Beruwala Fish Market

With all there is to see in Beruwala, a noisy, smelly fishing harbour might not seem like your typical tourist destination. However, if you are looking for things to do in Wadduwa, you shouldn’t miss out on the inimitable charms of the Beruwala Fish Market.

The Location

Getting to the fish market is a relatively simple affair if you’re staying over at a nearby hotel – for example, The Blue Water Hotel and Spa. First, get yourself to Beruwala, then simply take a tuk-tuk or cab to the Beruwala Harbour which is only around 3km away.

When to Get There

The fish market begins to come alive in the early hours of the morning, and this perhaps the best time to go visit too. You’ll find fisherman loading up their gear, boats readying up for a day of seafaring and the crisp ocean sunrise sneak up over the horizon.

Choose Your Fish

There’s an abundance of fish varieties to choose from if you’re in the mood for buying. You’ll find piles of mackerel, sardine and seer piled up all around the market floor – careful not to step on them! There are also bigger catches, like sharks, rays and giant tuna.

Get it Prepared

Once you pick out your fish, you can hand it over to certain fishermen who’ll have it prepared for you – essentially gutting and filleting your purchase. Take this opportunity to get to know the locals, most of them are quite friendly and might show you a thing or two about how fishing works in Beruwala.