Is Cambodia worth visiting?

If you ever decide to take a vacation in Asia, you’ll realise that the range of options you have are essentially endless. One option that might just fly under your radar is the wonderful country of Cambodia – don’t let it though! From its amazing history and culture to its natural beauty and cuisine, here’s why Cambodia is worth visiting.

The Angkor Gardens

Located at the heart of Cambodia is the sprawling expanse of the Angkor Gardens, and at its centre lies the largest religious monument ever built. The Angkor Wat is a UNESCO world heritage site and a must-visit if you’re ever in the country. The Wat’s popularity means there are plenty of accommodation options in the surrounding area, from resorts to hotels. Siem Reap, Cambodia is the gateway to Angkor, and you can absorb all that history and then slip back into luxury by staying at establishments like the FCC Angkor.

The Relaxing Beaches

Destinations like Thailand and Bali are renowned for their picturesque, sun-kissed beaches but Cambodia is no slouch in this regard either. The south of Cambodia contains an array of islands that are perfect for a beach getaway. If you’re looking to have the time of your life, head on over to the popular party island of Koh Rong or if travel to Koh Thmei for some relaxing nature watching.

Cambodia’s People

Cambodians tend to be a really friendly bunch, often described as being generous, hospitable and approachable. When you’re walking through the streets, you’ll most likely be greeted by warm smiles and the occasional “hello” from passers-by. Try to strike up some conversation and listen to the stories the people of Cambodia have to say about the land.

Taste Cambodia

A culinary journey through Cambodia can be an unforgettable experience, made special with rich textures and inimitable Asian flavours. Almost every dish you’ll find incorporates rice into it, often in creative ways that will delight your palate. Taste delectable white fish and rice topped off with a healthy dose of coconut cream, or try a hearty serving of rice and beef complemented by the rich aroma of a dozen different spices – the choices are endless