5 scuba diving tips – Perfect your skills

Scuba diving is one of the best ocean bound activities to engage in when you’re in Sri Lanka. Here are 5 things to keep in mind for a smooth diving experience.

Scuba Diving | Photo via Pixabay by joakant ,  CC0 Public Domain

Scuba Diving | Photo via Pixabay by joakant , CC0 Public Domain

Getting down
If you’re finding it a bit hard to stay under water with your diving equipment, fix your gaze towards the ocean bed, and slowly breathe out while imagining that your body is getting heavier. If you feel “floaty”, you are doing it right.

Always recheck your pressure gauge reading
This is often explained by diving schools or activity providers especially in the Passikuda, Unawatuna or Mirissa beach hotels such as the Esprit d’ici Hotel Mirissa. Anyway, if you miss it all you have to do is take three breaths off your regulator with your gear on while looking at your gauge. If the needle does not point away from the full position, then the air is on and if it bounces back up, the air is not on.

Trust your instincts
When in the water you are on your own. Therefore, if you feel uncomfortable diving deeper, don’t do it. Simply stick to your comfort zone and relax your mind.

Slow down
Diving into the pristine ocean can be exciting, however don’t rush or you’ll scare the fish away, so slow down and enjoy the view.

Keep a log
Keep a record of all your diving experiences to plan your next trip diligently. This is also a perfect way to re-visit your underwater adventures when you are old and grey.

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