Khon Kaen: Everything you need to Know for a Perfect Trip – A Thai getaway

Khon Kaen is a hub for tourists, be it work or otherwise, and if you want to know how to have the perfect trip in this part of Thailand, read on.

About Khon Kaen

Civilisations settled here thousands of years ago, and later, further cultures came in and settled too. After the Khmer empire ended, the place remained untouched until King Rama the first decided to take over and create a new town here. The Vietnamese, Indians and Chinese have been trading silk for more than 200 years now, and when you are exploring the town, you will be able to see the influences of these cultures everywhere.

Where to stay

Khon Kaen has many places for you to choose from, and you can find suitable places to stay according to your budget. A centrally located hotel in Khon Kaen you can check out while there is Avani Khon Kaen Hotel & Convention Centre, for instance.

Image via Avani Khon Kaen Hotel & Convention Centre

When to go

The monsoon in this part of Thailand happens during July, August and September. These are the worst months in terms of being unable to explore the town freely. April is a good time to visit the area since the Songkran, which is the Thailand New Year, happens then too.

Getting around in Khon Kaen

Khon Kaen is quite a big place, and the public transport system here is great. You can also rent your own set of wheels to have more flexibility in terms of getting around. Tuk-tuks are found almost in every corner of Khon Kaen and it is a cheap and fast way of getting around.