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A Hiker’s Guide to Sri Lanka’s Knuckles Mountain Range – A hiking adventure

The knuckles mountain range lies in central Sri Lanka and is a popular spot for hikers. Also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this is the ideal location for those interested in hiking. Here’s more information for you!

Image by: Free-Photos  via pixabay | CC0

Hiking the mountain range

Considered a rather tough hiking trail in the country, it’s best attempted by those who have a history of experience behind them. It’s best if you have a guide when exploring Knuckles Sri Lanka, hotels in the vicinity such as the unique Wild Glamping Knuckles as it’s easy to lose track of where you are!

Mini World’s End

Located south of the mountain range lies ‘Mini World’s End’, as the name suggests, is a 1,192-metre cliff offering the best views of the mountains. The trail begins at the Knuckles Conservation Centre and is roughly 1.5 kilometres in length.

Nitro Caves

Another popular trail is the nature trail leading to the Nitro Caves, a massive cave that hundreds of bats call home. This 11-kilometre trek begins at the Corbett’s Gap and takes roughly five hours to complete.


Although streams are aplenty, there is a high chance some of them may have dried up. Therefore, it is best to bring enough water bottles and re-fill them at every stream you pass!