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Mekong River Cruises Guide

The Mekong is one of the largest rivers on the planet; flowing through several South East Asian countries, it has had a tremendous impact on the culture of these countries and their people. A cruise along this great river can be the adventure of a lifetime and we’ve put together a quick guide to help you plan the perfect river cruise.

Why Visit the Mekong River

A cruise along the Mekong will take you on a journey that spans countries and cultures. You’ll encounter everything from ancient ruins to traditional fishing villages. What’s more, the Mekong river basin boasts an astounding degree of biodiversity – second only to the Amazon.

Taking a Day Tour

If you’re strapped for time, a day cruise might be ideal for you. If you’re visiting the Mekong via Laos, Luang Prabang is where you want to go. There should be many Luang Prabang cruise tours to choose from. For instance, Mekong Kingdoms offers sunset cruises with dinner, as well as visits to Pak Ou cave and Kuang Si waterfall. Alternatively, you can experience Cambodian culture via a day tour through Kampong Cham.

Visiting the Delta

Located in Vietnam, the Mekong Delta region is ripe with natural beauty and exotic wildlife – a cruise along this stretch of the river is guaranteed to be filled with spectacular photo ops. This option also lets you experience Vietnamese culture first-hand, and the chance to try out authentic Vietnamese cuisine.

A Luxury River Cruise

Choosing a luxury cruise lets you enjoy all the sites and experiences the Mekong relaxed, pampered and in quiet comfort. Most luxury cruises travel between Siem Reap and Ho Chi Minh City or Phnom Penh. Taking these routes means you’ll encounter everything from beautifully crafted pagodas and temples to endless rice fields and charming floating markets.