Elephant Riding in Sigiriya

Sigiriya itself is an experience worth reliving time and time again. Therefore visitors to this UNESCO World Heritage Site can also take pleasure in an elephant ride which would complement one’s time here. Hotels in Sri Lanka such as Jetwing Hotel will come across as a good abode to reside at from where these expeditions can be planned while enjoying the ambience of such Sri Lanka hotels.
Ever dreamed of getting up close and personal with mischievous monkeys as you make your way through dense jungle? Then an elephant ride will offer you the luxury of discovering all that this jungle habitat is famed for. Your guide will fill you in on every important detail and its significance in the overall makeup of the beautiful sceneries of Sigiriya. Encounter water buffaloes, countless species of birds, colourful flowers before arriving at a lake filled with lilies. Here one may capture the glorious sight of the Sigiriya Rock Fortress on camera while scouring the nearby area. Savour the thrills of this wonderful escapade atop a majestic elephant that will make navigating the landscape a thing of the past. Once your journey comes to end, do consider heading over to the rock fortress where an entire day can be spent unearthing the secrets of this magnificent fortress. However the memories of your elephant ride are sure to linger on long after your holiday has concluded.

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Hot Air ballooning, view the world from above in peace

Heritance Kandalama is a Sri Lanka Hotel with a combination luxuriousness and the eco friendliness woven together also protecting the rich Sri Lankan culture. Because of this uniqueness this hotel is rated as one of the best Sri Lanka Hotels. While relaxing in this exquisite hotel in Dambulla, visitors would get the rare opportunity sail over this beautiful land in a hot air balloon.

This can be one of the best ways to explore the beauty in the country which would avoid all the hassle that comes with the road traffic. An early morning ride would give you the opportunity to view the waking countryside. While the sun is rising and the sky is filling with warm sunlight the experience that the visitors would get can be described as magical. The forests, lakes and temples below are surely a sight to see. The peacefulness that can be felt up there would be hard to find anywhere else in the tour.