5 Days in Trincomalee

Trincomalee is one of the best locations to visit in Sri Lanka, renowned for its pristine beaches, natural beauty, and charming atmosphere. So, if you find yourself in this fascinating region on holiday, here’s how you should spend the next five days of your vacation.

A Day at the Beach

The beaches are by far Trincomalee’s star attraction, so why not get your tour of the region started there. Uppuveli is one of the best choices available to you in this regard, here the sands are white and pristine while the waters are nice and calm.

Go for a Dive

Most resorts Trincomalee has on offer – such as the Trinco Blu by Cinnamon – will include scuba diving in their itinerary. So, on your second day, why not take them up on this. There are a number of great diving spots to choose from in the region, all of which are home to a fascinating array of marine life.

Touring the City

On your third day, consider going inland to see all the wonderful sites that Trincomalee town has to offer. A good starting point would be the famous Koneswaram Temple – a relic from the ancient Chola period. Along the coast, you’ll also discover Fort Frederick, an ode to Sri Lanka’s colonial past.

Going Snorkelling

As day four arrives, it’s time to head back into the water. Specifically, consider a day’s snorkelling session at the reefs bordering the famed pigeon island. Well away from the hustle and bustle of the main city, this is the chance to relax and spend some alone time with yourself.

Try Some Seafood

With your time in Trincomalee slowly drawing to a close, it’s time to end things on a high note – flavourful high note that is. All along Trincomalee’s coastline, you’ll find a number of great seafood restaurants. You should definitely consider stopping by these and enjoying some signature Sri Lankan dishes.


Rock Climbing Adventure in Sri Lanka

There are plenty of great adventures to be had here in Sri Lanka – this includes the exciting and exhilarating sport of rock climbing! There are plenty of places to choose from in Sri Lanka as well, so here’s a quick look at some of the rock climbing adventures to be had here.

Why Go Rock Climbing

If you’re a bit hesitant about getting involved in rock climbing – don’t be! It is one of the most fun and exciting sports you can try out when you’re on vacation. It’ll be a test of your physical and mental strength – it will also help develop your endurance, agility, and balance.

Why Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a particularly good choice to go rock climbing in. The tropical landscapes coupled with excellent rock formations make for a great combination. There are options for all levels of experience as well – from rookies to seasoned veterans.

The Best Places

If you’re looking to conquer a mountain, you can’t go wrong with the Knuckles Mountain Range. Conversely, you might prefer to scale a single rock formation. If so, you might want to consider a region like Dambulla – there’s plenty of climbing ops to be had here. There’s also quite a lot of fantastic Dambulla hotels to choose from as well. This means you can kick your feet up and relax – perhaps at resorts like The Paradise Resort & Spa – and recover from the day’s excursions.

Rappelling and Abseiling

If you really want to get your adrenaline pumping, you might want to try your hand at abseiling here in Sri Lanka. It can be truly exhilarating to descend along massive waterfalls at high speeds. And don’t worry – with the right equipment and personnel in place, it’s perfectly safe!

Top Reasons to Visit Sri Lanka

While the island of Sri Lanka may be relatively small, within this land one will find a diverse range of attractions and things to do. Here are some of the reasons why you should visit.

Exciting Adventures
Thrill-seekers have much to enjoy when it comes to an adventure tour; Sri Lanka is an ideal place for trekking in the Knuckles Mountain Range, white water rafting along the Kelani River in Kitulgala and hiking to the summit of Adam’s Peak which has around 5,500steps!

Gorgeous Beaches

Praveenshashika, Secret beach – Mirissa Sri Lanka, CC BY-SA 4.0

There are some truly sublime beaches around the island which can easily be explored with tour specialists like Walkers Tours. South coast highlights include the Unawatuna, Hikkaduwa and Bentota beaches, while on the east coast you get Pasikuda and Arugam Bay, the latter being a surfing hotspot too.

Rich Heritage
The island has a rich heritage which can be experienced at many historical attractions in Sri Lanka including the iconic Sigiriya rock fortress and the archaeological sites in Polonnaruwa and Anuradhapura. Other cultural sites include the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic in Kandy and the colonial Dutch Fort in Galle.

Diverse Wildlife
There are many national parks in the country which provide encounters with a range of animal and bird species. Wildlife safaris in Sri Lanka give you a chance to spot leopards inYala andWilpattu, elephants in Minneriya and Udawalawe, birdlife in the Sinharaja Forest Reserve and even blue whales in Mirissa!



Water sports in East coast

Coastal cities such as Trincomalee and Pasikudah come under the umbrella of the East Coast in Sri Lanka and is indeed a coastal paradise.

The East Coast of Sri Lanka
The Sri Lankan East Coast is best to be explored from April to September, considering the waves and the winds. Spend your vacation at one of the best hotels in Pasikudah such as Uga Bay and get exposed to a wide array of Sri Lanka water sports.

Surfing is a must-do activity when you are on the South Coast. There are coaching centres to teach you how to surf right from the basics here, and there are also the equipment hirers.

Diving and snorkelling
The seas are calm and have the best visibilities from May to September. Diving on the East Coast will expose you to a colourful underwater world, and you’ll love it.

Fishing has always been a part of Sri Lankan life. You can also join the local fishermen on one fine afternoon and go fishing with them to have a wonderful experience. If you wish, you can forget the trout and join the big game fish too.


Getaway to Dickwella, Sri Lanka

Dickwella is a coastal city in Sri Lanka located just beyond the southernmost point of Sri Lanka, ‘Dondrahead’. It’s a quiet city, but indeed has great experiences in store for you!

The beach
The term ‘Dickwella’ when translated into English means ‘long beach’. Yes, that’s quite right. It’s an endless beach that’s so pristine and perfect for snorkelling. You can also just sit back and relax on the beach as much as you want.

Nearby attractions
One of the most favourite attractions located close to Dickewella is ‘Hummanaya’. It’s a natural blowhole that is believed to be the 02nd largest in the world. It’s an enjoyable experience to wait for the water spray that happens every 10-15 minutes.

Tourism in Dickwella
The tourism sector in this area is booming. Many beach hotels in Sri Lanka have been newly established in this area, and Dickwella Resort & Spa is one of them. These hotels also provide many authentic experiences that are adored by guests from other countries.

Souvenirs to shop
If you ever get a chance to visit this beautiful destination, do not forget to shop for some ‘beeralu lace’ or ‘bobbin lace’ creations. This will be great support you can be a part of to strengthen the local livelihood as well.



Thrilling Safaris at Yala National Park, Sri Lanka

Ever had the thrill of seeing regal leopards and majestic elephants roam free in their natural habitats? Such wildlife encounters and a whole lot more awaits at the Yala National Park!

Plan Your Safari
Located in the southeast part of the country, this park can be accessed via the gates at locations such as Palatupana and Katagamuwa. For a safari tour, Sri Lanka is best explored via 4WD vehicles and Yala is no exception. A little after 6:00am and again after 4:00pm are generally the best times for spotting wildlife.

Kings of Yala
The apex predator at the park is the Sri Lankan leopard; safaris here are very popular since it has the world’s highest density of leopards in the wild. Such wildlife drives can be organised by local travel specialists the likes of Walkers Tours as part of unforgettable excursions to spot these stealthy felines.

Other Wildlife
On your adventures in Yala, you mayobserve many other creatures too including elephants who may be gentle giants, but shouldn’t be disturbed! Keep watch to also spot sloth bears, water buffalos, spotted deer, toque macaques and mugger crocodiles. Part of the park encompasses the coast where sea turtles are known to visit too.

Diverse Birdlife
Equally impressive are the diverse bird species at Yala; one of the best places for birdwatching in Sri Lanka, the park has recorded around 215 bird species. These includeendemic varieties such as the Sri Lanka wood pigeon, Sri Lanka grey hornbill and Sri Lankan junglefowl which is also the nation’s national bird.



Minneriya National Park

If you are a nature lover and are hoping to catch some elephants on your trip to Sri Lanka, then one of the best places to visit would be the Minneriya National Park.

How to get to Minneriya National Park

Located in the North Central part of Sri Lanka the Minneriya National Park has been pronounced an untamed animal haven since 1938. It is about 180km from Colombo and takes about 5 hours if you are driving.

shankar s. from Dubai, united arab emirates, Minneriya National Park (7568194474)CC BY 2.0

Best time to visit

The best time to visit would be from May to October as this is the time that you will be able to see herds of Asian Elephants gathering and making their way towards the water. The dry season beckons these gentle giants out into the open and the best times to start your jeep and go on the safari would the early morning hours from 5am – 8am.

What you can see

The safari ride in the park will have you seeing many animal species and birds. But the park is most famous for the herds of Asian elephants that gather at the watering hole during the hot seasons in Sri Lanka. Other animals you may come across on your safari are the spotted deer, sambar, and the purple-faced langur monkeys.

Where you can stay

If you are wondering where to stay during your trip, there are many hotels and resorts in the area that will put you up. You can even consider staying at a luxury hotel in Sigiriya Dambulla such as the Heritance Kandalama which is a mere 1 hour away from the National Park.


A Boat Ride in Hamilton Canal

The Hamilton Canal – commonly referred to as the Dutch Canal – connect Colombo with Puttalam. A boat ride along it will let you see some of the best sights in the region and it can be an enthralling experience overall.

The Canal’s History

The Hamilton Canal is said to have been constructed during colonial times – specifically when the Dutch were ruling Sri Lanka’s maritime provinces. Named after then governor, Gavin Hamilton, the canal was an important supply route for the Europeans.

Sahan177Sunsets at negombo lagoonCC BY-SA 4.0

Natural Sights

Tourists and travellers can take a tour along the canal either via bicycle or by boat. Taking the boat is preferable as you’ll be able to travel a lot further and see a myriad of stunning natural sights. These include a quaint lagoon that leads to the sea as well as the verdant expanses of the Muthurajawela Marsh.

Keep an Eye on the Wildlife

You might be perusing the hotel offers Sri Lanka has available – such as the ones offered by Heritance Negombo – in order to find a tour that will let you see the island’s wildlife. This isn’t always necessary, however, as you can plenty of endemic species via a boat ride along the canal alone. As you reach the marshlands, keep your eyes peeled for mugger crocodiles, rock pythons and a host of water birds.

The Cityscape

Nature and the wildlife aren’t the only things you’ll be saying as you cruise along the canals. You’ll also be witnessing the inner workings of Colombo and Puttalam. From tireless vendors promoting their stock to labourers taking a break and sipping some beer – it’s a wonderful way to experience the local culture.

Into Sri Lanka’s Hill country

Touring the hill country of Sri Lanka and wondering what to do first? Here is a list of must-do activities while in the central highlands of the island.

Visit Tea Plantations

Known as the 3rd largest tea exporter in the world, the majority of Sri Lanka’s tea is produced in the hill country of the island. Some hotels in Nuwara Eliya Sri Lanka such as the famous Heritance Tea Factory are even built on these tea plantations. Ensure you visit one of them to find out the process of how tea is produced and packaged for export. Also, enjoy a hot cuppa while here.

Image Credit: Heritance Tea Factory

Climb the Adam’s Peak

Sacred to all those in Sri Lanka, the Adam’s Peak climb is one that must be done at least once in your lifetime. Although a little tiresome, once at the top you will definitely not regret it. Begin your climb at night and witness one of the most magical sunrises in Asia once you reach the summit. The hike is approximately 3.5 hours to the top.

Hike the Knuckles Mountain Range

For those who love a bit of adventure in the wild, then hiking the Knuckles mountain range in the hill country of Sri Lanka is well worth it. The rugged mountain range is a land of mystical appeals and offers breath-taking views to those who seek it. A half-day trek is about 8km and a full day trek is around 18km.

Go, Waterfall Hopping

The hill country of Sri Lanka is no short of waterfalls. In fact, it is here that you will come across some of the most gorgeous waterfalls on the island. With over 100 waterfalls to choose from in the central highlands, the top three worth mentioning are Bambarakanda Falls (the highest falls in Sri Lanka), Ravana Falls, and Diyaluma Falls.

Pidurangala Rock Hike in Sigiriya

It is deemed that the Pidurangala hike offers a far more memorable experience than climbing Sigiriya as the former lets you engulf in the warmth of nature.

The Hike

The hike begins with a long flight of stairs that doesn’t take much time to climb. Halfway through the journey, you’d be greeted by Pidurangala Temple, which has a rich history of its own. You can reach the summit of Pidurangala within 20 minutes despite some off the beaten tracks you’d come across during the hike.

Pidurangala Temple

At present, one can only see the remnants of this temple in which a reclining Buddha can be observed. The foundation of the rock temple remains intact although it has been restructured with bricks.

Reaching the Summit

Once you pass the temple, you can expect to reach the summit within 5 to 10 minutes. However, one might have to cross large boulders along the way, which would prove relatively easy to experienced hikers. Fret not! Even the less experienced can boulder with the help of others.

The View

While you’re enjoying a fabulous vacation at some of the Sigiriya hotels the likes of Aliya Resort and Spa, head over to the Pidurangala trail to access the most stunningly beautiful sunrise you’d ever witness in a lifetime.