Waterfall Hunting in Bandarawela

Among the hundreds of waterfalls beautifying Sri Lanka, the most beautiful ones are located in Bandarawela and around. Here are just a few of them.

Kaleelnisfa , Ravana Water Falls Bandarawela , CC BY-SA 4.0

Bambarakanda Waterfall
The tallest waterfall in Sri Lanka (789 feet), Bambarakanda Waterfall is found when you are on your way to Haputale.

Ravana Falls
Interested in the Rama-Sita legend? Then, visit Ravana Falls during your stay at Bandarawela Hotel. Ravana Falls located 1.5 km from the hotel is one of the places in which Ravana hid Sita before she was rescued by Rama. The waterfall is not that tall, but it’s picturesque.

Devon Waterfall
Devon is a waterfall that’s to be adored from a distance. Stop by on your way to one of the Bandarawela hotels and enjoy what a graceful beauty she has, especially in the monsoon season.

Diyaluma Waterfall
Although Diyaluma looks taller than Bambarakanda, it’s really not! It’s the second tallest waterfall in Sri Lanka with a height of 720 feet. On your way to the waterfall, you may find many small shops selling everything ranging from boiled corn to fancy items. Do not forget to lend a helping hand to those small vendors too.