Snorkelling In Maldives

The general opinion is that Maldives is definitely among the best locations in the world to spend a vacation that offers wonderful tranquil surroundings and picture perfect attractions. Its most treasured possessions of course are its turquoise blue waters, pristine beaches and breathtaking islands. Travellers to these tropical islands will be in for a splendid time and with so many activity and entertainment options, your time here will be second to none.

When describing activities in Maldives, a stand out here is snorkelling and this recreational activity cum water sport is considered to be the best way to observe the abundant marine life inhabiting the calm waters of Maldives. There are over thousands of different species of fish, coral reefs, plant life and other aquatic marine life for you to enjoy. The ideal location in the water for a comprehensive snorkelling experience is along the reefs. While swimming among these reefs, you are bound to come across many underwater attractions that include caves, cliffs, coral formations and remnants of ancient objects that were used during the raging wars many years ago.

Travellers enthusiastic about snorkelling can also seek out the many diving schools situated along the beach. These schools offer important snorkelling tips, guidelines, the perfect places to snorkel and provide state of the art equipment. While snorkelling a few species of fish that can be spotted include sweetlips, jacks, dogtooth tuna, trevallies, wahoos, fusiliers, octopus and butterfly fish. Due to the crystal clear waters, snorkelers can also see larger species such as sharks, manta rays, eels, anemones, turtles and the colossal napoleon wrasse.

Deep-water snorkelling is also an experience to indulge in and the marine life seen here include a plethora of coral life, whales, whale sharks and varieties of other fish species. Travellers can also enjoy snorkelling at night, when the waters are considered to be warmer. With several ocean tours on offer, travellers can explore many snorkelling sites and some worthy of mention are Soneva Gili, Bathala, Embudu Village, Ellaido and Kuredu. Apart from snorkelling, travellers can also indulge themselves in many other water activities and some of them include jet skiing, deep sea diving, para sailing, knee boarding and fishing.

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