry! It is really an exciting experience to drive amidst free roaming wild animals, watching lions and tigers at close range from vehicles.

The Marine Park is a traditional zoo; a part of the giant theme park has a vast collection of land and sea animals as well as birds. One can take a cruise river ride through the jungle to see crocodiles and gorillas. There are exciting shows daily with water skiing, Hollywood cowboy stunts, with many shows by animals like dolphins and sea lions, orangutan boxing, hundreds of exhibits featuring white tigers, fantasy carp garden, crocodile garden, tapir kingdom and many more.

Thus the wilderness of Safari World is a great way to spend the day away from the city and enjoy the nature and wildlife in style.

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Fly a Boeing 737 in Bangkok

Bangkok, the Venice of the East has many attractions for leisure and pleasure seekers and diverse facilities for business and professional events. Therefore, thousands from all over the world visit Bangkok and budget to luxury accommodation is available to suit every purse. When it comes to upscale accommodation, the Sathorn District stretching from Lumpini Park south to the river is a popular choice. Sathorn Hotel Bangkok means elegance and luxury. Anantara Sathorn Resort & Spa with its contemporary style, superb facilities and service and traditional and cosmopolitan cuisine would be an excellent choice.

Among the many thrilling experiences Bangkok offers a unique experience for all aviation enthusiasts- from kids to adults in the form of a simulated flight in a realistic mock up of a Boeing 737.

Flight Experience Bangkok in Silom is where Bangkok vistors can become pilots for a while.

Though it is a situated in central Bangkok and a short walk from the Sala Daeng BTS station Flight Experience Bangkok is hidden among other buildings at the corner of Silom and Soi Convent. It is an unmarked entrance just past Soi I and between the Doitung Café and Better Vision glasses shop.

Inside Flight Experience Bangkok it is a very exciting atmosphere. The simulator is mocked up just like a Boeing 737 and the cockpit is the same size as the one in an actual aero plane. An array of dial, buttons and switches with computer linkages are there to make visitors feel and think like a pilot (In fact, this one is more sophisticated than some actual simulators used for initial pilot training) Air traffic control is there too . Before a visitor straps in to be a Boeing 737 pilot in the simulator the highly experienced Flight Experience staff will give him or her a briefing. All of them hold pilots’ licenses and are ever ready to help. A staff member will be beside the visitor throughout the flight to offer help if and when needed.

Take off and landing locations can be picked from over 20,000 airports all over the world. .The audio and visual simulation is so good and details have been taken care of with such meticulousness that visitors really feel as if they are up among the clouds. For the more daring visitors there is bad weather simulation including snow.
Flight Experience Bangkok is a never-to –be forgotten experience in Bangkok and will certainly add thrill and adventure to a visit to Bangkok.


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Sukhumvit Soi Cowboy

Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand, is arguably the best most famous tourist destination in Southeast Asia. Known for its vibrant culture and amazing attractions, Bangkok is home to timeless landmarks, bustling shopping districts, cultural attractions, and many options for leisure and recreation. Some of Bangkok’s iconic highlights include the the Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaeo, traditional Bangkok floating markets, Wat Arun, the Bangkok National Museum, and thriving red-light districts. A great hotel to accommodate yourself while looking for things to do in Sukhumvit is The Westin Grande Sukhumvit Bangkok.

Red-light districts and late-night entertainment zones are quite common in Bangkok, yet one which is truly a favorite in the city is Sukhumvit Soi Cowboy. Sukhmuvit Soi Cowboy, or simply Soi Cowboy, is a red-light district, in the form of an entire street, known for its high spirited and carefree atmosphere. Home to over 40 bars, night clubs and pubs, this straightforward red-light district is easily one of the most exotic and exciting places to visit for late-night entertainment.

Soi Cowboy is located between Soi 21 and Soi 23 in Sukhumvit, and is one of the most popular landmarks of Bangkok; there is hardly any local that does not know about it. The name ‘Soi Cowboy’ is a nod to the late T. G. Edwards, one of the first owners of a go-go bar, who was known for his signature cowboy hat. Soi Cowboy has come a long way since the days of T. G. Edwards, as today the street is flanked with some of Bangkok’s hottest go-go bars! Another reason why Soi Cowboy is so famous is that it is known for being straightforward with no scams; what you see is what you will get. Operating till about 2.30am each night, and catering especially to tourists and expatriates, Soi Cowboy is well worth visiting if you want to experience the wild Bangkok nightlife.

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