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Dolphin and Whale Watching in Kalpitiya

Have you seen dolphins playfully swimming or perhaps a majestic whale coming up to the surface? If not, you have a very good chance of doing so when in Kalpitiya, Sri Lanka!

Planning Your Visit
The island’s northwestern coast is where you will find Kalpitiya, around 170 km from the commercial capital, Colombo. This area has fast become a popular destination for both locals and tourists; with accommodation options, the likes of Dolphin Beach Resort also organising excursions out to sea, dolphin and whale watching has never been easier to do.

Spotting Dolphins
There is much to look forward to on your adventures in Kalpitiya; dolphin watching includes getting the chance to see huge pods of spinner dolphins as they swim, play and sometimes leap into the air! The great thing is, you may see other dolphin species too such as Risso’s, bottlenose, humpback, Fraser’s and spotted dolphins.

Giants of the Deep
Truly unforgettable is the chance to spot the largest animal to have ever lived on earth; the mighty blue whale. Whale watching in Kalpitiya even gives you opportunities to witness other kinds of such gentle giants as well; these include sperm, minke, dwarf sperm and melon-headed whales.

Picking the Season
While you are by no means guaranteed sightings (especially whales), there are seasons where your chances are greatly increased. For dolphin watching, the months ranging from October till March are best. When it comes to whale sightings, November to April is generally considered the best period in Kalpitiya.