Underwater Photography in Maldives, an experience like no other

The Maldive Islands in the tropical Indian ocean has acquired a reputation for some of the most beautiful underwater scenery to be seen anywhere in the world. From lovely coral reefs to a myriad of sea creatures, the Maldives never disappoints the lover of underwater life.

Among the multitude of visual ocean treasures that may be experienced by the diver, coral reefs are among the most amazing. Of the diverse kinds of corals stony corals are the most commonly seen, but there are many other varieties which are delightful to encounter, coming in diverse shapes and forms.

The waters of the Maldives are abundant in a huge variety of fish, many of them vibrantly coloured, unusual and picturesque. Fish in Maldivian waters come in many different shapes and sizes, ensuring that the diver is kept entertained at all times.

Eels are commonly seen around the Maldives. Powerful creatures with strong teeth, eels swim in a serpentine motion and will only attack humans if provoked. Often found around the Maldives are moray eels, which are inquisitive towards humans but are not aggressive.

Rays are another distinctive class of creatures to be seen in the Maldives. These flamboyantly shaped creatures include the manta ray, the largest species which grows to an extent of 5 metres. Various kinds of turtles may also be seen in the Maldives.
However there is an even greater pleasure available; that of capturing these fascinating life forms for years to come by recording them on camera. The ideal locations for photographing the sensational species of fish are the channels or atoll passes; the water currents however may necessitate you to hold on to a stationary object. The shoals and ‘thillas’ of the atolls as they are known teem with vividly coloured fish and coral creating a magnificent undersea panorama.

It is possible to rent photographic equipment from many of the diving schools, but if you desire custom equipment it makes sense to bring your own. It is advisable to keep the following tips in mind; shoot from the base of the reef when possible; to obtain a good shot, draw arms inwards and stabilize elbows against the body; exhale immediately before shooting; and keep gentle negative buoyancy if there is a current surge. It is essential to familiarize yourself with the equipment if you are not an expert.

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