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Sinharaja Rainforest

Century-old trees spread their bony arms overhead while the undergrowth is cushiony soft. It’s not surprising that the Sinharaja Rainforest located in South-western Sri Lanka was declared a World Heritage Site in 1989.

When & how to get to the forest

The first step in planning a trip to Sinharaja is selecting which time of the year to visit the forest reserve. The Sinharaja Forest experiences two monsoon rain seasons a year which take place between the months of November to January and then again from May to July. Visiting the park in the remaining months is, therefore, a good idea.

File:20160128 Sri Lanka 4132 Sinharaja Forest Preserve sRGB (25674474901).jpg
Dan Lundberg20160128 Sri Lanka 4132 Sinharaja Forest Preserve sRGB (25674474901)CC BY-SA 2.0


The mesmeric nature of this popular rainforest in Sri Lanka will be the perfect way to begin your discovery of the paradise isle. Koskulana Ganga, Gin Ganga and Kudawa Ganga beautifully border the rainforest. When the rains thrash steadily, these rivers swell delightfully.

File:Sinharaja Forest waterfall4.JPG
Saqib QayyumSinharaja Forest waterfall4CC BY-SA 3.0


There will also be those who slither away or remain camouflaged while you pass by. Keep your eyes peeled if you wish to spot the hump-nosed lizard or the green pit viper, they can be friendly too! When exploring the Sinharaja Rainforest it would become evident as to why Sri Lanka is called a paradise isle.

File:Flickr - Rainbirder - Red-faced Malkoha (Phaenicophaeus pyrrhocephalus) male.jpg
Steve Garvie from Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland, Flickr – Rainbirder – Red-faced Malkoha (Phaenicophaeus pyrrhocephalus) maleCC BY-SA 2.0


There are cabins and dormitories managed by the Forest Department at the Kudawa entrance and some private eco-lodges around the forest reserve are half an hour to ten minutes away from the Kudawa entrance. Saman Villas long known as a tranquil beach retreat is a good base from which to explore the surrounding area and offers easy access to many things to do in Bentota. The Kudawa entrance to the Sinharaja nature reserve can be accessed along the Southern Expressway from Bentota.

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