Explore the Highest Peak in Langkawi: Gunung Raya

Found in the northern coast of the country, Langkawi is home to the tallest peak in the area, the Gunung Raya.


About Langkawi

Once you are done chilling at one of the Langkawi resorts the likes of Berjaya Langkawi Resort and are ready for some adventure, you can keep aside a day and get yourself to the Gunung Raya. Being about 880 metres above the sea level, the highest point of this mountain will give you a mind-boggling view.

The hike

Many people tend to go on the hike by themselves, but if you want to know about the things you pass and the plants you see, you might want to get yourself a guide to walk with you. The hiking trails are marked pretty clearly and don’t need much help with.

During the climb

During the climb, you will spot many wild monkeys who will try to grab your stuff. Also, carry insect repellent since you will see insects here that you have not ever heard of or seen before in your life!

Once you get to the top

After you climb about 4200 stairs and more, you will reach the top and be rewarded with the greatest view of them all. Misty hills, the ocean and endless skies await.


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Hike to the Highest Mountain on Tioman: Gunung Kajang

A hike to the highest mountain on Tioman – Gunung Kajang is undoubtedly the next adventure for you if you are an adventure seeker in life. The journey is difficult and requires a lot of your energy, but the breath-taking views you get right at the top of the mountain are priceless, and the hard hike is worth it.

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay 

Mount Kajang

If you stay at a Tioman resort, the likes of Berjaya Tioman Resort, Mount Kajang cannot be too far away. The peak of the mountain is an extinct volcano that dwells in the clouds and this is the whole purpose of the hike too. The special fact about this is that this mountain which is covered by a dense rain forest has a volcanic past.

The trek up

There are not many set trails to the mountain. On your way to it, you may see a noticeable difference between the flora you get to find in the mainland and those you find here. Try to keep talking to a minimal and take in the beautiful surroundings on your trek up.

Up at the summit

The reason we recommend this difficult hike to you is the relaxation you get to feel when you go up the summit. There are also some mysterious caves that you can explore and then the beauty of Tioman island is all yours to feel and enjoy.

Things to keep in mind

It is always better if you have this climb with a crew and especially with the presence of an experienced guide. The general rules do apply for this hike too where you can’t leave anything other than footprints when you come out of the premises.


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Hiking in the Hills

You can experience a different side of the country that is a far cry from the sun and surf of its world-class beaches by going into the mountains. At 2,000 m above sea level, Ella Rock is 5 km from the town and one of the most picturesque stretches of rolling moorland in the hills.

Ella Rock
Ella Rock | Image Credit : A-wiki-guest-user, Ella Rock near waterfall, CC BY-SA 4.0

The Right Path

There are several trekking trails in Ella and not all of them are clearly marked so it would be beneficial to do some thorough research on which trails you plan to use on your hike. Hiring a tour specialist such as Nature Odyssey would ensure that you get to see all the hidden treasures and be guaranteed to make it safely up and down the slope.

Railway Stations Frozen in Time

An independent hike would take approximately 3 – 4 hours beginning and ending at the Ella Railway Station which, in itself is an image from a postcard, frozen in its colonial elegance. Trekking in Sri Lanka from such locales can take you through a myriad of beautiful locations, both man-made and natural, that are usually overlooked.

Through the Tall Grass

You can walk up the tracks to the next station, Kithal Ella and turn left at the 166 ½ marker. After a while, you will come to a footbridge crossing and a fork in the road. Take the path to the left. Traversing past a tea plantation and a narrow stretch of long grass will bring you to the interim viewing point.

Bird’s Eye View

After that, it’s a straight road to the top. The whole world spills away into the distance as far as your eye can see. A bird’s eye view of paradise awaits

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The Hill Country Tour to Sri Lanka

If you think that Sri Lanka is only a tropical beach destination and has nothing more to offer you are wrong! Located in the central part of the country there lies a misty and hilly region which will certainly leave you speechless.

Via- Pixabay,amanjahemal,CC0


The Hill Country of Sri Lanka is certainly mesmerising! The region mostly consists of magnificent mountain ranges that are blanketed by lush greenery. There are also a plethora of tea estates which are also well worth visiting.;

A paradise for nature lovers

The region offers a myriad of attractions most of them will be a treat for nature lovers. Horton Plains, Ella, The Royal Botanical Gardens, Udawalawa National Park, Pinnawala Elephant sanctuary are some of the places you could visit to witness the glorious aspects of Nature in the central highlands.

For a relaxing getaway

One could also enjoy a relaxing vacation experience just by planning your stay at any of the many exquisite accommodation options that are located in the midst of the most scenic places in the country. Destinations such as Nuwara Eliya offers cool and very appealing climate and could also find good accommodation options along with lucrative Holiday Packages in Sri Lanka.

Planning your tour

You could plan a tour to this amazing region witnessing all of the attractions the hill country has to offer by signing up with a tour organizer. You could even create your own itinerary. Tour organizers the likes of Holidays by Design offer carefully orchestrated tour packages during which you get to visit amazing places of interests and stay at exquisite accommodation options at the same time.

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A Guide to Hiking in Sri Lanka

The temperature in the hill country barely goes over 21 degrees normally, and the best way to start your hikes would be during the early morning hours.

World’s End in Horton Plains

If you ask anyone the most famous hill country hike in Sri Lanka, they would tell you about World’s End in Horton Plains featuring a stunning precipice. The trail here is approximately 4km, with an additional 2km if you visit Baker’s Falls. Early morning between 6-9am is the best time to visit so that you can see right to the bottom of the sheer drop; or else you will just be seeing a cloud of white swirls. You can easily plan a day excursion here from properties like Bandarawela Hotel.

Central Sri Lanka

Bandarawela, Ella and Haputale are some of the most famous areas for hiking in Central Sri Lanka; they are lined with beautiful green tea estates where you can see colourful tea pluckers in the wee hours hard at work. Best is to stay at a Bandarawela hotel that can help organise your hiking excursion.

The Knuckles Range

Image Credit- AstronomyinertiaKnuckles RangeCC BY-SA 3.0

If you explore Central Sri Lanka more, you will come across a broad mountain range called “Knuckles”. Like its name, the mountain is shaped like the knuckles on your hand. Located off Kandy, the Knuckles Mountain Range is approximately 18,512 hectares and is a hiker’s paradise, with rocky mountain tops and cascading waterfalls.

Lipton’s Seat

In Haputale, you can hike up to the point known as Lipton’s Seat where stunning views of the Dambetenne Tea Estate await. This enchanting spot was once used by Sir Thomas Lipton and this lofty vantage point can be reached via a 7km track.

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Springbrook and Tambourine Rainforest Tour in Brisbane


Submerge into the lush greenery and to a multifarious fauna that is hidden on the outskirts of Brisbane. Visitors in Brisbane are often spoilt by the variety of outdoor activities available for them to enjoy.


Springbrook is a world heritage listed, a national park located on a 23-million-year-old volcanic plateau whilst adjoining Tamborine is also a mountain plateau and rainforest with a 360 view of Queensland from the Surfer’s paradise to the Rim Mountain Range. With waterfalls, caves, brooks and even nature’s own bridges, these rainforests are an ecosystem of those.

File:Natural Bridge, Springbrook National Park, Queensland - Cave Creek.JPG
BrizpomNatural Bridge, Springbrook National Park, Queensland – Cave CreekCC BY-SA 4.0


If you are joining one of the rainforest tours expect to stop at the winery for a hearty lunch. To enter the Cedar Creek Estate Vineyard and Winery in Mount Tamborine you would have to go through the estate’s purpose-built glow worm cave.

File:Tamborine Mountain Town (A) Dec 2013.jpg
DonaldytongTamborine Mountain Town (A) Dec 2013CC BY-SA 3.0


Located near the Queensland & NSW border, the rainforest is over an hour’s drive south from Brisbane CBD. Hotels in the business district also host a wide variety of long stay accommodations like the Oaks Lexicon Apartments which would be ideal for you if you are hoping to stay in CBD to explore Queensland.

spectacular view of Brisbane city skyline at night from Oaks Lexicon Apartments hotel balcony
Image Credit: Oaks Lexicon Apartments

Additional facilities

End the day in Tamborine by taking a gallery walk browsing the arts and craft stores. Grab an ice-cream on your way out or simply get a coffee at The Tree House café which on Long Road and sharpens your senses for your journey home.

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Exploring the city of Kandy

Kandy, the hill city of Sri Lanka, is known for its religious significance due to the presence of Temple of Tooth. However, there is much more to this city, if you dare to venture off the beaten path.

Udawaththa Kele | Image Credit: <a href="https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Nyanatusita">Nyanatusita</a>, <a href="https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Udawattakele_Forest_scene_4.jpg">Udawattakele Forest scene 4</a>, <a href="https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/legalcode" rel="license">CC BY-SA 3.0</a>
Udawaththa Kele | Image Credit: Nyanatusita, Udawattakele Forest scene 4, CC BY-SA 3.0

Udawatta Kele Sanctuary

Declared a nature sanctuary in 1938, Udawatta Kele – meaning Udawatta Forest – is not a highly visited destination among the tourists. However, it presents a mystique aura and has multiple treks and trails where one can stroll through and enjoy the lushness that surrounds them.


There are many trekking trails around Kandy both historic and scenic. They are definitely worthwhile exploring and travellers should base themselves in a place like Mahaweli Reach Hotel and spare a day or two to enjoy pristine areas not too far from the city.

City’s colonial past

A neo-gothic 19th century Anglican Church, a Victorian fountain, the 19th century Garrison Cemetery near the old palace, the WWI and WWII Commonwealth War Cemetery on Deveni Rajasinge Mw by the Mahaweli River are the remains from the city’s colonial past.

Peradeniya Botanic Garden

In Kandy, things to do are plenty. Devoting a whole morning to visiting the Peradeniya Botanic Garden, one of best such facilities in the region, will not be wasted as there is much to see besides enjoying its beautiful surroundings. Stroll around the picturesque 200-year-old Kandy Lake in the evening and walk along shaded paths in Udawatte Kele, the historic forest reserve overlooking the Temple of the Tooth.

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Top Things To Do In Sri Lanka

Srilanka Ella Landscape
Srilanka Ella Landscape | Img Credit : amanjahemal via  Pixabay (CC0 Creative Commons)


Are you a first-time visitor to the beautiful, culturally and historically rich island of Sri Lanka? Here are some of the top things you should do when you’re here.


Sri Lanka is blessed with an array of jaw-dropping landscapes that are begging to be hiked on and explored. Don your hiking boots and set forth on any of the trails of Sri Pada, World’s End, Mini World’s End, Knuckles Mountain Range and much more.


Lay all day on the golden sands or enjoy a refreshing dip in the cool waters of the Indian Ocean, with an island cocktail in one hand. The southern and eastern beaches are the most popular for beach lovers. In Sri Lanka, resorts around the beach can be found in abundance, with accommodation options from Theme Resorts & Spas.


Being a Buddhist country, there are a number of temples you can visit, from the iconic Sri Dalada Maligawa to other temples in the country.


Did you know Sri Lanka is possibly the only country in the world where you can see the largest land animal and the largest sea mammal?! Visit Minneriya National Park for a chance to see elegant elephants or embark on a whale watching safari to see the ginormous blue whale.











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Devil’s Peak Hong Kong

File:Devil's Peak, Hong Kong.JPG
Mk2010, Devil’s Peak, Hong Kong, CC BY-SA 3.0

There is nothing better that working up those calves, feeling the burn in the gut, trekking miles up a mountain and reaching that vantage point just to feel as if you are on top of the world. If you are busy away in the East on business and just want to take a break or if you have become the kind of modern trekker who loves a bit of outdoor adventure, hiking up Devil’s Peak in Hong Kong is the ideal activity for you!

While adrenaline junkies will not find the hike that challenging since it takes only one to one and half hours, there is no putting a price on soaking up the sight of the Kowloon skyline and filling up your lungs with fresh air at an elevation of 222 metres.

If you are planning to enjoy the indulgences of hotels in Kowloon, Hong Kong, try lodging at properties that cater to all types of travellers and which are centred amidst all the action and entertainment such as Dorsett Mongkok, Hong Kong. Even though this metropolis is one of the busiest, if you are looking for that laidback yet active getaway, a hike up Devil’s Peak is worth considering.

Hiking up Devil’s Peak is not merely an active pursuit. Since the area was once garrisoned by the British Army during the late 1800s, you can still see the remnants of some age-old batteries during your walk. As you move further up the peak, you will be awed by the staggering views of Hong Kong Island and Kowloon harbour front. For complete immersion of Hong Kong’s natural beauty, you ought to experience that silver screen worthy perspective atop Devil’s Peak.

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The Magnificent Geopark in Langkawi

Langkawi sky bridge
By Flickr user “The Dilly Lama”  [CC BY 2.0 ], via Wikimedia Commons
Langkawi is an archipelago that features more than a hundred different islands. The main island, also named Langkawi, was given the status of ‘World Geopark’ by UNESCO. The status of geopark is misinterpreted by many, but the title is only given to a place of scientific importance in regards to archaeological, scientific, ecological and cultural reasons as well. These islands have become a renowned tourism destination and there is an incredible amount of eco-friendly things to do in Langkawi as well as a range of hotels and resorts to choose from such as the Berjaya Langkawi Resort.

One of the best points that garnered Langkawi’s reputation as a geopark are the various rock formations that are to be seen. These formations are in turn surrounded by dense jungle, which hasn’t changed much in more than a million years. An immense load of the flora found in the geopark is exclusive to Langkawi. The Mangrove Rivers that snake through the Langkawi landscape contain an abundance of exotic life, ranging from aquatic creatures to various species of birds.

The MachinChang Mountains are one of the most notable aspects about the geopark. These rock formations are ancient, and were formed more than five-hundred-million years ago. This mountain range was the very first section of what is now South East Asia, to rise from under the oceans. The oldest section of this formation is Teluk Datai.

The Dayang Bunting Geopark is the second largest island of the entire chain. The island is famous for a massive lake that is situated in the heart of the dense forest. The lake was the result of a colossal limestone cave that collapsed. The lake is regarded as a spiritual place due the legend associated with it, where a divine maiden buried her dead child here and blessed the lake with fertility.

If you’re looking for a breath-taking voyage into nature, then Langkawi is a definitely a place worth thinking about.

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