Bird Watching in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a magical country to visit, as it unveils exotic worlds of unparalleled beauty and wonder. Travellers who wish to explore the various aspects of this charming island are able to uncover a multitude of ways to enjoy the relaxed pace of island life, whether it is soaking up the warm sun listening to the waves lapping on the shore, exploring Sri Lanka’s rich history, or exploring the lush landscapes. Sri Lanka is undoubtedly a tropical paradise, and is best enjoyed by the adventurous spirit. For nature lovers, the country is a wonderful place to explore, as it offers a thriving array of flora and fauna.

There is an abundance of bird life on the island, and the temperate weather, coupled with the lush vegetation, makes Sri Lanka a birdwatcher’s paradise. Over 400 species of birds call the country home, from common species to a smattering of harder-to-find species, which include migrant birds that reflect the changing of the seasons.

The migrant birds begin to arrive in August and September, which provide international visitors with more to see during these months in particular. There are 26 species endemic to the island, and it is a treat to try and spot these attractive specimens, which include the Sri Lanka Blue Magpie and the Sri Lanka Gray Hornbill. Most of these endemic birds are primarily seen in the wet zone, although visitors will find some species in the dry zones as well.

Some of the local sanctuaries, which include the Sinharaja Rainforest, Kumana National Park, Horton Plains and Yala National Park, are teeming with an impressive spread of avian life. In addition, the island’s small size allows bird watchers to travel around the country to spot most of the native species. The country’s magnificent landscape presents birdwatchers with the perfect settings to pursue their passion, and the island sets the stage for an unforgettable adventure in the wilds.

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Outdoor Adventures at the Knuckles Mountain Range!

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