Experience a Mekong River Cruise

The mighty Mekong River is one of the most magnificent sights for those travelling to East or Southeast Asia and the great things is, it is perfect for a captivating cruise.

Where is the Mekong?

Beginning in China’s Tibetan Plateau, the river travels over 4,000 km, flowing through six countries including Laos, Thailand, Myanmar and Cambodia. A Mekong River cruise is an ideal way to traverse these waters which support rich biodiversity and offer insights into local culture and livelihoods.

Best Way to Travel

The best way to explore the river is to enjoy cruises offered by operators such as Mekong Kingdoms which have their own fleet of luxury boats. You get both day journeys and sunset dinner cruises as well as more intimate overnight experiences amidst the finest comforts as you visit places in Laos and Thailand.

Diverse Destinations

Each destination along the Mekong River has something different to offer. You can explore the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Luang Prabang in Laos, take in the lush beauty of Chiang Khong and the Golden Triangle, witness temple ruins in Chiang Saen and venture to Chiang Mai in the ancient Lanna Kingdom.

Unique Experiences

Depending on the type of cruise, you will be able to enjoy plenty of activities be it stopping by hill-tribe villages, sampling local cuisine, encountering elephants or seeing historical sites. Key attractions to visit along the way include the sacred Pak Ou Caves, Wat Dhon Kuhn, Khamu village and the idyllic Kuang Si Waterfalls.


Cruise Planning

The relief of settling onto the deck of a massive cruise ship sailing towards your desired destination as you sip on a pina colada is simply one of the most rewarding experiences, especially if you managed to plan the whole time to your precise needs.

Compare your options:

It easy to get swamped by the range of options and destinations available for you when you first begin your search. Take care to not get overwhelmed and always cross-check to ensure that you are making the best choice.

Trust a travel agent:

Once you know what cruise you want to take get the help of a travel agent to assist with the best possible itinerary for your trip!

Be early:

An element that is easy to overlook is the time factor, if you prepare well in advance it is much more likely that you will be able to secure for yourself the best experience out in the ocean or even on a Mekong river cruise if you are siged up with places like Mekong Kingdoms.

Think about a shorter trip:

Sometimes the 5-day long trip can be as satisfying and refreshing as the 3-week long journey on the high seas and could be more cost-effective as well!

Cruise Planning tips

A vacation on a cruise is a vacation that’s always well-spent. Many of us are little afraid to arrange a cruise holiday on our own because we think planning is a terrific process. No, it’s not! Just follow these simple steps.

Image credit- MekongKingdoms

Before everything, pick your destination and itinerary

First, plan the destination you are going to explore among the many options you have. If you select a Mekong River cruise for instance, as your next adventure, make sure you plan your itinerary that goes in hand with the cruise.

Then pick a Stateroom or Suite

The next big decision lies with the type of accommodation you need to stay on board. Cruises with agents like Mekong Kingdoms are considerate about the needs and wants of their travelers and help them pick the best for them.

Before you board, reserve the dining options

Before you board, make sure you reserve the entertainment and dining spaces too. If you like some wine or cocktails onboard, make sure you book your beverage package in advance too.

Basic packing tips

This is about planning your travel suitcase, finally. Make sure you have the basics such as sunglasses, medications, swimsuits, and clothing for different types of excursions all packed in your suitcase, together with the other things that you may need.


Cruise Planning travel blog

If you’ve never been on a cruise, now is the time to get on it and plan one! Cruises aren’t like your traditional holidays, they are so much better. Here’s some help when planning it!

Choose the destination

You’ll be given a plethora of choices in terms of destinations as there are plenty of cruises all around the world! Also remember, when it comes to a cruise, there is not just one destination, there’s always more than one involved, so pick carefully. For those interested in a Mekong River cruise, consider the ones provided by Mekong Kingdoms, and you won’t be disappointed!

Choose the accommodation

Before making your final decisions, you need to give some thought to the type of accommodation you prefer. You may also need to take into account who is accompanying you and thereafter pick a type of accommodation that best suits you and your travel partner/s.

Find the right cruise

With the number of cruises available, you might find yourself extremely confused as to which you’re supposed to pick. The best thing to do would be to research on the cruise and the stops it will make and check if it lines with your interests and likes.