Turtle Breeding Farm

The southern coast of Sri Lanka is the popular breeding grounds for marine turtles and there are more than 15 turtle breeding farms and sanctuaries along the southern coastline. These breeding farms with tanks teeming with baby turtles are not only fascinating to watch but also educational as it gives you an idea about conservation of these species.

If you are interested in visiting some of these turtle breeding farms along the southern coastline, there are several interesting places to remember. Induruwa, Kosgoda, Bentota, Unawatuna, Ambalanthota and Hambantota are among the popular turtle hatcheries on the island. Different beaches are visited by different turtle species. For instance, Walawe Modara and Godawaya are mostly visited by Leatherbacks and Bentota is well-liked by the Hawksbill while Green turtles nest mostly at Kosgoda and Rekawa beaches. Olive Ridleys are considered as the only species that can be found in any beach.

Managed by the Wild Life Protection Society of Sri Lanka, Kosgoda turtle hatchery is a popular conservation site among the travellers for its massive tanks swarming with turtle hatchlings. The fishermen in the locality assist the hatchery by gathering the eggs which are laid along the beach. October to April is considered as the laying season for marine turtles.

However, Kosgoda is an outstanding breeding ground, where eggs can be found throughout the year regardless of the common seasons. After being taken care of and fed for 2- 4 days in the farm, these baby turtles are released to the sea, to enjoy their families in their natural habitat. Visitors to Kosgoda turtle breeding farm get the opportunity to touch and pet these adorable baby turtles and sometimes even a rare chance of releasing them to the sea.

Apart from the turtle breeding farms, there are many cultural and historical attractions along this southern coastal belt. Graced by palm grooves and pristine beaches, the city of Bentota is a popular beach getaway among both local and foreign travellers. If you are looking for a Bentota hotel with a relaxing environment and a comfortable stay, look no further than Avani Bentota Resort which is among the best resorts in Bentota.