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A Handy Guide to Sail in Hidden Islands in Krabi

Around two hundred islands and islets are sprawled around Krabi’s magnificent coastline, with many outcrops rising precariously out of the sea, which can only be admired from a distance. Others, although largely uninhabited, offer enrapturing white sand beaches, and ethereal cave exploration opportunities.

Best Times to Sail

Since Krabi is located to the equator, it has a tropical monsoon climate, which means that it’s quite hot and humid, with April and May being the hottest months of the year. Stormy weathers frequent the region between May and October, during which not all islands can be visited. November to March is considered the best time to visit.

Image by nextvoyage from Pixabay


Ao Nang beach is where navigators usually anchor off when they arrive at Krabi. One can find a myriad of facilities around the beach such as restaurants, spas, and many a hotel in Ao Nang. Krabi offering all kinds of accommodation from guesthouses to luxury properties such as Avani Ao Nang Cliff Krabi Resort.

Sailing Charters

You can select from a variety of choices from powerboats to motor yachts and super yachts to sail around the Krabi Islands. Yacht chartering to Krabi is ideal for a sense of adventure.

Best Sailing Locations

Talabeng Island, Phang Nga Bay, Thalane Bay, and Bor Thor Village are some of the best places you can have leisurely sailing experience.