Khon Kaen: Everything you need to Know for a Perfect Trip – A Thai getaway

Khon Kaen is a hub for tourists, be it work or otherwise, and if you want to know how to have the perfect trip in this part of Thailand, read on.

About Khon Kaen

Civilisations settled here thousands of years ago, and later, further cultures came in and settled too. After the Khmer empire ended, the place remained untouched until King Rama the first decided to take over and create a new town here. The Vietnamese, Indians and Chinese have been trading silk for more than 200 years now, and when you are exploring the town, you will be able to see the influences of these cultures everywhere.

Where to stay

Khon Kaen has many places for you to choose from, and you can find suitable places to stay according to your budget. A centrally located hotel in Khon Kaen you can check out while there is Avani Khon Kaen Hotel & Convention Centre, for instance.

Image via Avani Khon Kaen Hotel & Convention Centre

When to go

The monsoon in this part of Thailand happens during July, August and September. These are the worst months in terms of being unable to explore the town freely. April is a good time to visit the area since the Songkran, which is the Thailand New Year, happens then too.

Getting around in Khon Kaen

Khon Kaen is quite a big place, and the public transport system here is great. You can also rent your own set of wheels to have more flexibility in terms of getting around. Tuk-tuks are found almost in every corner of Khon Kaen and it is a cheap and fast way of getting around.

What Is Thailand Most Famous For? – Reasons to enjoy your next vacation in Thailand

Thailand is a paradise for all sorts of travellers, especially for the backpackers out there! It’s famous for many great reasons. Here are a few of them.

Thai Food

Forget about the unreadable names of Thai dishes, just enjoy their unique tastes. Thailand is a paradise for those who love street food and even seafood. Diverse kinds of noodles, meat, and spices, you find it all there.

The Temples

The main religion of the Thais is Buddhism. This is why you find many Buddhist Temples (pagodas) and statues that are over a thousand years of age. There are also monasteries that you can visit when you are in Thailand.

© Vyacheslav Argenberg / Saket, Prayer, Bangkok, ThailandCC BY 4.0

Thai Hospitality

Since Thailand is a country that considerably depends on the tourism industry, you find many good hotels everywhere. You may head to a hotel in Khon Kaen the likes of Avani Khon Kaen Hotel & Convention Centre for your stay, and you are sure to enjoy the best of authentic hospitality.

Martial Arts

Those who know about Martial Arts, know about Muay Thai too. Muay Thai has been originated in Thailand. It has its unique ways of kicking, punching, and fighting and that’s worth watching.

The oldest & most highly revered temple in North Thailand – A place once the Lord Buddha visited

Constructed in the mid-15th century, this old temple, Wat Phra That Si Chom Thong is popular among all travellers who visit Chiang Mai. It houses one of the sacred Buddha Relics as well.

IudexvivorumWat Phra That Si Chom Thong – 2017-07-08 (002)CC0 1.0

The Viharas

The temple has two viharas. The larger one out of these two is a two-storied building and this houses the Buddha Relic. This relic is said to be the sacred skull of the Lord Buddha.

The Ku

The Ku is also known as the Buddha Throne. It’s where hundreds of Buddha statues and images are kept for public display. The smaller vihara also houses many Buddha images.

It’s a great place to engage in meditation

The temple also conducts meditation classes. Even if you are a foreigner, you have the opportunity to learn meditation as they instruct in English as well. You can either choose the Samatha meditation practices or the Vipassana approach.

Getting to the Wat Phra That Si Chom Thong

If you are from a hotel in Khon Kaen the likes of Avani Khon Kaen Hotel & Convention Centre, you can simply take a bus and reach this temple. A private taxi would also do, but make sure you agree on the price before you start your ride.

Top Taboos in Thailand

Thailand is a country with a rich culture. It’s amazing, but westerners may sometimes find this culture to be a little strange. This is why you should know mainly about its top taboos before you go.

Don’t touch the head of a person

In Thailand, they believe that the most significant body part of a person is the head, and because of this, touching the head will be considered so wrong.

No shorts or miniskirts to temples

Are you planning to visit any temples during your holiday spent at a hotel in Khon Kaen the likes of Avani Khon Kaen Hotel & Convention Centre? Adhere to modest clothing as much as possible, you can’t even wear a sleeveless top to a temple.

Do not touch monks

Touching a monk is forbidden in Thailand. You can have friendly conversations with them, but you should know your limits. Even when you need to take a picture together, you should first ask for permission and do it.

Do not criticize the royal family

Thailand Royal Family
Thailand Royal Family|Government of Thailand , Princess Ubolratana 2009-12-7 Royal Thai Government House , CC BY 2.0


Since you do not know about the King or his family, it’s always wise to avoid any conversations about them. Criticizing them is a serious offense in Thailand.

Crazy Extreme Adventures

A tropical holiday in Thailand doesn’t always have to be about lounging on the beach, working on your tan, especially if you are the kind of person that wants to experience the open spaces and blue seas of Thailand with your whole being. Here are some adrenaline-inducing water sports and adventures you can do to go beyond your comfort zone.

1. White Water Rafting

Head further inland from the beach and try a little white-water rafting. Some rapids range on all levels in Pai, Chiang Mai and Chumpon to name a few.

2. Scuba Diving with Whale Sharks

If you are planning to try out some diving when you check into a hotel in Khon Kaen, consider signing up for scuba diving with whale sharks. The best time is during the season of February to April. If your preferred choice of hotel is one like Avani Khon Kaen Hotel & Convention Centre, you can ask them to book ahead for you.

scuba diving

3. Kiteboarding

Kiteboarding requires a bit of navigation in your part and something you should be careful of if you’re a first timer. But it’s never too late to try.

4. Rock Climbing

If you want something to get the blood pumping that doesn’t involve you getting wet, try a little rock-climbing in the Krabi province.

5. Wakeboarding

There are wake parks all over Thailand thanks to wakeboarding’s recent popularity so why not get in on the rush?

Top-rated attractions in Thailand

Attractions you find in Thailand are diverse and all of them are well competent to provide you with memorable experiences in their own unique ways. It’s not just about enjoying history and culture, but also about enjoying the best food and admiring the sceneries.

Khon Kaen National Museum

Within close vicinity of hotels Avani Khon Kaen Hotel & Convention Centre, you find the Khon Kaen National Museum which has various ancient tools, marble slabs, and stuccos as its exhibits. Not to forget, it features some dinosaur fossils and human skeletons as well.

The Grand Palace, Bangkok

When you are planning your day in Bangkok from your hotel in Khon Kaen make sure you do not miss to include visiting the Grand Palace in the city. You find royal halls, temples and ancient relics in these premises and they will all show you how advanced the craftsmanship has been back in the day.

Bealbrown at the English WikipediaGrand Palace viewCC BY-SA 3.0

Sunday Walking Street

If you are someone looking forward to cheap but tasty food in Thailand, then the Night Walking street in Chiang Mai will be the ideal option for you.

Sukhothai Old City

Although what you find here are some ruins of a great old city, the photo options that it provides are adorable. This old city is also a UNESCO World Heritage site and is considered one of the most significant historical sites in Thailand.

AhoerstemeierSukhothai historical park1CC BY-SA 3.0


A Fun Day at the Dino Water Park in Khon Kaen

If you are holidaying in Khon Kaen with the family, make sure you put down Dino Water Park on your itinerary. From thrilling rides to laid-back fun in the water, it offers a memorable day out for all.

Getting There

Billed as Southeast Asia’s largest water park, this popular attraction can be found on Mittraphap Road (or Highway Number 2). Within a 20 minute drive from AVANI Khon Kaen Hotel & Convention Centre, this site is right near the Pratunam Wholesale Market.

The Thrilling Rides

Spread across 40 acres, Dino Water Park features nine zones with different attractions. Kamikaze, Looping Rocket, Aqua Tower, Freefall, Giant Body Slide and Space Hole are amongst the most exciting rides to try here. Tip; since there is so much to do, plan to get here early from your hotel in Khon Kaen so you have more time to enjoy.

Laid-back Fun

This water park is not all about action-packed rides; The Lazy River which offers a relaxed adventure, the Wave Pool which simulates an ocean setting and the Aqua Tower play structures that encourage creative minds can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Opening Hours & Tickets

Dino Water Park is open from 10am to 6pm from Monday to Friday and from 10am to 8pm on Saturday and Sunday. A Casual Day Pass and Lite Day Pass are around 200 and 300 Thai baht respectively and offer access to a few attractions. The Premier Day Pass on the other hand, which is about 600 Thai baht, offers access to all zones.

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