Weligama Stilt Fishing, idyllic fishing village -Admiring an ancient craft

You might have seen fishing in various forms, but stilt fishing in Sri Lanka is a technique that would leave you gasping in awe. Stilt fishing an ancient tradition of fishing in the shallower waters, that is practised in several areas of the country, prominent among them being Weligama. According to State records, this has been in practice since the Second World War. Whenever it may have started, the skill of stilt fishing seems to be something that has been perfected by the villagers.
A long vertical rod is placed on the seabed, and a cross bar is attached to it at the height of about 2m from the surface of the water. This cross bar is called “petta”, and is where the fishermen perch. If you visit Weligama at sunrise, around noon, and towards late evening, you would see the men of the village perched on the crossbar, one hand holding the vertical rod while the other hand holds onto the fishing line. They stay in this posture for hours at an end until they get a catch. As per the tradition, no bait is used on the hook and is a simple battle of patience.
While walking to the coast of Weligama can give you a clear view of the stilt fishermen, the most amazing view is from air, from an air taxi. Sri Lanka is a small island, and as such do not have domestic flights for commercial purpose. However, certain companies like Cinnamon Air does flights for tourists that target on flying over more beautiful areas of the country. Thus, if you are able to take in the aerial view of the fishermen of Weligama, it is going to be one image you are unlikely to forget for the rest of your life.

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Surf Trip to Arugam Bay

Surf's Up In Arugam Bay
Surf’s Up In Arugam Bay | Image Source : Penthouse Travel

Sri Lanka’s east coast delivers up a perfect blend of sand, sun and waves, with no place better for surfing than the fishing village of Arugam Bay. World famous as a top surfing destination, Arugam Bay attracts surfers from around the world with its various surf breaks and isolated beaches. Located 320km from Colombo, a surf trip to Arugam Bay, or A-Bay as the locals call it, takes more than a little bit of planning; the fastest and easiest way to get there is by booking an Air Taxi. Sri Lanka has quite a few air taxi operators and the most popular tour operators like Cinnamon Air, have several ongoing offers for travel to the East Coast.

Once you have arrive and settled down in one of the many guesthouses and hotels along the coast, there are several surf points to choose from Main point, considered to be the best surf spot by many, to Whiskey Point located further north which is ideal for beginners as well. Elephant Rock and Peanut Farm are two other well-known spots near isolated beaches south of the Bay and if you head further south you’ll see Okanda, a surf spot surrounded by the dense jungle of the Kumana National Park.

While Arugam bay is more commonly known now for its surf culture and laid back hippie vibes, there is a wide range of activates to try besides surfing. There are several lagoons and beaches around Arugam bay if you just want to relax as well as cultural attractions such as historic temples and ancient ruins of Buddhist monasteries. If you’re a wildlife enthusiast the Kumana National Park is perfect for bird-watching and elephants. A trip to Arugam Bay with its natural break points and sunny beaches is the ideal vacation for anyone looking for Sri Lanka’s best surfing spot.

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Water Sports in Batticaloa

Sri Lanka is fast becoming one of the premier destinations in Asia for offering the most engaging and diverse range of water based activities. The eastern city of Batticaloa continues to entice the adventurer at heart with its sun-kissed beaches and thrilling activities. If you’ve ever wanted to experience what it is like to travel on Sri Lanka sea planes, then Cinnamon Air must be given some thought. Known for providing air taxi Sri Lanka experiences, the company will transport you to the very heart of Batticaloa’s coast.

The beaches of Kalkudah and Passikudah are popular places for snorkelling and swimming. However if you want to test out the waves surrounding the coast of Batticaloa, then a swim in the waters off the Kallady beach would be ideal. The activity of diving too can be carried out and many diving sessions can be taken advantage of with a view of exploring the diverse marine life that inhabits the corals down below. The wreck of the HMS Hermes is now one of the most sought after of diving destinations in all of Sri Lanka and one must schedule a dive to uncover its well kept secrets. Additionally the Batticaloa Lagoon in itself is a water sports haven. Activities such as paddle boating, kayaking and the more leisurely boat ride can be enjoyed along this water body. Batticaloa serves up countless opportunities for thrill seekers of all ages to have the time of their lives with a host of water sports to choose from.

Family Adventure Sri Lanka

From fun water sports to thrilling safaris into the wild, Sri Lanka is the perfect destination for an exciting family adventure. The island’s different region’s each offer something different to experience and one of the best ways to head to these locales is by way of Sri Lanka sea planes such as those offered by Cinnamon Air. This air taxi Sri Lanka has to offer provides access to some of the country’s key destinations and lets you enjoy a stunning aerial view of this tropical paradise as well.

There is much to see, do and experience when it comes to a family adventure in Sri Lanka. The famed South Coast is known for its pristine sun kissed beaches where you and your family can enjoy an array of water sports including, snorkelling, waterskiing, jet skiing and more. The country has also become a dolphin and whale watching hotspot and the waters around the island provide you with a great opportunity to see these marine mammals in their natural habitat. The mountainous hill country is ideal for nature treks, while not to be missed is a chance to embark on wildlife safaris at such National Parks as Yala where one can spot leopards and elephants. There is never a dull moment in Sri Lanka, and you can be ensured of plenty of fun family holiday memories.

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Kitulgala Adventures- Explore a myriad of exciting things to do

Travellers to Sri Lanka would soon find out that Kitulgala, is one of the must visit tourist destinations in the country. Known to be a small bio-diversified rainforest, Kitulgala boasts of many attractions and adventurous things to do. If you would like to explore the country using an internal flight, Cinnamon Air is one of the best Air taxi tours Sri Lanka has in store. This luxury Air taxi Sri Lanka lets you make the most of your journey by taking you to many tourist destinations all around the island. Kitulgala is popularly known among the travellers for White Water Rafting. However apart from being a perfect rafting destination, Kitulgala has a myriad of adventure activities such as jungle trekking, mountain biking, river expeditions and bird watching. It is a paradise for a true nature lover as the atmosphere and the bio diversity of the area are just amazing. You can take a dip in the cool waters of the Kelaniya River and take up on a hike to the waterfalls located in the area as well as visit some of the pre historical caves.


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Surfing in Arugam Bay

Head over to Arugam Bay located on the east coast of the emerald isle that serves as a hub for a riveting surf that will offer an adrenaline rush never felt before. As the ocean level swells and the winds pick up during the months of April to October, there’s no better way to explore the waves of Arugam Bay than by crashing through them at an amazing speed. Why not choose air taxi Sri Lanka to take you to this exciting destination? Cinnamon Air with its fleet of luxurious Sri Lanka sea planes will do just that.

The waves of Arugam Bay are ideal for a bit of surfing out in the warm tropical weather. The point breaks of Crocodile Rock, The Point and Pottuvil Point serve as starting points from where you can ride some of the biggest waves that will aim to knock you off your surf board.


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Leopards at Yala National Park

What better place to embark on a journey through the wilds of Sri Lanka than at Yala National Park? Found in the southeast of the country, the reserve serves as a sanctuary for the Sri Lankan leopard and attracts large crowds who flock to its premises to catch a glimpse of the species. Air taxi Sri Lanka would be your preferred mode of transportation to the park. Cinnamon Air with a range of air taxi tours Sri Lanka to transport you to the vicinity.

Go on a safari during the day or at night to capture these predators that hunt in the undergrowth and come out across Yala’s well maintained keep trails. It is believed that 300 to 350 of the species which are also regarded as the largest in Asia reside at the national park. Choose to camp out on the plains for an exciting experience with these felines.


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Knuckles Mountain Range

Resembling the knuckles of a closed fist, the Knuckles Mountain Range is the perfect place to explore for those in search of a wilderness adventure. This National Heritage & Wilderness Area can be found in the island’s central region which can be accessed via an air taxi Sri Lanka such as Cinnamon Air. This trusted name provides some of the best air taxi tours Sri Lanka has to offer and lets you enjoy a whole new perspective of this enchanting isle.

Most often covered in mist, the Knuckles Mountain Range is set amidst cool climes and lush green foliage, inviting you to come experience Sri Lanka’s pristine forests. An ideal spot for hiking, camping and mountain biking, this mountainous area also features tea plantations, waterfalls and paddy fields constructed on terraces, offering a perfect backdrop for your excursions. As you explore the Knuckles Mountain Range you will not only comes across a variety of native flora and fauna, but traditional villages too where life goes on, undisturbed and free from the hustle and bustle of the city.


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A day at the elephant orphanage in Pinnawala

Elephants are magnificent creatures that have roamed our lands for centuries. To witness them in their natural habitat, one should head over to the elephant orphanage in Pinnawala located in the Kegalle District. The sanctuary affords care and protection for orphaned wild elephants that are found in the nearby jungles. Indulge in air taxi Sri Lanka of which Cinnamon Air, operators of air taxi tours Sri Lanka offers ample opportunities for travellers to head over to the premise.

Large crowds of locals and foreigners are seen during the feeding of elephant calves and bathing sessions at the Maha Oya which are the major attractions at the orphanage. Pinnawala is home to over 70 elephants and acts as a breeding ground where some of the elephants are later handed over to private owners and Buddhist temples. Experience the majesty of these beasts at their ‘home away from home’ in Pinnawala.

Snorkelling in Koggala

Known for its sun drenched beaches the south coast of Sri Lanka is also an ideal destination to enjoy some snorkelling. The charming town of Koggala is one such area along the island’s southern coastal belt where you can tryout such activities and those in search of air taxi tours Sri Lanka has to offer to this area can make use of Cinnamon Air. This well established air taxi Sri Lanka service provides easy access to some of the country’s most famed areas, letting you experience an authentic holiday adventure.

Nestled along the shoreline, Koggala’s beach is an ideal starting point from which to embark on a snorkelling excursion of the azure waters that beckon intrepid travellers. An activity that can be enjoyed by young and old alike, snorkelling lets you discover the stunning underwater world that lies beneath the waves. Home to colourful corals of various types and formations and not forgetting a vivid array of tropical fish, the sea around Sri Lanka provides plenty of snorkelling fun and lets you appreciate the country’s rich natural heritage as well.



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