Snorkelling In Maldives

The general opinion is that Maldives is definitely among the best locations in the world to spend a vacation that offers wonderful tranquil surroundings and picture perfect attractions. Its most treasured possessions of course are its turquoise blue waters, pristine beaches and breathtaking islands. Travellers to these tropical islands will be in for a splendid time and with so many activity and entertainment options, your time here will be second to none.

When describing activities in Maldives, a stand out here is snorkelling and this recreational activity cum water sport is considered to be the best way to observe the abundant marine life inhabiting the calm waters of Maldives. There are over thousands of different species of fish, coral reefs, plant life and other aquatic marine life for you to enjoy. The ideal location in the water for a comprehensive snorkelling experience is along the reefs. While swimming among these reefs, you are bound to come across many underwater attractions that include caves, cliffs, coral formations and remnants of ancient objects that were used during the raging wars many years ago.

Travellers enthusiastic about snorkelling can also seek out the many diving schools situated along the beach. These schools offer important snorkelling tips, guidelines, the perfect places to snorkel and provide state of the art equipment. While snorkelling a few species of fish that can be spotted include sweetlips, jacks, dogtooth tuna, trevallies, wahoos, fusiliers, octopus and butterfly fish. Due to the crystal clear waters, snorkelers can also see larger species such as sharks, manta rays, eels, anemones, turtles and the colossal napoleon wrasse.

Deep-water snorkelling is also an experience to indulge in and the marine life seen here include a plethora of coral life, whales, whale sharks and varieties of other fish species. Travellers can also enjoy snorkelling at night, when the waters are considered to be warmer. With several ocean tours on offer, travellers can explore many snorkelling sites and some worthy of mention are Soneva Gili, Bathala, Embudu Village, Ellaido and Kuredu. Apart from snorkelling, travellers can also indulge themselves in many other water activities and some of them include jet skiing, deep sea diving, para sailing, knee boarding and fishing.

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Underwater Photography in Maldives, an experience like no other

The Maldive Islands in the tropical Indian ocean has acquired a reputation for some of the most beautiful underwater scenery to be seen anywhere in the world. From lovely coral reefs to a myriad of sea creatures, the Maldives never disappoints the lover of underwater life.

Among the multitude of visual ocean treasures that may be experienced by the diver, coral reefs are among the most amazing. Of the diverse kinds of corals stony corals are the most commonly seen, but there are many other varieties which are delightful to encounter, coming in diverse shapes and forms.

The waters of the Maldives are abundant in a huge variety of fish, many of them vibrantly coloured, unusual and picturesque. Fish in Maldivian waters come in many different shapes and sizes, ensuring that the diver is kept entertained at all times.

Eels are commonly seen around the Maldives. Powerful creatures with strong teeth, eels swim in a serpentine motion and will only attack humans if provoked. Often found around the Maldives are moray eels, which are inquisitive towards humans but are not aggressive.

Rays are another distinctive class of creatures to be seen in the Maldives. These flamboyantly shaped creatures include the manta ray, the largest species which grows to an extent of 5 metres. Various kinds of turtles may also be seen in the Maldives.
However there is an even greater pleasure available; that of capturing these fascinating life forms for years to come by recording them on camera. The ideal locations for photographing the sensational species of fish are the channels or atoll passes; the water currents however may necessitate you to hold on to a stationary object. The shoals and ‘thillas’ of the atolls as they are known teem with vividly coloured fish and coral creating a magnificent undersea panorama.

It is possible to rent photographic equipment from many of the diving schools, but if you desire custom equipment it makes sense to bring your own. It is advisable to keep the following tips in mind; shoot from the base of the reef when possible; to obtain a good shot, draw arms inwards and stabilize elbows against the body; exhale immediately before shooting; and keep gentle negative buoyancy if there is a current surge. It is essential to familiarize yourself with the equipment if you are not an expert.

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Exploring Wenzhou

Wenzhou, a city in the Zhejiang Province in China, is well known for its prominent economic presence in the country. Wenzhou boasts of a 4000 year old history, and during the ancient times the city was a popular hub for pottery crafts.

Wenzhounese, the inhabitants of Wenzhou, are said to be the founders of many popular china towns spread across the globe. The city is surrounded by green rolling hills while a scenic harbour skirt the East China Sea, towards its east. Due to its geographical seclusion, the Wenzhounese claim to have a unique vernacular and culture preserved for centuries.

One of the best sightseeing attractions in Wenzhou is its Yandang Mountain nestled in the Leqing County of Wenzhou. This picturesque mountain is composed of several steep rocky peaks, striking waterfalls and even caves. The area is designated as a UNESCO Global Geopark and hosts many captivating attractions including the Spiritual Rocks, Big Dragon Waterfall and Spiritual Peaks.

Lingyan Rocks or the Spiritual Rocks snuggle a three levelled rock formation housing temples, caves and sculptures. When you hike the Yandang Mountain and reach the first level of Lingyan Rocks you will discover a cascade along with the Lingyan Temple. The second level has two caves while the third level nestles two valleys. Big Dragon Waterfall also called the Dalong Qiu, plunge from a height of 190 metres like an alluring silky veil.

The Spiritual Peaks of Yandang Mountain inspire and pique your imagination painting vivid similes, at different times of the day. At its southeast is a rock formation which resembles a monk, and so it is coined as the Old Monk Rock.

Wenzhou is not only about scenic nature escapes, it also has a great theme park at the Jiangxin Island sited right in the middle of Oujiang River. An old pagoda towers above the lush greenery of the islet, majestically. The islet is a great spot for picnics and day outs, as it nestles some charming gardens and serene lakes besides the animated theme park and a water park. Have a thrilling rollercoaster ride or fly the Ferris wheel and capture the panorama of the scenic neighbourhood.

Another nature escape in Wenzhou is the Wuyanling National Nature Reserve set in the Taishun County. The reserve spans for 200 square kilometres where its rocky terrain speckles a fine jet black to the verdant forest. This primary forest has about 17 peaks with the tallest, Baiyun Peak, reaching 1611 metres in height. With a beautiful stream running across the reserve, the site is ideal for mountaineers and hikers. Even the nature enthusiasts would not miss a chance to visit Wuyanling National Nature Reserve as it is rich in a great variety of fauna and flora.

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Travelling in Miami

There is no other lively city in the world than Miami which is positioned in South Eastern Florida, United States. Known as the seventh biggest metro area in the US, Miami is home to more than 409,719 people. Due to its immense significance in terms of finance, arts, entertainment and international trade, Miami is identified as a Global City. It has also earned a reputation as an international hub for music, dance, fashion and film.


This extraordinary city is a haven for those seeking a tranquil yet exciting holiday getaway. Its natural wonders are simply out of this world. Miami boasts of long stretches of beaches with an extensive range of water sport activities.

For a more peaceful way of discovering Miami and its natural wonders travellers can easily head to the beautiful parks that are ideal for the nature lover. This astounding city has also earned a name for being the only place in the US that has two national parks, namely the Everglades National Park and Biscayne National Park.

Shopping is also exceptional in Miami. It is abound with upscale specialty stores, shopping promenades and outlet malls. A place that should not be missed when it comes to shopping is The Dolphin Mall.

There are special sightseeing tours for those who wish to discover Miami up close and personal. Sightseeing tours feature shopping excursions, outdoor adventures and so much more. This unique global city can be explored by air, land or water. Whatever way travellers choose to explore Miami they will unquestionably be witnessing and experiencing a world of natural splendour and limitless man-made wonders.

The Awe-inspiring Mount Wellington



The state capital of the island state of Tasmania, Hobart is the second oldest capital city of Australia. Hobart is Tasmania’s financial and administrative centre while it is also the home port for the French and Australian operations in the Antarctic. The city is located in the Derwent river estuary while its skyline is almost completely dominated by the awesome, 1271 metre high Mount Wellington. Almost the entire city is built on the foothills of the Mount Wellington and is simply referred to as ‘the Mountain’ by most Hobart residents. In actual fact, Mount Wellington is to Hobart what the Eiffel Tower is to Paris and what the Statue of Liberty is to New York.

The mountain was earlier known as the Table Mountain until it was named in honour of the Duke of Wellington in 1832. Mount Wellington is covered in snow throughout most months of the year with its lower slope areas being covered by dense forests. There are quite a few walking trails across the mountain while a narrow roadway also leads visitors to the top to witness the spectacular scenery.

For most of the last century, the Mount Wellington was one of the most popular picnic and day resort areas for Hobart residents and many picnic huts and chalets were built here. These huts were completely destroyed during the great bushfires of 1967 and only a few modern huts are available and open to the public at present. This includes the Springs, the Pinnacle and the Chalet.

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Camel Safari, a delightful desert experience

A camel safari is undoubtedly one of the most exciting and memorable activities to be experienced in the environs of Abu Dhabi. In a past era when there were no motor vehicles or the conveniences we take for granted, the invaluable ‘ship of the desert’ was the only way to traverse the vast empty expanses of the Arabian desert. The forefathers of today’s Emiratis would travel long distances with no assistance apart from the prized camels which served their Arab masters faithfully.

Climbing and descending vast sand dunes and crossing expanses of picturesque desert on camelback is a truly magical experience reminiscent of the famed Arabian Nights. Providing a genuine taste of the nomadic lifestyle of ancient Arabia, a camel safari is always a memorable experience. The visitor may choose a safari trip of the desired duration, from an hour’s ride to an overnight expedition complete with a serene night in the desert in a Bedouin tent.

Alternatively the visitor may choose to traverse the desert in the comfort of a four-wheel drive vehicle, which takes the guest on a thrilling rollercoaster ride over sand dunes and desert valleys. The loftiest sand dunes provide a spectacular view over the Arabian desert; the desert sunset is a particularly memorable sight. The journey proceeds to a Bedouin campsite where the traveller can enjoy refreshments and have their hands and feet decorated with henna designs. Often a belly-dancer performs to traditional music, after which a delicious barbeque dinner will be served to the visitor.

The ancient art of falconry, a cherished Arab tradition can also be experienced in the desert. The falconer’s skill in handling the birds of prey always impresses the beholder.

‘Wadi bashing’ has gained great popularity in recent times. In this exciting adventure sport, a four-wheel drive vehicle is piloted at considerable speed over a wadi, the term used for a dry rocky riverbed, of which many are found in the environs of Abu Dhabi. However, it is customary to receive expert instructions before trying your hand at this activity.

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