Shanghai Natural Wild Insect Kingdom

The bug museum or the Shanghai Natural Wild Insect Museum is a wonderful place to take your kids during the vacation. The museum is a place filled with many species of insects that is sure to thrill you and your kids. It is absolutely a lovely experience where one can take an insight to the habitat of insects and how they survive. There are over 200 varieties of insects that live in various high tech environments that are specially made for the different creatures. Among the many developed environments the museum houses a desert, a country side, a valley, a swamp, a forest, a rainforest and so on.

Anyone who enters this magnificent world of bugs will find it quite bizarre and the kids will surely love it. The museum is separated into many segments like insect gallery, butterfly valley, ecological feeding area, water experiencing area, small inset theatre, solution cavity of amphibian and reptile, tropical rainforest experiencing area and the list goes on. The most exciting activity of the agenda would be the show time where the insect parade, food grabbing show and the honey gathering activity will fascinate you. The most unique experience you will get from this special museum is that you get to interact with the insects, touch them and feed them. You could in addition have some fun fishing as well.

Apart from the bugs, the reptiles will amaze the kids more. As you enter you will come across a tank with a very busy seal who finds the tank quite not enough. This kid friendly museum is a fantastic place to amuse your little children by showing the scary alligators, relax on the big sitting area next to the toy shop having a health snack or go fishing for goldfish. It will be a place that your little ones will want to come every day. If you are visiting Shanghai, a great Shanghai luxury hotel for your stay would be The Langham Xintiandi Shanghai which consists of luxury and comfortable hotel rooms in Shanghai. It is also in the near vicinity of this intriguing museum as well as many other top attractions in the city including entertainment, shopping and dining venues.

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Skydive in Queenstown- An adrenaline rush dive down!

There is no other best way to watch the beauty of the New Zealand other than from thousands of feet above. Skydive in Queenstown is absolutely an adventurous and spine- chilling activity that you can try out when you are holidaying in New Zealand, but it is equally essential to reserve your Queenstown hotel prior to your arrival. Millennium Hotel Queenstown is a luxury hotel Queenstown has in store for its travellers who are looking for a comfortable stay. Sky diving is a sheer heart stopping adventure but once you are up in the sky you will feel that it worth all the trouble as the view you get to witness and the experience is simply unparallel and incomparable to anything else. Sky diving in Queenstown will let you experience the breathtaking beauty of snow-capped mountains, gleaming waters of the lakes and lush green landscapes of the area.

Umanga Kahandawaarachchi is a passionate travel writer who writes under the pen name, Maggie Tulliver. Her field of writing covers a wide array of content and articles related to travel and hospitality industry.

Diving in Naladhu

The beautiful Maldivian Ocean is known for the many surprises it boasts underneath its surface. Above and below, Maldives is a paradise in all angles. If you are looking for peaceful accommodation, Naladhu Maldives is a renowned Maldives hotel that has attracted guests from all over the world. Ask them how it is and you will never get a bad review. Naladhu helps you explore the Maldives and its array of many treasures. It provides ample facilities and packages ensuring that you make the best use of your time. When it comes to the Maldives Island resorts the Naladhu is one of the best.

After savoring much of the sun kissed shores delve in to this magical sparkling blue ocean and enjoy an aquatic world like no other; where sizes, shapes and colors all await to give pure Maldivian underwater eye candy. In Naladhu diving is more exciting than in any other place around the world. Here you can get on site PADI Dive Centers that offer the complete range of scuba certification courses. There are plenty of classes as well that trains you to explore the Maldivian Ocean whether you are an amateur or a professional. You can even try advanced options like wreck diving and Rescue Diving that ensures the first timer and the fanatic an experience like no other. Each day the dive center takes up around four dives in a number of different locations. And that is all thanks to the spectacular Naladhu island because in just a half-hour radius of this spectacular island, there are over 15 fantastic world-class dive sites to explore. Above all, the best part is that each dive in Naladhu is a guided affair; where you have trained by the professionals leading you on to ensure you see it all; all the species and colors that this ocean is so famous for. In Naladhu you will also have a few peers diving with you to share the moment of great sights. The center in Naladhu provides you everything and anything you need in relation to diving, they can even arrange a gourmet lunch of your choice. All you have to do is to go and have a good time.

Motor Yacht Rides in Maldives- A must experienced motor ride

Caribbean yacht rides have always been the widespread choice and most people’s dream vacation but lately a cluster of small islands have slowly established themselves as an equally popular destination for this activity. An archipelago of 1,190 coral islands, the Maldives with its renowned beaches, jade green to blue waters and spectacular marine life, its abundant mysteries and adrenaline pumping adventures, is the perfect paradise to explore from aboard a yacht.

Though now considered a recreational activity, motor yachts were initially used by the Dutch Navy to chase pirates in low waters. In fact the origin of the term actually goes back to an early usage of the Dutch word meaning ‘hunt’. Motor yachts can be categorized into 5 types. Day cruiser yachts are the very basic options and have no cabin space or spare amenities while luxury yachts are the other extreme and are equipped with all modern amenities, have more space and luxurious finishing. Weekend yachts fall in between and have one or two cabins, cruising yachts are designed to allow living aboard for a considerable amount of time and sport fishing yachts are more for those who pursue fishing seriously.

A holiday on a yacht requires quite a fair amount of planning in advance. After carefully deciding on the type of yacht you desire; a decision that should be based on your duration aboard, number of people accompanying you as well as facilities you want, the sailing route should be figured out. If you are sailing the waters of the Maldives, then Bandos Island, Felidhoo, Ari Atoll and Dhangeti are some of the places that you should definitely drop by to. The feeling of going on your own little journey of exploration, aboard a yacht, where all you can see is miles and miles of blue waters, is so addictive that you will definitely come back for more.

For those of you who are wary of staying at sea for a long time, the numerous Maldives Island resorts are an equally attractive accommodation option. A hideaway with unexpected delights everywhere, Naladhu Maldives, will make your vacation that much more memorable. This luxurious Maldives hotel offers a truly unforgettable stay on an island paradise where you can get away from it all.

Duolun Culture Street- Cultural Awakening

Duolun Street in Shanghai was originally constructed in the early 20th century and went by the name of a long forgotten British missionary. It came into its own in the 1920s and 30s when the writer Lu Xun and other progressive writers of the time like Mao Dun, Guo Moruo and Ding Ling moved into the area gathering other similar literary types around them making the street a cultural and literary centre. Doulun Street was opened to the public as Culture Street in 1998 and is the place that people come to, to find links with China’s pre revolutionary cultural scene. Located north of the Bund the once lavish homes and shops in this 8 km stretch have been refurbished and cars have been banned so that it is now a lovely pedestrian area of bookshops, tea houses, antique shops, galleries and historic homes. The Duolun Museum of Modern Art is there as is a 1920s Christian church with upturned eaves, the old film café that shows Chinese movies of the 1920s and 30s, the League of Leftist Writers Museum with the hall where the league was founded restored to its original condition and a mid 1920s mansion of a fabulously wealthy Shanghai entrepreneur are all in the neighbourhood.

The street is also famous for a variety of architectural styles ranging from Islamic to French Neo Classical to traditional Chinese styles and a fusion of eastern and western styles typical of the 1920s and 30s. Life size bronze statues of individuals who contributed to the areas heritage are found everywhere in all kinds of poses as if they are participating in the life going on around them. An outdoor museum of sorts, it is an interesting place to spend some time learning about Shanghai’s literary roots away from the tourist hordes.

Stay at the 88 Xintiandi Shanghai to enjoy a unique location amidst a thriving shopping, dining and entertainment district just outside Shanghai with easy access to the city. The well-appointed studio, one and two bedroom suites offer some of the most contemporary and comfortable residences in Shanghai, a boon to modern travelers looking for longer stays and a place to unwind. Guests at this Shanghai boutique hotel find this an excellent place from which to explore the big city.


Bird Watching in the Maldives- Taking Wing

While the Maldives is celebrated for its amazing diversity of marine life, due to its location far away from a large landmass and its small size the Maldives does not have an abundance of its own avifauna. Most birds found on the islands are Eurasian migratory birds and therefore are seasonal while some are typical of the region and a few are found among the vegetation and marshes of the various islands.

According to bird checklists around 165 varieties of birds inhabit the islands from time to time. Some rare and threatened varieties of birds that visit the islands intermittently include the Feruginous Duck, Jouanin’s Petrel, Spot Billed Pelican, Pallid Harrier, Black Tailed Godwit, the Lesser Kestrel and the Eurasian Curlew. The common Mynah and the House Sparrow that are visible on the larger islands are listed as introduced species. Among the commonest birds spied in the Maldives are the crow, the koel with its distinctive cry and the white breasted water hen found nesting under low bushes. While the large grey heron is also a common sight several other species of heron are also glimpsed from time to time. Two types of frigate birds are known to use the Maldives as their breeding grounds. Two species of noddies, several species of terns, the Audubon’s shearwater and the white tailed tropic bird are also to be found here during breeding time. Addu Atoll in the south of the Maldives is known as a nesting ground for the fairy tern.

For keen bird watchers the best way to see pelagic birds in the Maldives is to take a trip out to sea with fishermen who locate shoals of tuna by identifying concentrations of sea birds feeding on shrimp and small fish chased to the top by the big fish hunting below. Birding tours organized as part of the live aboard experience is also another wonderful way to view tropical pelagic birds and migrants from the palaearctic eco zone. The most rewarding time to view these birds may be during the spring and autumn migrations when a whole variety of birds can be spotted. Early mornings are also a good time to view birds as they are most active and noisy at this time. Due to its small size bird watchers in the Maldives may need to visit several locations to see a variety of avifauna.

For anyone thinking of pristine white beaches, sun, warm blue sea, gorgeous marine life, privacy and sublime accommodation then Cocoa Island Maldives is the place to be. Enjoy well appointed spacious contemporary villas and suites with wonderful ocean views at this Maldives luxury hotel as well as tasteful Asian fusion cuisine, rejuvenating holistic spa treatments and blissful days in total relaxation. Head to this exceptional Maldives resort for that much dreamed of vacation.

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Diving in Passikudah

Located in a hidden stretch in the Eastern borders of the beautiful island of Sri Lanka, Passikudah is certainly a treat both on the surface and under. With shallow waters stretching several meters into the ocean, the Passikudah beach has come to be famously known as Natures very own shallow pool. Now the Eastern Sri Lanka is slowly blossoming with a whole new vigor that is making it on par or perhaps even better than the rest of the island.

For many the name Passikudah barely rings a bell and the reason is simple; for years this tiny little town was occupied by the rebellions. Destroyed and damaged, the many wonders of Passikudah that was once cherished by locals had become the forgotten treasure of the island. With the end of the internal conflict in the island, Sri Lanka blossomed with a whole new vigor and ardor. The many zones in the island that were neglected due to war became the primary focus of the government and private funders. Passikudah was one such town; known for its sparkling blue shallow ocean Passikudah is paradise for a long lazy splash and also quite famous for snorkeling. Of late diving has become a popular activity in this town. With perfect water, with a clear and a warm soothing temperature, the underwater world is not short of wonder in Passikudah. Schools of fish swim pass you and corals garland your way as you swim through the many wonders of the aquatic zone. Passikudah Sea is the underwater Eden in Sri Lanka that is quite interesting to explore if you are a good swimmer, you need not be a professional; the ocean in Passikudah is calm and ever so welcoming.

For all the intricate information and equipment that you need for diving choose the Maalu Maalu Resort & Spa as your hotel to come home to. This is a new and the finest resort in Passikudah. Maalu Maalu has all the information and items you need when it comes to water sports in the area. This is one Sri Lanka Spa Resort that boasts as a perfect authentic Sri Lanka resort with a touch of luxury and class.

Umanga Kahandawaarachchi is a passionate travel writer who writes under the pen name, Maggie Tulliver. Her field of writing covers a wide array of content and articles related to travel and hospitality industry.


Abu Dhabi International Jewellery and Watch Show

While Abu Dhabi has many tourist attractions, exhibitions and festivals seem to be among the main reasons for visiting Abu Dhabi. The International Jewellery and Watch Show held its 20th edition this year, from the 1st to 5th of May and it seems like the event is just continuing to be a massive crowd puller. While JWS will cater to your luxurious taste Abu Dhabi hotels will offer you the perfect indulgent accommodation. Luxury hotels Abu Dhabi are a class apart and blend middle-eastern mystery with modern pleasure, creating aesthetic marvels that delight all senses. Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara situated in the Liwa Desert brings to life an Arabian fantasy with its unparalleled extravagances.

Organized by Reed Exhibition, the annual event takes place at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre. The 21st edition will be open from the 14th to 18th of March 2013 and will have more than 140 participants.

Sparkly diamonds, hand crafted silver, breath taking beautiful watches, all symbolizing a certain class, speaking to buyers with a certain profile, will all be happening at JWS. This year the exhibition will host over 130 exhibitors not only from Abu Dhabi but also countries such as the UK, USA, Italy, Jordon, Malaysia, Brazil, India, Hong Kong, Japan, Jordan, Lebanon and many others, bringing the total number of participants to 16. Premium brands from the world over that will also be part of this spectacular event include Giovanni, Rolex, Parmigiani, Mercury, Tudor and Bugatti.

Along with JWS, a one of a kind luxury gift show will also take place. The gift show will have on display many innovative and exquisite personal objects, products for special occasions and homes as well as artefacts. This high-end product exhibition is the region’s first consumer show of this kind and caters to a very niche audience. Both local and foreign elite look forward to these exhibitions because of the opportunity it offers to buy unique products. Local and international jewellery exhibitors consider it an important event in their calendar as it brings large number of patrons to one place, giving a platform to establish long term relationships and also sell products.

Umanga Kahandawaarachchi is a passionate travel writer who writes under the pen name, Maggie Tulliver. Her field of writing covers a wide array of content and articles related to travel and hospitality industry.


Forest of Stele Museum

The Xi’an Beilin Museum, also called the Stele Forest, is a museum that contains stone sculptures and steles, which are tall and narrow slabs made out of stone or wood usually for a funeral or to commemorate something. The museum was opened in 1944 in Xian, China, on the site of a Confucius Temple dating to the eleventh century. The Xi’an Beilin Museum was renamed in 1992 and is now called the Forest of Stone Steles due to the increase in the number of steles kept here. In total, there are about three thousand steles that are showcased in seven exhibition halls along with traditional paintings and calligraphy. It is best not to skip any of the halls as they each have something different to offer.

In addition to the seven exhibition halls the museum also contains two separate galleries for the stone sculptures. The old gallery contains intricate pieces from the Tang and Han Dynasties while the newer gallery has sculptures from the Song Dynasty. Opening hours are between 8 am and 6 pm, although the museum is open longer during the summer months. It can take about three hours to take in all the exhibits at the museum. Visitors have the option of hiring an English tour guide, which is a good option for those who want to learn more about the displays.

Xian is a city located in China’s Shaanxi Province that is famous for the army of Terracotta Warriors found just outside the city. Xian has a number of other interesting attractions as well. These include the Eight Immortals Temple, the Grand Mosque, the DaMing Palace and Park and the Shaanxi Historic Museum. The city is one of the most popular tourist destinations inside China and offer visitors gripping insights into Chinese history and culture.

Tourists should be able to get around the city with relative ease as there are always plenty of buses. Although Xian has a subway system it is still not complete. Finding Xian accommodation with a central location can also greatly ease the hassles of travel. The Citadines Xingqing Palace Xi’an offer spacious serviced apartments Xian that are well appointed and conveniently located.