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Cruise Planning tips

A vacation on a cruise is a vacation that’s always well-spent. Many of us are little afraid to arrange a cruise holiday on our own because we think planning is a terrific process. No, it’s not! Just follow these simple steps.

Image credit- MekongKingdoms

Before everything, pick your destination and itinerary

First, plan the destination you are going to explore among the many options you have. If you select a Mekong River cruise for instance, as your next adventure, make sure you plan your itinerary that goes in hand with the cruise.

Then pick a Stateroom or Suite

The next big decision lies with the type of accommodation you need to stay on board. Cruises with agents like Mekong Kingdoms are considerate about the needs and wants of their travelers and help them pick the best for them.

Before you board, reserve the dining options

Before you board, make sure you reserve the entertainment and dining spaces too. If you like some wine or cocktails onboard, make sure you book your beverage package in advance too.

Basic packing tips

This is about planning your travel suitcase, finally. Make sure you have the basics such as sunglasses, medications, swimsuits, and clothing for different types of excursions all packed in your suitcase, together with the other things that you may need.