A 3-Week Travel Itinerary in Sri Lanka

While shorter stays warrant rushing to the tropically warm hospitality and exquisite seascapes of the Lankan coast, a longer vacation lets you luxuriate in its vibrant landscapes and experiences. Here’s how to spend 3 exhilaratingly fulsome weeks in Sri Lanka.

Soak in the City

If you fancy vintage tuk-tuk tours around a modern heritage cityscape with retro-chic avenues for shopping and dining, kaleidoscopic markets hosting old-world architecture, and seaside promenades fronted with glitzy hotels, stop at Colombo before venturing into the lush Lankan wilds.

A Sensational Safari

Next, at least a night spent near Yala or Wilapattu National Park is essential for a legendary safari enveloped in untouched natural beauty where beguiling wildlife abounds, including leopards, sloth bears, sambar deer, elephants, and water buffalo.

Hiking and History

Hiking trip to Ella Rock, Sri Lanka | Image by Egle Sidaraviciute via unsplash

For top-of-the-world panoramas and relics from kingdoms astoundingly ahead of their time, the Sigiriya rock fortress and its surrounds are an idyllic enigma for history, architecture, and nature enthusiasts. If you’re seeking a reputed destination management company to curate your Sri Lanka tours, venture no further than the likes of Walkers Tours.

Immerse in the Highlands

From the regal Hill Capital with its famed Royal Botanical Gardens to the tea estates, cottages, and strawberry farms of Nuwara Eliya and the iconic elevated train journey to Ella with its hilltop enclaves, irresistible treks, and picturesque waterfall adventures, the uplands of Sri Lanka are worth at least 6 days!

Bountiful Beach Unwinding

Whether it’s the surf-perfect swells of Bentota, the jungle-clad Whale Watching Capital of Mirissa, or the deliciously laidback atmosphere of Arugam Bay, visit as many lavish Lankan coastal hideaways as you can!

Visit to Saradiel’s Cave

Plunge into a land of fantasy and excitement with Sri Lanka holidays designed to spirit you to a dream island full of wonders waiting to be discovered! Hook up with one of the best local names in the travel industry, with Walkers Tours offering you a delightful selection of Sri Lanka tours that covers awe-inspiring ancient sites, elegant colonial locations, and lush green forests, mountains, and nature reserves. But perhaps one of the most famous local legends is that of Saradiel, Sri Lanka’s very own Robin Hood who stole from the rich merchants during British occupation and shared his bounty with the poor. He was considered a traitor to the crown and colonialists who occupied the island at the time. During a period of almost three years, he continued his campaign to level the financial imbalance of the area, and was heralded a local hero by the grateful masses. Hike to the top of “Uthuwankanda”, the location of his cave and breathe in the air of a local legend. Visit “Saradiel Village”, which is a faithful replica of a 19th century village and learn more about the man behind the myth.


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Hot Air Balloon Experience

Ever wondered what the paradise island of Sri Lanka looks like from way up top? Well thanks to hot air balloon tours you need not wonder anymore! An ideal place to visit for those who love to travel Sri Lanka is full of enchanting landscapes, rich natural beauty and historical sites that make such hot air balloon rides that much more special. If you are looking to discover the very best of this island make use of the Sri Lanka tours offered by Elegant Travels which take you to some spectacular sites.

For a unique perspective of Sri Lanka, sign up for a hot air balloon tour that takes you to heights ranging from 500 to 2000 feet, set amidst some awe-inspiring views. While some excursions take place in the Cultural Triangle where one can see such sites as the majestic Sigiriya Rock Fortress, others take place along the South Coast where one may see the stunning Galle Fort and the country’s famed beaches. A flight at sunrise is a perfect opportunity to catch the first rays of the sun gently spreading across the landscape bathing everything in an ethereal glow. It is an ideal activity for the entire family or even for those looking to enjoy a romantic experience with that special someone.

Cycling and Mountain Biking in Sri Lanka

Put your pedal to the metal and experience a one-of-a-kind biking experience on your Sri Lanka travel itinerary, where you will cover everything from ancient UNESCO World Heritage Sites and lush tropical rain forests to pristine beach, mountains, and lakes on the exciting Sri Lanka tours on offer at local travel pioneer Jetwing Travel. Delve into a tour of cycling and mountain biking that reveals the splendid aspects of a unique culture spanning more than 2,500 years that has played host to a unique way of life on this paradise isle. The cycling tours feature the expertise and professionalism you would expect from cycle tour leaders from across the globe, and no cycling excursion is ever the same, as constant innovation is their game. In the midst of cycling through the wondrous sights of the country, you will also be able to embark on hiking, camping, wildlife safaris, canoeing, and many other excursions that will bring you up close and personal with the various aspects of the Sri Lankan landscape. Choose an excursion that is right for you, with options of discovering the serene hills country, the arid northwestern expanse, or the idyllic beach expanse of the south and eastern seaboards.

Leopard Safari in Yala

An adventure into Sri Lanka’s wild awaits you, when you embark on an exciting Leopard safari in Yala National park. A safari into this unique landscape should feature in your Sri Lanka travel plans, and you can explore the various Sri Lanka tours offered by many reputable travel professionals on the island, with Jetwing Holidays being an excellent choice. Come face-to-face with the ever-reticent and majestic predator of Sri Lanka’s wilderness: the Leopard. The best time to spot this magnificent feline is early morning or again at sunset. The Leopard stalks the grounds in a confident gait, and the younger males have no qualms about approaching the jeep directly, opening up a world of spectacular photographic opportunities, so snap away!  This unique being is only one of fascinating local flora and fauna sure to cross your path during your trip out here. You will also be able to spot the sambar, spotted dear, jackals, mongooses, sloth bears, and the most vibrant birds that are sure to delight all bird-watchers, with Rosy Starlings, Crested Hawk Eagles, Blue-Tailed Bee-Eaters and Paradise Flycatchers amongst the many species winging through the trees. So go on a leopard safari in Yala to discover the island’s most intriguing predator!