A Cruising Adventure – Sailing in Phuket

The sailing cruises are a great way to explore the outdoors. When you go out sailing in Phuket you can snorkel and dive around the waters of the islands. If you are in Phuket for a short stay then sailing will be a good option for you. Most of the sailing cruises take you to the nearby islands where you can relax, sun bathe or even have a private picnic. Phang Nga Bay, Phi Phi, Raya and Similan islands are great for a beach getaway. If you are sailing with a group of people or even if you are sailing alone you should take the opportunity to explore the islands. There are some interesting species that dwell in the coral reefs nearby and you can spot a large number of clown fish in the water. Also the palm trees on the islands will help you cool off in the hot temperature.
There are different types of cruises that are available in Phuket. There are luxury yachts, catamarans, cabin cruises and monohulls. If you are not too familiar with Phuket then it is better to go for a guided cruise. Sailing in the area is a special activity because the waters that surround the island belong to the Andaman Sea. This means that the weather conditions for this activity are near perfect. The sunny weather and the moderate winds create the atmosphere for a great experience. Relaxing on beautiful beaches and island hopping are the highlights of such an outdoor adventure.
Another great experience is the food that will be served on board. Somehow a meal served out in the open sea tastes more delicious than when you are dining in a restaurant. It’s probably because the diving and snorkelling helps you to work up an appetite. Visitors who are planning to stay in the area could stay at a Phuket resort during their vacation. A Phuket beach resort is by far the best option because they have the best rooms with a spectacular view of the Thai ocean. Check out Anantara Phuket Resort Thailand, they will pamper you and make your stay in Thailand a memorable one.

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Natural Beauty – Kayaking to Ao Thalane

Ao Thalane or Thalane Bay is a scenic karst canyon along the coast accessed via an estuary with a dense mangrove forest spread out over a large area. Located about 20 miles from Krabi it is a popular destination for day trips. The karst formations in the canyon are said to be more than 300 million years old and is the oldest in the area. The limestone has been weathered and eroded by water into interesting shapes while mineral deposits have tinted it with colours ranging from pink to rose, mauve and cream. Trees, bushes and lianas grow on the sides of the canyon and at the edge of the water. The best way to enjoy the beauty of this very special place is by kayak, a mode of transport that will not damage the environment and will not disturb the wildlife.

Langurs and long tailed crab eating macaques frequent the cliffs as do a variety of birds among which are the blue rock thrush, kingfishers, white bellied sea eagles, egrets and swallows. Feeding fruit to the macaques have made them almost tame and dependent on visitors for goodies. Many jump into the kayaks looking for food. The noise of Cicadas and other insects break the stillness of the day. Giant monitor lizards and river otters are spotted disappearing into the water. A sandbar that is exposed at low tide at the mouth of the canyon, attracts visitors as millions of crabs can be seen scuttling about. Low tide also attracts local fishermen who come here to look for clams and other seafood.

Day trippers set off from Krabi before the sun gets too hot giving ample time to get to Ao Thane which takes about two hours by kayak. After exploring 6 km of channels among the mangroves, dodging low hanging branches and enjoying the dappled sunlight on the water in addition to stunning views of steep foliage draped limestone cliffs, caves and isolated strips of sand it is time for lunch at the local fishing village. Cooling off with a dip in the artesian pool Phu Thara before heading home is the practice of many visitors. Sunset kayaking trips and kayaking in the moonlight at Ao Thalane are the other options to enjoy this fantastic place.

Anantara Si Kao Thailand offers a secluded coastal escape with a laid back atmosphere free of crowds and facilities and services to ensure a memorable holiday. Spacious contemporary accommodation, a spa with Asian inspired treatments, water sports, a PADI dive centre, beach club and a slew of onsite activities are on offer at this popular Trang resort. Stay at one of prominent Krabi resorts and enjoy a unique holiday destination.

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Hua Hin Snorkelling at Talu Island – Underwater Adventures

Offering an unforgettable underwater experience snorkelling at Talu Island is definitely worth trying for those planning a holiday in Hua Hin. The region is in fact known for offering an idyllic coastal escape and staying at Hua Hin hotels by the sea is an ideal way to experience the very best this coastal town has to offer. Anantara Hua Hin Thailand Resort is one of the best beach hotels Hua Hin Thailand is known for and lets you enjoy a holiday full of fun in the sun, sand and surf.

Snorkelling is a great way to discover the stunning underwater world that lies beneath the waters that surround this coastal area. For more snorkelling fun plan an excursion to Talu Island; the journey includes travelling to the fishing town of Bangsaphan Noi and then on towards Talu Island which is known for its colourful corals and range of marine life. As you snorkel you will come across coral varieties such as mushroom coral, staghorn coral and branching pore coral along with many fish species that call these waters home.

Touring the Mangrove Forests of Phuket: Enjoy Nature at its Best!

Mangrove forests are composed predominantly of mangrove trees, a type of shrub that is specially equipped to survive when growing in salty water as well as fresh water. As a result, mangrove forests are predominantly found near rivers and near the ocean and helps to prevent erosion. These mangrove forests create its own ecosystems with a thriving bed of creatures such as crab eating monkeys, birds, shellfish etc. and are usually equipped with strong roots that are able to attach itself to the riverbed or the sand in order to not be affected by strong tidal currents.

Such mangroves can be found across the world, especially in Asian countries such as India, Burma and Thailand and its importance is paramount. In fact, recent surveys suggest that an increase in mangroves and mangrove forests may provide an effective means through which global climate change can be controlled. The importance of mangrove forests was further enunciated when Thailand was affected by the 2004 tsunami which recorded a 9.0 on the Richter scale. The inhabitants of the Thai island of Phuket readily discovered that mangrove forests functioned as a brilliant natural barrier against the harsh and strong tsunami waves.

There are many wonderful ways to explore the beauty of these forests in Phuket and one such extremely fun way is to opt for the ATV Discovery tour. Climb aboard an ATV: an All Terrain Vehicle, step on the accelerator and you’re off! Enjoy the amazing landscape complete with an abundance of mangrove forests and the beautiful ocean beyond, all the while having a rocky yet exciting adventure. Companies provide tourists with the option of ATV tours lasting from one hour to a couple of hours, so it does depend on how long you wish to enjoy the experience for.

If the ATV tour packages are too fast paced for you, there is also a mountain bike option, a kayaking option and a nature safari option. It definitely does depend on what you’re more comfortable with and these tours can often be easily arranged by contacting the reception of the Phuket resort you are staying at. Phuket beach resort is quite accommodating when it comes to tourists wanting to try out different things and an excellent choice to consider is the Anantara Phuket Resort Thailand, for it takes different experiences to a whole new level by providing guests with a one of a kind experience.

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Mu Ko Phetra National Park – A Tropical Escape

Mu Ko Phetra Marine Park is located in the Andaman Sea side of Thailand and is one of the largest marine parks in the country. There are around 30 islands that belong to the park and some of these islands are known to be nesting grounds for turtles that lay their eggs on the beach. Since the national park includes islands from the southern part of the Trang Province and the northern area of the Satun Province there is a variety of flora and fauna found here. The site is an excellent place to visit from sunrise to sunset. Visitors can begin the day by exploring the colourful coral reef which is home to rich marine life. Then set off on a trekking tour observing some curious animals and birds in the tropics.

The area has some of the typical features of Thai’s tropics such as steep limestone rocks and white sandy beaches so it is perfect for those who want to go for a hike. The limestone is believed to be at least 470 million years old and they reach up to 200m in height providing a spectacular view of the Andaman Sea. There are a lot of water based activities one can participate in while at the park; snorkelling, diving, swimming and kayaking are some of them. If you are feeling tired then it is best to take a ride on a cruise boat or go on a ferry. Some of the islands have been restricted to the public and you need to be with a recognized tour guide if one wants to see certain locations in the area.

One will notice that there are different types of forests scattered across the islands; rainforests, open forests and mangrove forests. The mangrove forests are in the muddy areas, near the lagoons; there are open forests on the beachfront filled with lush vegetation. The rainforests are found in the interior of the islands, and you need to travel further inside to see them. What is also fascinating are the different animal species and aquatic life you see here. Monkeys, wild pigs, bats, pythons and Indian monitors are abundant. Turtles, Brahminy kites, collared kingfishers, and reef egrets are also frequently sighted. If you are looking for a place to stay so you can visit the marine park then you should try to check into Krabi resorts. You can also consider staying at a Trang resort which makes an ideal base to explore the area. When visiting the region consider staying at Anantara Si Kao Thailand which features villas overlook the stunning Andaman Sea.

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Deep Water Diving in Kathu – Underwater Adventures in Phuket

One of the premier destinations for deep water diving, Kathu in Phuket provides an unforgettable adventure beneath the waves. Look to combine diving excursions with health retreats Phuket has to offer, letting you find peace for mind, body and spirit. Thanyapura is one such option and features holistic wellness that combines perfectly with the active lifestyle Asia is known for.

Diving enthusiasts can head to Kathu where one can find colourful coral reefs and vibrant marine life amidst the clear waters of the Andaman Sea. Pa Tong town is an ideal base from which to set off on your diving adventures and lets you truly explore Phuket’s fascinating marine world. Plan a trip to the Similan and Surin National Marine Parks which offer plenty of diving fun, while not to be missed is a chance to head underwater and visit Richelieu Rock. The Koh Racha Islands are also known for dive sites worth exploring. On your excursions you may come across such marine life as blacktip reef sharks, lionfish and fusiliers to name but a few of the species that inhabit these waters.

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Flying Hanuma in Phuket – Jungle Adventures

The Flying Hanuma in Phuket is definitely the place to visit if you ever wanted to experience the thrill of swaying in between tree tops just like Tarzan! While this attraction can be found in the island’s Kathu District, those in search of a Phuket resort by the sea which to use as a base can consider Anantara Phuket Resort Thailand. This luxurious Phuket beach resort is also an ideal place to stay for nature lovers since it borders the Sirinath National Park.

Of course if you really want to enjoy some truly thrilling fun in nature make your way to Flying Hanuma which has been cleverly incorporated into the surrounding forest landscape. Constructed amidst the trees, this unique attraction features a number of exciting activities that give you a chance to explore the forest from up high. Featuring Sky Bridges, abseiling and over 20 platforms built into the trees, this popular outdoor activity can be enjoyed by young and old alike. Those in search of more adrenaline pumping excitement can try a ride on the zipline that take you on a breathtaking ride amidst the forest.

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Scuba Diving in Thailand: Enjoy the Mysteries of the Ocean

Thailand has proven to be a popular holiday destination in Asia as tourists eagerly flock to the country enticed by its vast shopping prospects, amazing sightseeing and of course, the idyllic delights of islands such as Phuket. One of the greatest attractions of such islands, one that appear to become more and more popular every year, is scuba diving for the underwater visibility is tantalisingly high around most dive sites in Thailand. As a result, scuba divers are treated to picturesque sightings of corals, an abundance of sea life and even underwater shipwrecks.

While over two hundred thousand tourists visiting Thailand opt to dive, scuba diving is progressing rapidly towards becoming a multi-million dollar industry. With more tourists visiting the country annually, the Thai administration has taken steps to improve facilities and open up better diving sites as well. One of the best locations in and around Thailand for this activity include the well known island of Phuket whose abundance of healthy coral fosters a hospitable environment for a thriving underwater world. For those visiting Phuket, Racha Yai, Ter Bay, Racha Noi and Koh Doc Mai are iconic locations for divers but tourists should take care to inquire prior to doing so in order to avoid strong currents.

The Koh Phi Phi Island is another location which is home to several dive sites. Found between Phuket and Krabi, this island’s natural beauty above sea level is deeply complemented by its splendour beneath its shores. Diving sites along the beaches of Ao Nang and Railay as well as Chalong Bay are ideal for those staying at Krabi resorts and these sites are conducive for scuba divers as well as those who wish to go snorkelling. Furthermore, scuba divers will also find the King Cruiser wreck an exciting underwater excursion for it is known for the sea anemones that attract schools of fish making it a wonderfully colourful site.

Hence, it is abundantly clear that it does not matter which Trang resort you may opt to stay at for, in terms of diving, for the Thai coastal belt is dotted with amazing dive sites. However, if you wish to experience true luxury as well as amazing diving experiences on your visit to Siam, ensure that you check in at Anantara Si Kao Thailand and allow its lavish comfort to soothe your soul.

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Rock climbing at Railay Beach, Thailand – Climb Your Way To The Top

Railay Beach in Thailand is a famous rock climbing site because of the amazing scenery in the surrounding area and the thrilling heights of the rocks. The beach is situated between two cities in Thailand, Krabi and Ao Nang and Railay beach is the place from which the rocks are most accessible. Railay beach is a secluded peninsula in Thailand because the lime rocks block road access to the area.

The fact that Railay is cut off from the road gives it a special tropical feeling and the scenery and the surroundings compliments it. The impressively towering cliffs on either side of Railay have drawn rock climbing enthusiasts over the years. The mountains overlook the beautiful beach and reach extreme heights that make rock climbing a thrilling experience. Railay is one of the best beaches in Thailand because it is clean, private and one of the least polluted areas in the country. The green water and the white sand definitely make it a vacation in paradise.

Phra Nang beach which is close to Railay is another climbing destination that has history behind it. There is a shrine in a small cave where a number of statues have been placed for worship. The shrine was built as a dedication to the goddess Sri Kunlathewi an Indian princess who found herself in Thailand after a ship wreck. There is also a hidden lagoon which rock climbers could explore.

The view of the Krabi district and the beach can be seen when you reach the top of the cliffs. Most of the rock climbing instructors will direct you to this area. Since there are a number of rock climbing instructors in Railay you should find a course that best suits your capabilities. The area in and around Railay is peaceful, visitors are meant to relax and enjoy the tropical atmosphere when they visit this place.

When looking for a hotel to stay in, look at the range of Krabi resorts in Thailand. There are several places you could book in advance and a Trang resort would be ideal. Of the hotels available Anantara Si Kao Thailand is a hotel worth checking out. It is close to the rock climbing sites and provides some great service and facilities for the guests.

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Discovering The Top 5 Things To Do In Thailand

A land of rich culture, heritage and history, Thailand is a truly enchanting Asian country that offers something for everyone. The capital Bangkok is one of the best places to begin your journey of discovery and Bangkok cruises provide the perfect means in which to engage in a sightseeing tour. Anantara Cruises Thailand provides a Bangkok cruise tour worth trying out and provides a luxurious ride on the Chao Phraya River which is one of the top things you can do when visiting the country. It offers a unique perspective of the city and many of its famous attractions.

Another “must do” activity is paying a visit to the Grand Palace which can be found in the capital. This historic palace is an iconic landmark and those exploring the site can also head to the Temple of the Emerald Buddha which is one of the country’s most significant Buddhist temples. Shopping in Bangkok is another activity worth experiencing and apart from sprawling mega malls you will also find lively markets and unique floating markets here too. Exploring Ayutthaya and its ancient ruins and heading off on excursions to breathtaking Phang Nga Bay round off the list of top 5 things to do in Thailand which promise a truly unforgettable holiday experience.

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