Into Sri Lanka’s Hill country

Touring the hill country of Sri Lanka and wondering what to do first? Here is a list of must-do activities while in the central highlands of the island.

Visit Tea Plantations

Known as the 3rd largest tea exporter in the world, the majority of Sri Lanka’s tea is produced in the hill country of the island. Some hotels in Nuwara Eliya Sri Lanka such as the famous Heritance Tea Factory are even built on these tea plantations. Ensure you visit one of them to find out the process of how tea is produced and packaged for export. Also, enjoy a hot cuppa while here.

Image Credit: Heritance Tea Factory

Climb the Adam’s Peak

Sacred to all those in Sri Lanka, the Adam’s Peak climb is one that must be done at least once in your lifetime. Although a little tiresome, once at the top you will definitely not regret it. Begin your climb at night and witness one of the most magical sunrises in Asia once you reach the summit. The hike is approximately 3.5 hours to the top.

Hike the Knuckles Mountain Range

For those who love a bit of adventure in the wild, then hiking the Knuckles mountain range in the hill country of Sri Lanka is well worth it. The rugged mountain range is a land of mystical appeals and offers breath-taking views to those who seek it. A half-day trek is about 8km and a full day trek is around 18km.

Go, Waterfall Hopping

The hill country of Sri Lanka is no short of waterfalls. In fact, it is here that you will come across some of the most gorgeous waterfalls on the island. With over 100 waterfalls to choose from in the central highlands, the top three worth mentioning are Bambarakanda Falls (the highest falls in Sri Lanka), Ravana Falls, and Diyaluma Falls.