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Whale Watching in Mirissa

While Sri Lanka is popular for leopard and elephant safaris, don’t forget it is also one of the best places to see majestic whales, especially in the coastal town of Mirissa.

Planning Your Visit
Mirissa lies tucked away along the island’s south coast and is around 150 km from the commercial capital, Colombo. The main season for whale watching is from November to April and the town offers beachside accommodation at properties like Sri Sharavi Beach Villas & Spa close to the harbour where excursions launch from.

The Adventure Begins
When it comes to whale watching, Mirissa Harbour is the place to go to; excursions usually departaround 7:00am and can take around three to five hours. Do have a hat or cap since it can get quite hot; some tour operators will offer snacks / breakfast, while it’s a good idea to have motion sickness medication just in case!

Awe-inspiring Sights
Because Mirissa is near the migratory routeof whales, it offers an ideal chance to see these marine mammals. While no sighting can be guaranteed, you still have a good chance to spot the largest creature on the plant; the blue whale. On your voyage, you may also see sperm, fin and killer whales too.

More Marine Marvels
As a bonus, you have a chance to encounter dolphins, some of which can get quite animated and acrobatic! Bottlenose, common, striped and spinnerdolphins are amongst the species one may spot in the ocean. Keep your eyes peeled for you may also see turtles, flying fish and even sharks.