Exploring Wenzhou

Wenzhou, a city in the Zhejiang Province in China, is well known for its prominent economic presence in the country. Wenzhou boasts of a 4000 year old history, and during the ancient times the city was a popular hub for pottery crafts.

Wenzhounese, the inhabitants of Wenzhou, are said to be the founders of many popular china towns spread across the globe. The city is surrounded by green rolling hills while a scenic harbour skirt the East China Sea, towards its east. Due to its geographical seclusion, the Wenzhounese claim to have a unique vernacular and culture preserved for centuries.

One of the best sightseeing attractions in Wenzhou is its Yandang Mountain nestled in the Leqing County of Wenzhou. This picturesque mountain is composed of several steep rocky peaks, striking waterfalls and even caves. The area is designated as a UNESCO Global Geopark and hosts many captivating attractions including the Spiritual Rocks, Big Dragon Waterfall and Spiritual Peaks.

Lingyan Rocks or the Spiritual Rocks snuggle a three levelled rock formation housing temples, caves and sculptures. When you hike the Yandang Mountain and reach the first level of Lingyan Rocks you will discover a cascade along with the Lingyan Temple. The second level has two caves while the third level nestles two valleys. Big Dragon Waterfall also called the Dalong Qiu, plunge from a height of 190 metres like an alluring silky veil.

The Spiritual Peaks of Yandang Mountain inspire and pique your imagination painting vivid similes, at different times of the day. At its southeast is a rock formation which resembles a monk, and so it is coined as the Old Monk Rock.

Wenzhou is not only about scenic nature escapes, it also has a great theme park at the Jiangxin Island sited right in the middle of Oujiang River. An old pagoda towers above the lush greenery of the islet, majestically. The islet is a great spot for picnics and day outs, as it nestles some charming gardens and serene lakes besides the animated theme park and a water park. Have a thrilling rollercoaster ride or fly the Ferris wheel and capture the panorama of the scenic neighbourhood.

Another nature escape in Wenzhou is the Wuyanling National Nature Reserve set in the Taishun County. The reserve spans for 200 square kilometres where its rocky terrain speckles a fine jet black to the verdant forest. This primary forest has about 17 peaks with the tallest, Baiyun Peak, reaching 1611 metres in height. With a beautiful stream running across the reserve, the site is ideal for mountaineers and hikers. Even the nature enthusiasts would not miss a chance to visit Wuyanling National Nature Reserve as it is rich in a great variety of fauna and flora.

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