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Trang Island Adventures

Thailand is one of the most ultimate choices for a tropical getaway and there are many breathtaking experiences to be had in this nation. A Trang Island adventure however, is something remarkable.

The Islands

There are more than 46 islands to explore outside of the mainland area, offering secluded beaches, snorkelling experiences, and many Krabi resorts to choose from such as Anantara Si Kao Resort.

Now showing Photo, Resort And Andaman Sea Panorama
Image Credit: Anantara Si Kao Resort

Pak Meng Pier

This is where most voyages concerning the Trang Islands begin, and the moment you set foot on this pier you will be able to witness the exquisite tropical splendour of these islands and Thailand as a whole.

Ko Lao Liang Phi in Mu Ko Phetra National Park
LerdsuwaLaoLiangPhiCC BY-SA 3.0

Ko Muk

This is the most popular first stop on a Trang Islands adventure. It features a range of affordable lodgings, a beautiful white-sand bar on the eastern side known as Hat Sivalai, and spectacular beaches on the west side, Hat Farang, which are eclipsed by looming limestone cliffs.

File:2016 Prowincja Trang, Ko Muk (02).jpg
Photo: Marcin Konsek / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 4.02016 Prowincja Trang, Ko Muk (02)CC BY-SA 4.0

Ko Kradan

If you’re looking for someplace that is simplistic and isolated then Ko Kradan might just be perfect for you. The island has pristine beaches with fresh powdery sand leading to shallow aquamarine waters.

File:2016 Prowincja Trang, Ko Kradan (02).jpg
Photo: Marcin Konsek / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 4.02016 Prowincja Trang, Ko Kradan (02)CC BY-SA 4.0

Ko Ngai

A direct contrast to Ko Kradan, this is one of the most developed of the Trang Islands so it is best to visit Ko Ngai towards the end of the tour so you can feast on expertly prepared Thai cuisine at one of their many restaurants.

File:Koh Ngai 07.jpg
KhunkayKoh Ngai 07CC BY-SA 3.0

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