Dolphin Watching in Oman

Prepare to be entranced during a dolphin-watching tour during a luxurious holiday spent at one of the Oman hotels. No trip to this splendid country is complete without experiencing the pleasure of viewing these gentle mammals of the sea frolic just off its exquisite coastline.

Best Times to Spot Dolphins

From October to May brings the best months for enthusiastic travellers to go dolphin watching. It is recommended to embark on these exciting tours on bright, sunny days as these friendly mammals are less likely to leap out of the water on cloudy days.


Dolphin watching in Oman typically consists of enjoying the acrobatics of majestic dolphins of the surrounding waters. Both young and old will surely have the time of their lives spotting these beautiful creatures of the sea leaping about in their playful manner.

Tour Inclusions

Many dolphin-watching packages offered by properties such as Al Falaj Hotel include complimentary transport along with meals to satiate your hunger that you’ll certainly get after being immersed in the refreshing sea breeze for hours.

Dolphin Species in Oman

Common Bottlenose Dolphin | Image via Pixabay

The most common dolphins that a tourist in Oman can expect to see are the Rissos dolphin, the Indian Ocean dolphin, the Common Bottlenose dolphin, the Indo-Pacific Humpback dolphin, the Striped dolphin, and the Long-beaked dolphin.

Adventurous guide to Oman

While most travel aficionados might not think of Oman as a great vacation destination, it is in fact full attraction see and experiences to be had. In particular, if you’re a thrill-seeker, the region has a number of great options for you to choose from.

Desert Camping

A massive portion of Oman’s land actually belongs to the Great Oman Desert. This wilderness of heat and sand covers an area of over 64,000 square kilometres, and it’s the perfect destination for an overnight camping trip. Spread across this vast sea of sand are several camping sots for you to choose from, so pick one and get this adventure started.

Dolphin Watching

If you prefer some fun out on the open waves catching sight of some fascinating marine mammals, consider a dolphin watching tour off the coast of Oman. Certain Oman hotels – say, for example, the Al Falaj Hotel – will most likely recommend this activity on their itinerary, so don’t miss out!

Taking a Hike

If you prefer a bit of quiet seclusion and some alone time with nature, a hike up the Jabal Akhdar Mountains will offer the best mix of excitement and tranquillity. If you’re into rock climbing, some of the cliffs face present out here will surely get your blood pumping.

Sinkhole Diving

Many stories try to explain the origins of the mysterious pool that lies right next to the main highway near Wadi Shab– some even state it was caused by an ancient meteorite. Whatever the case may be, put on a pair of shorts and dive right in to escape the searing midday heat!

Desert Adventures in Oman -Getting an adrenaline rush in the midst of a spectacular desert


A tourist hotspot for seekers of the Sun when the wild winters take over their native lands, Oman is frequented by many travellers. However, most are content to simply stay in a luxury hotel in Oman, do a bit of shopping visit a souq and overall spend their time within the limits of the glamorous city of Muscat. And yet, there is so much more to do in Oman, especially if you are one who is into adventure sports.
One activity that you can engage in is dune bashing. Akin to riding on a rollercoaster, you will be driven over and across the spectacular dunes of Oman, where a 4WD will traverse up and down these amazing creations of nature in ways that will keep you gripping your seat with white knuckles. An average dune bashing ride will last for about one and a half hours, a time that you are unlikely to ever forget. If you are confident of your abilities and wish to mingle with the dunes at a more personal level, you can try quad biking where you will tackle the sand dunes on your own on a quad bike. Closer to the elements than when dune bashing on a 4WD, a simple half an hour of this exercise will have your adrenaline pumping and yourself covered in sand. Be warned, though – quad biking is considered quite addictive. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself out in the sand the next day as well. For a milder adventure, you could enjoy a camel ride and pretend to be a participant in a story of 1001 Arabian Nights. Or try a new way of travelling altogether on the sand by taking on sand boarding, which is similar to snowboarding except it is on the sand. If you wish to make an ideal end to all these activities, you could opt for camping in the middle of the desert. You can either do it the traditional way with minimal amnesties or stay with Oman Hotels for a luxury camping experience. Whichever you choose, you are guaranteed to have a ball of a time.

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Kite surfing

Although not traditionally known for its water sports offerings, the sultanate of Oman has seen a rapid boost in the tourism industry over the past few years, and it aims to please visitors from all corners of the globe, of a variety of temperaments. Ensure that you book a Muscat hotel with an excellent record of hospitality and luxury facilities for an utterly unforgettable holiday. Consider the Al Falaj Hotel which is among some of the best-ranked Oman hotels in the state. If you are an avid water sports enthusiast and you happen to find yourself in Oman, fear not, for the sultanate now offers visitors the chance to engage in that most fun of water sports activities: kitesurfing. If you are a seasoned pro, then you already know what this fun pastime entails. If you are intrigued and want to find out more, many have described it as an exciting sport that combines surfing, windsurfing, paragliding, gymnastics, and wakeboarding into one thrilling ride across the waves. A parachute is hitched to the rider’s back and the sport calls upon the power of the wind currents to propel riders across the foamy waves on a kite board or surfboard. With daily wind speeds above twenty knots and a balmy temperature of 28 degrees in a shallow lagoon spanning about eight kilometers, kite surfers are sure to experience a multitude of thrilling spills.

Wadi Tiwi

If you’re in the mood to commune with nature and explore the natural wonders of the Omani landscape, the Wadi Tiwi is a splendid gorge that has been carved into the mountains, flanked by soaring cliffs and runs down into the sea. Explore this and other features of Oman when you make your base at one of the stunning Oman hotels in the city of Muscat, such as the Al Wadi Hotel Sohar. With a central location and welcoming hospitality, this Oman hotel is sure to please you. Escape the bustle of the city and head to Wade Tiwi, which is home to a charming array of traditional desert villages that are framed by lush expanses of date and banana plantations, with bubbling streams meandering through the landscape. Close to about five kilometers into the gorge, you will encounter the idyllic community of Harat Bidah, featuring quaint dwellings of another age and towering walls of stone. If you fancy a drive that will give you an inspiring adrenaline rush, five kilometers out of Wadi Tiwi will bring you to the village of Mibam, which is located at the end of a rough stretch of road (used here loosely), and is the perfect excursion into the Omani wilderness if you’re coming in on a four-wheel drive vehicle.

Diving in Daymaniyat Islands

Making up what is the sultanate’s main nature reserve, the Daymaniyat Islands in Oman offer an incredible diving experience for those looking for adventure. Travellers in search of Oman hotels that would make a good base from which to set off on excursions to these islands can stay at Al Wadi Hotel Sohar. Located in what was once the maritime capital, Sohar, this Oman hotel is a convenient starting point to your trips to this marine reserve.

Made up of 9 islands, the Daymaniyat Islands can be found near the Batinah Coast and are home to around 12 dive sites each offering something new to discover. On your excursions below the waves you will come across colourful fish, coral gardens, moray eels, sharks, turtles and wrecks seemingly lost in time. Among the many dive sites you can explore are the ‘3 Sisters Daymaniyat’ where you will find an array of soft corals and ‘Aquarium Daymaniyat’ with its huge array of species including snappers, jacks, batfish, barracuda, eagle rays, moray eels and bull sharks. Noodle Daymaniyat is a site known for its leopard sharks, while the Fahal Wreck is also worth visiting when on a diving tour.