Sinharaja Rainforest

Century-old trees spread their bony arms overhead while the undergrowth is cushiony soft. It’s not surprising that the Sinharaja Rainforest located in South-western Sri Lanka was declared a World Heritage Site in 1989.

When & how to get to the forest

The first step in planning a trip to Sinharaja is selecting which time of the year to visit the forest reserve. The Sinharaja Forest experiences two monsoon rain seasons a year which take place between the months of November to January and then again from May to July. Visiting the park in the remaining months is, therefore, a good idea.

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The mesmeric nature of this popular rainforest in Sri Lanka will be the perfect way to begin your discovery of the paradise isle. Koskulana Ganga, Gin Ganga and Kudawa Ganga beautifully border the rainforest. When the rains thrash steadily, these rivers swell delightfully.

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There will also be those who slither away or remain camouflaged while you pass by. Keep your eyes peeled if you wish to spot the hump-nosed lizard or the green pit viper, they can be friendly too! When exploring the Sinharaja Rainforest it would become evident as to why Sri Lanka is called a paradise isle.

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Steve Garvie from Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland, Flickr – Rainbirder – Red-faced Malkoha (Phaenicophaeus pyrrhocephalus) maleCC BY-SA 2.0


There are cabins and dormitories managed by the Forest Department at the Kudawa entrance and some private eco-lodges around the forest reserve are half an hour to ten minutes away from the Kudawa entrance. Saman Villas long known as a tranquil beach retreat is a good base from which to explore the surrounding area and offers easy access to many things to do in Bentota. The Kudawa entrance to the Sinharaja nature reserve can be accessed along the Southern Expressway from Bentota.

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River Cruising in Bentota; explore the exotic mangroves of Bentota

Bentota, a coastal town in the South of Sri Lanka, is situated on the mouth of the Bentota River. Its unique location makes it an attractive tourist destination because not only are you able to enjoy the immaculate beaches of Bentota, more adventurous visitors may enjoy exploring the mangroves along the Bentota river. Bentota is home to a number of other attractions such as the famous Turtle Hatchery, the Kande Vihare Buddhist Temple, and the Brief Gardens. When in Sri Lanka do not pass up a chance to visit this unique location while staying at a luxury hotel. Sri Lanka may be known for its beautiful beaches but the natural beauty of the mangroves are breathtaking. The mangroves are widely believed to be one of the last pristine wetlands in Sri Lanka.

A number of hotels offer packages for travellers; whether you require a boat to go deep sea fishing, or cruise along the Bentota River, hotels such as Saman Villas Bentota will accommodate you. These tours can be for a few hours or can span the course of a day, including a traditional Sri Lankan lunch in a secluded village along the banks of the Bentota River. The guides are well versed with the wildlife of the area and will be ready to answer any questions you have.

During the river cruise, expect to see an abundance of exotic flora and fauna, monitor lizards, a wide variety of river birds and possibly even crocodiles. Not only is the Bentota River ideal for river cruises, a number of hotels and companies offer water sporting activities such as jet skiing, sailing and banana boating. These are ideal for the thrill-seeker looking to spice up their holiday however those who seek a more relaxed holiday can relax on one of the many tranquil beaches in Bentota.


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Scuba Diving in Bentota

It is a well known fact that Sri Lanka has been blessed with varied natural assets. If based at a Bentota resort you will possibly get to indulge in a range of leisure activities that no other place in the island can offer. AVANI Bentota Resort & Spa is known for offering elegant Bentota hotel accommodation. Popularly referred to as Sri Lanka’s water sports hub, Bentota offers ideal sites for Scuba diving, water skiing, kite-surfing, windsurfing and more. Among its dive sites, Canoe Rock is a highlight while South Reef and Hundirangala are also worth mentioning. You even have the option of hoping aboard a boat and embarking on a deep-sea-fishing trip.

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Deep Sea Fishing in Bentota

While the sun drenched coastal locale of Bentota, Sri Lanka is known as being one of the best places on the island for exciting water sports, those in search of more relaxed fun on the water which is no less thrilling can consider deep sea fishing. Before heading out to sea look to find accommodation at a Bentota hotel or resort that lets you easily explore this charming coastal area. Located near the beach, AVANI Bentota Resort & Spa is one such Bentota resort that lets you enjoy a range of water sports too.

Those who love the challenge and excitement of catching fish can try their hand at deep sea fishing. Boats generally leave early in the mornings and excursions can sometimes go on for 4 to 5 hours. Part of the fun is lying in wait for something to tug at your bait; while you may enjoy a time of relaxation till then, be ready for quite a tussle as you try reel in your catch! Those planning to go deep sea fishing in Bentota have the chance to catch such species as barracuda, wahoo, jack fish, tuna and snappers and such excursions provide an unforgettable adventure at sea.

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Boating in Bentota

Known as the prime beach resort in the southern coastal belt of Sri Lanka, Bentota is a world renowned destination for all things beach. For activities such as snorkelling, scuba diving, boating, sailing, wind surfing, water-skiing, deep-sea fishing or even for a simple dip in the sea, this golden stretch of land provides ample pleasure for the discerning visitor. It is therefore important to look for Sri Lanka tour packages that would not make the visitors miss out any of these unique opportunities to grab a little piece of heaven. However, one does not have to look any further, for Shanti Travel Sri Lanka provides the best holiday packages Sri Lanka that covers all the sublime pleasures that this little island heaven has to offer its guests.

Boating in Bentota is sure to be a surreal exercise. Cruise along the turquoise blue waters glistening in the tropical sun while gazing at a shore lined with swaying coconut trees getting smaller and smaller as the boat draws away from the shore. evenings or the dawn are the ideal times for such boating trips as one can easily witness the glorious sunset or go to see catching a much coveted glance of the rising sun greeting the world with its very first rays. The midday tropical sun can be a bit harsh on the skin so it is wise to be loaded on sunscreen if intending to go boating during noon.


Turtle Breeding Farm

The southern coast of Sri Lanka is the popular breeding grounds for marine turtles and there are more than 15 turtle breeding farms and sanctuaries along the southern coastline. These breeding farms with tanks teeming with baby turtles are not only fascinating to watch but also educational as it gives you an idea about conservation of these species.

If you are interested in visiting some of these turtle breeding farms along the southern coastline, there are several interesting places to remember. Induruwa, Kosgoda, Bentota, Unawatuna, Ambalanthota and Hambantota are among the popular turtle hatcheries on the island. Different beaches are visited by different turtle species. For instance, Walawe Modara and Godawaya are mostly visited by Leatherbacks and Bentota is well-liked by the Hawksbill while Green turtles nest mostly at Kosgoda and Rekawa beaches. Olive Ridleys are considered as the only species that can be found in any beach.

Managed by the Wild Life Protection Society of Sri Lanka, Kosgoda turtle hatchery is a popular conservation site among the travellers for its massive tanks swarming with turtle hatchlings. The fishermen in the locality assist the hatchery by gathering the eggs which are laid along the beach. October to April is considered as the laying season for marine turtles.

However, Kosgoda is an outstanding breeding ground, where eggs can be found throughout the year regardless of the common seasons. After being taken care of and fed for 2- 4 days in the farm, these baby turtles are released to the sea, to enjoy their families in their natural habitat. Visitors to Kosgoda turtle breeding farm get the opportunity to touch and pet these adorable baby turtles and sometimes even a rare chance of releasing them to the sea.

Apart from the turtle breeding farms, there are many cultural and historical attractions along this southern coastal belt. Graced by palm grooves and pristine beaches, the city of Bentota is a popular beach getaway among both local and foreign travellers. If you are looking for a Bentota hotel with a relaxing environment and a comfortable stay, look no further than Avani Bentota Resort which is among the best resorts in Bentota.