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Five-day Indigenous Tour in Tropical North Queensland

Trek through thriving rain forests and explore the serene mangrove ecosystems of Tropical North Queensland to discover some spectacular locations. An indigenous tour will bring you up close with two of the world’s oldest living cultures: the Aboriginals and the Torres Strait Islanders.

Getting There

During your stay in Australia at one of the Middlemount service apartments the likes of Oaks Middlemount Suites, it’s a great idea to head out on a five-day indigenous tour in the Tropical North Queensland. Embark on a ten-hour road trip to Queensland, which promises mesmerising views.

First Two Days

daintree rainforest
Daintree rainforest | img by: adrimarie via Pixabay

Follow the footsteps of a local indigenous guide and embark on a day trek through the Daintree Rainforest, which would take you past coastal habitats, raging rivers, and gushing waterfalls. Expect excellent insights into the ancient herbal remedies from your guide. The next day, head over to Cooya beach to visit the fishing grounds of the Kuku Yalanji people to experience spearfishing techniques.

The Next Two Days

You can follow the art trail in Cairns and Laura to adore the Quinkan Rock art sites that feature hundreds of centuries-old rock paintings. Learn how to survive in the wild during the next day with a Pamagirri guide and practice on your spear-throwing skills.

The Final Day

During your final day, treat yourself to a night of cultural flavours. The traditional food cooked in an underground oven would produce hitherto unknown flavours on your taste buds as you savour them beneath the stars, listening to live aboriginal music.