Trekking in the Knuckles Mountain Range

Known for its stunning natural beauty, the Knuckles Mountain Range is amongst the key places for trekking in Sri Lanka and here’s a guide on this scenic attraction.

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Where is It?

Named for its resemblance to knuckles, this mountain range can be found in the Matale and Kandy districts; Kandy is a great place to stay and is around a 90-minute drive from this site; properties like Mountbatten Bungalow make an ideal base for your excursions and you can easily enjoy a day trip and back.

What to Expect

The Knuckles Mountain Range features thriving flora and fauna and amongst the best things to do in Kandy is to plan a trekking adventure here; you will come across enchanting cloud forests sometimes shrouded in mist, idyllic waterfalls, crystal clear streams, traditional villages and various wildlife and birdlife too.

Diverse Trails

There are over 30 trails for trekking in Knuckles Mountain Range, best explored with a guide. These include the Dothalugala nature trail to the summit of a mountain and the Mini World’s End trail, both offering spectacular views. There’s also the Duwili Ella trail to a waterfall in the forest and Nitro Caves trail to an intriguing cave.

Keep in Mind

Have a guide who can also help to get any needed permits. Wear light clothing and hiking boots; have a raincoat and bring swimwear if you plan to have a dip at a waterfall. Take enough water and remember you can fill bottles at streams. Also, have anti-leech socks and spray to deal with these pesky creatures!

Knuckles Mountain Range

Home to seven states, the region of South Asia boasts of a number of iconic mountain ranges with the most important one being the Himalayans. This mountain range along with the Karakorum and Hindu Kush range separate the subcontinent from the rest of Asia. The Himalayan mountain range, whilst being the highest in the world, is also home to the tallest mountain in the world: the Everest, while Hindu Kush mountain range enjoys the distinction of being the second highest. For those visiting the South Asian state of Sri Lanka, the highest mountain range is the Knuckles and can be visited from Kandy. While varying accommodation options are available in the hill country, for those seeking luxury in the Central Highlands, Earls Regent Kandy certainly delivers.

While the mountain range covers a couple of districts, it derives its name from the manner in which the peaks and valleys appear to resemble a closed fist. As the Knuckles range forms part of the Kandy district, it can be easily access by staying at a hotel Kandy. It is a location that is immensely rich in bio diversity in Sri Lanka and, in recent times, has become well known for eco tourism. As a result, many tourists and locals seek to trek across the range and camp in the valleys.

Also known as the ‘Dumbara Kanduwetiya’ meaning the Misty Hills, the mountain range has featured in Sri Lankan history from prehistoric times. Certain archaeologists claim the existence of remains of a Yaksha settlement, and the area was also called the ‘Gini Divaina’ during such a time.

At present, a number of hiking trails have been cleared by officials and tourists can visit Mini World’s End which provides an excellent and panoramic view of the misty mountains and plummeting valleys surrounding Knuckles, while other trails such as Pitawala Pathena Trail, the Nitre Cave and Ash Cave Trails and many others traverse through tea plantations, farms, villages and even rubber estates.

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Explore Knuckles Mountain Range

Ever wondered as to how the Knuckles Mountains received its name? A close observation will reveal that it resembles that of a clenched fist which serves as one of the most delightful eco tourism destinations that Sri Lanka has to offer. A haven of local wildlife, visitors can choose from a range of trails to discover the pageantry of Knuckles. As part of Sri Lanka travel you can select a Sri Lanka tour package from Jetwing Travels to head over to this fascinating destination.

Covering an extensive section of the Kandy and Matale Districts, Knuckles is best enjoyed by foot and travellers can enjoy breathtaking panoramas of the Heen Ganga, Kalu Ganga and Hulu Ganga amidst the splendour of the country’s largest collection of mountain peaks. However the surrounding area has been subject to the hunting of wildlife and felling of trees for without would increase the charm of Knuckles.

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Knuckles Mountain Range

Resembling the knuckles of a closed fist, the Knuckles Mountain Range is the perfect place to explore for those in search of a wilderness adventure. This National Heritage & Wilderness Area can be found in the island’s central region which can be accessed via an air taxi Sri Lanka such as Cinnamon Air. This trusted name provides some of the best air taxi tours Sri Lanka has to offer and lets you enjoy a whole new perspective of this enchanting isle.

Most often covered in mist, the Knuckles Mountain Range is set amidst cool climes and lush green foliage, inviting you to come experience Sri Lanka’s pristine forests. An ideal spot for hiking, camping and mountain biking, this mountainous area also features tea plantations, waterfalls and paddy fields constructed on terraces, offering a perfect backdrop for your excursions. As you explore the Knuckles Mountain Range you will not only comes across a variety of native flora and fauna, but traditional villages too where life goes on, undisturbed and free from the hustle and bustle of the city.


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Knuckles Mountain Range

Blessed with breathtaking natural beauty, Sri Lanka is home to a stunning array of natural attractions such as the Knuckles Mountain Range. One can find holiday packages Sri Lanka that let you visit this area of immense natural beauty and biodiversity such as the Sri Lanka tour packages offered by Shanti Travel. Named as such due to the fact that from a distance it looks like a closed fist, the Knuckles Mountain Range is a conserv

ation area which features a variety of forest formations along with a fascinating array of flora and fauna that are endemic to the island. Also known as the Knuckles National Heritage and Wilderness Area, this lush green getaway with its waterfalls, tea plantations, flowing rivers and dense forests is also ideal for such activities as hiking and mountain biking.

Outdoor Adventures at the Knuckles Mountain Range!

Known for its breathtaking natural beauty, the Knuckles Mountain Range in Sri Lanka offers an unforgettable outdoor adventure. Independent travellers wishing to drive to this mountainous region can make use of Sri Lanka car rental services such as those offered by Malkey Travel & Tours (Pvt) Ltd. This reputed Sri Lanka car hire company provides a range of well maintained vehicles to choose from for your travels. An ideal place for camping and trekking, the Knuckles Mountain Range is so named because when viewed from a far, it resembles knuckles of a fist. As you wander through the lush forests, shrouded with mist you will come across a diverse cross section of flora amidst pristine landscapes with waterfalls, small villages and rivers. It offers a true escape into nature and lets you get away from it all!