Hidden Gem Attractions in Krabi, Thailand – Explore the beauty of hidden treasures

Krabi is often known as a great destination for family getaways. Forget the attractions that everyone visits, rent a car and go after the hidden treasures. You’ll be truly happy you did!

Emerald Pool and Blue Pool

Are you spending your vacation at a hotel in Ao Nang Krabi the likes of Avani Ao Nang Cliff Krabi Resort? Allocate time for a two hours’ drive and head to the Emerald Pool and Blue Pool. They are located in the same park.

Scorewith German, Emerald Pool at Khao Phra Bang Khram Nature Reserve, near Krabi (Thailand) – panoramioCC BY 3.0

Nam Tok Rawn

They are the Krabi Hot Springs. Visit the hot springs on a cooler day (or maybe early in the morning) and enjoy the best of relaxation.

Tiger Cave Temple

What you’ll love the most about the Tiger Cave Temple are the views you get to enjoy once you reach the top after climbing all the stairs. You may also enjoy the unique architectural styles of the temple.

Ban Bor Thor Caves

Are you someone interested in cave art? Then, here is the place for you. You can either take a speedboat tour or a kayak tour to enjoy the cave art in peace.

A visit to the Emerald Pool Krabi & Krabi Hot Springs

If Krabi is your choice of destination for your next vacation, then you are clearly after an exciting holiday and this is exactly what the place offers. But you will need some relaxation as well and that’s where the hot springs and emerald pool come in.

Getting to Emerald Pool

The best way to get here would be by renting a motorbike so you have enough freedom to stop along the way if you want to. Once you reach the parking lot, park your vehicle and then walk through the Thung Teao Forest National Park where the pool is well hidden among the greens.

Entrance fees

There is a fee of 200 baht for entrance to the Crystal Pool. Also, parking for a motorbike costs 10 baht while parking for cars cost 30 baht.

Best time to visit

If you want to avoid the crowds, the ideal time to visit would be in the morning. You can have the pool all to yourself. Later in the afternoon, the place tends to get a little crowded when kids come to enjoy themselves after school.

Places to stay

You are most likely to find a hotel in Ao Nang Krabi the likes of Avani Ao Nang Cliff Krabi Resort. Most of the hotels are located in this part of Krabi, nonetheless, it is easy to get to any place from here.

A Handy Guide to Sail in Hidden Islands in Krabi

Around two hundred islands and islets are sprawled around Krabi’s magnificent coastline, with many outcrops rising precariously out of the sea, which can only be admired from a distance. Others, although largely uninhabited, offer enrapturing white sand beaches, and ethereal cave exploration opportunities.

Best Times to Sail

Since Krabi is located to the equator, it has a tropical monsoon climate, which means that it’s quite hot and humid, with April and May being the hottest months of the year. Stormy weathers frequent the region between May and October, during which not all islands can be visited. November to March is considered the best time to visit.

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Ao Nang beach is where navigators usually anchor off when they arrive at Krabi. One can find a myriad of facilities around the beach such as restaurants, spas, and many a hotel in Ao Nang. Krabi offering all kinds of accommodation from guesthouses to luxury properties such as Avani Ao Nang Cliff Krabi Resort.

Sailing Charters

You can select from a variety of choices from powerboats to motor yachts and super yachts to sail around the Krabi Islands. Yacht chartering to Krabi is ideal for a sense of adventure.

Best Sailing Locations

Talabeng Island, Phang Nga Bay, Thalane Bay, and Bor Thor Village are some of the best places you can have leisurely sailing experience.

Hiking the Dragon Crest Mountain Trail

Hiking enthusiasts heading to Krabi should not miss exploring the Dragon Crest Mountain Trail which is among the area’s best loved trekking hubs for travellers and locals alike.

Dragon Crest Mountain at a Glance

Known as Khao Ngon Nak in the local tongue, Dragon Crest Mountain is no ordinary hiking hub in Krabi. With a 3.7km long hiking trail that leads to some of the most spectacular viewing points in the area, it is a must explore highlight for all visitors. Accessible free of charge, the mountain is easy to navigate even for the least experienced hikers. The entire hike takes no more than 2 and a half hours or even an hour, depending on one’s own fitness and hiking prowess. The best reward of the hike awaits travellers who reach the top as it is said that all of Krabi lays open before one’s eyes.

Reaching Dragon Crest Mountain

The best way to reach the Dragon Crest Mountain is to hop on a motorbike taxi or a rented motorcycle and drive up to the location. It is important to carry bottles of water and snacks as there are few shops at the base of the mountain. Those based at Avani Ao Nang Cliff Krabi Resort or any similar hotel in Ao Nang Krabi can get a picnic to go or a hamper full of snacks prepared in advance. The hiking trail also closes to visitors by 5pm so heading there early in the morning is recommended.

The Experience

Well marked with various points designated, the trail is easy to navigate. Hikers will also find picturesque areas and viewpoints on the way to the top so don’t forget to bring a camera.