The Awe-inspiring Mount Wellington



The state capital of the island state of Tasmania, Hobart is the second oldest capital city of Australia. Hobart is Tasmania’s financial and administrative centre while it is also the home port for the French and Australian operations in the Antarctic. The city is located in the Derwent river estuary while its skyline is almost completely dominated by the awesome, 1271 metre high Mount Wellington. Almost the entire city is built on the foothills of the Mount Wellington and is simply referred to as ‘the Mountain’ by most Hobart residents. In actual fact, Mount Wellington is to Hobart what the Eiffel Tower is to Paris and what the Statue of Liberty is to New York.

The mountain was earlier known as the Table Mountain until it was named in honour of the Duke of Wellington in 1832. Mount Wellington is covered in snow throughout most months of the year with its lower slope areas being covered by dense forests. There are quite a few walking trails across the mountain while a narrow roadway also leads visitors to the top to witness the spectacular scenery.

For most of the last century, the Mount Wellington was one of the most popular picnic and day resort areas for Hobart residents and many picnic huts and chalets were built here. These huts were completely destroyed during the great bushfires of 1967 and only a few modern huts are available and open to the public at present. This includes the Springs, the Pinnacle and the Chalet.

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