Discovering the Hidden Gems Heritage Trail in Woolloongabba

Once a place of humble beginnings has now turned into a thriving metropole, Woolloongabba is now home to one of the famous cricket stadiums called ‘The Gabba’. The history of this spot is worth learning about before you decide to visit.

Stanley Street
Ever since the 1860s, Stanley Street has been nicknamed as Clarence Corner. Clarence Hotel was opened here in 1863. This place still conserves its old-world charm with structures that belong to the 19th century commercial capital it used to be. Quite interesting to explore indeed!

Mater Misericordiae Hospital
Yet again in the 19th century, the Six Sisters of Mercy which was initiated by Mother Vincent Whitty in Ireland arrived in Australia on the request of the bishop. Upon learning about their great teaching skills, the Bishop turned to them for help to set up a school and thus All Hallow’s Convent and School was started. Later with their medical skills, Mater Misericordiae Hospital was also instigated.

Princess Theatre
This is one of the oldest theatre’s built in Brisbane by Philip Hardgrave who saw great potential for this kind of entertainment back in the 19th century. If you are lodged at a Woolloongabba hotel close by, such as Oaks Woolloongabba, do visit this wonderful place.

Phoenix Building
Since the economy of Woolloongabba was booming at the time, this building, a shopping complex is truly a work of art. Designed in Victorian Filigree style, it brings out the feel of the 19th century in the present.